Fashion & Style with Grace.

grace-amah-picThe splendid, lovely actress Grace Amah.

The celeb on the spotlight of Fashion & Style is Nollywood actress, Grace Amah. She’s got her special place in the world of Fashion & Style.

Her story is super:

Wale Adenuga TV series – Super Story of whichOne Bad Apple’ brought her to limelight, many others like Elastic Limit … added colourful feathers to her wings and raised her profile in Nollywood and amongst fans alike. She shared most of these pics on social media.

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Agriculture: Not Just Means to an End.

dbanj-farmD’banj as source of inspiration to youths.

An ideal Nigerian youth (most especially graduates) detests blue-collar jobs the way our car tyres detest many of our roads though a typical driver must mimic the movements of snakes to avoid potholes which ants perceive as borehole.

But white-collar jobs are practically unavailable yet agriculture is readily available. Now you don’t have to hold or own a hoe to be a farmer. Hey, I’m not talking of mechanized farming here. Continue reading Agriculture: Not Just Means to an End.

Notable Nigerian Investors.

elumelu Tony Elumelu. Date of Birth: March 22, 1963.

These businessmen and women are great investors and entrepreneurs. Some of them have grass-to-grace stories but none of them is an illiterate.

Who says you don’t need education to be rich and wealthy in life. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg who many always voice as college drop-outs didn’t jump from the womb to college.

They had been receiving formal instructions and excelling before gaining admission to the university.

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Week 5 (2016-2017) EPL Results.

man-city-kelechiKelechi Iheanacho of Man City is giving top strikers a run for their money. keep it up man!

Week 5 EPL fixtures document lots of upset.

Hull City 1-4 Arsenal: the Gunners have found their missing map and compass and are now investing 3 points on their round-leather trips.

Man City 4-0 Bournemouth: the Citizens are like the German national team, they have high goal-scoring behaviours.

West Brom 4-2 West Ham: and the Baggies trounced the Hammers. Continue reading Week 5 (2016-2017) EPL Results.

Voices in Pictures.

linda-ikejiRenowned Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji.

They say actions speak louder than words yeah in this city we believe and say pictures speak louder than words. Who says pictures are not actions?

Actions are behaviours but in the case of pictures they are covert actions (as finished products from the factory) but active  before production.

We all know what Linda is saying and she’s not just broadcasting I believe she’s practising it! Of course her story is an inspiration to young girls and ladies. Close maybe padlock your legs; don’t reduce womanhood to sex tools.
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