Beware of Mosquitoes!

woman-with-bed-bug-sprayFight mosquitoes rather than malaria.

Prevention is better than intervention, so fight mosquitoes NOT malaria. It’s better, safer and less expensive to confront, combat and convert mosquitoes to carcass.

Send them six feet beneath and seek the services of pallbearers for the lifeless bodies of mosquitoes not humans.

Intervention is much more expensive; you lose valuable resources trying to buy back your stolen health and may God grant you that, but it’s wiser to prevent than try to cure. Continue reading Beware of Mosquitoes!

Beauty-Trips with Makeup Artists.

beauty Extra I Makeup Artists are enhancement surgeons, she’s a proud member of the profession.

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder and regardless of your facial features and how you perceive them, some members of a particular profession are skilled in mining, refining and enhancing them so much so that they transform you to angels not just overnight but in daylight as well.

They are makeup artists!

Their clientele range from brides to prospective brides, models, media personalities …. Matter-of-factly, people from all walks of life patronize them. In fact, filmmakers don’t joke with them.

(more pics and info if you proceed) Continue reading Beauty-Trips with Makeup Artists.

Evidence in no Evidence.

Clubbing is a lifestyleClubbing is a lifestyle of many youths.

If we know a lady who dresses provocatively, clubs better than birds sing, keeps chains of male friends … of course most people would conclude that she’s a flirt of peak order and given to first-class promiscuity.

This is logic but logic isn’t always fact! Science is anchored on observation and experimentation but we can’t carry out the experiment in this context – after all we can’t and won’t see her sleeping with men of various sizes, shapes and shades.

The long and short of my argument is that the lady in question could be flirtatious but we don’t have concrete evidence that she’s promiscuous! Continue reading Evidence in no Evidence.

Your Better-Half!

Gold key unlocking a gold lock. Isolated on white with clipping path.
Gold key unlocking a gold lock.

The Holy book says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you.”

Did you know that there’s a specific partner for you in life? Seek God concerning him or her and let God guide you on your journey in locating him or her.

Every lock has a particular key that opens it, your heart has a particular person that can open it and that person is your better-half, life-partner, bosom friend, soul-mate, associate, guardian angel.

And if you find such, wonderful things in life will be added unto you. Key understands its lock hook, line and sinker and of course they are highly compatible, perfectly matched because they are made for each other – so it is with that person made to be your life-partner. Continue reading Your Better-Half!

Man United: Emirates FA Cup 2016 Winners.

during The Emirates FA Cup Final match between Manchester United and Crystal Palace at Wembley Stadium on May 21, 2016 in London, England.
Man United proud winners of Emirates FA Cup 2016. Man United deserve the victory. Great performance from Wayne Rooney who triggered the fireworks that led to the leveller. Maroune Fellaini and Anthony Martial hit the woodwork in the course of the game …. Crystal Palace were hard fighters and they really impressed me. (more pics and info if you proceed)

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Couples’ Court

A young African American couple at home, paying bills online. They are sitting at a table in an orange room. The woman is holding a stack of envelopes and they both look serious.
Open and honest communication, the nervous system of healthy, happy marriages!

Mrs. Anita Usulor wrote her hubby an emotional letter which was published on this site yesterday and this is the reply of her hubby, Mr Usulor.

The letter is a library which I don’t want to split so plan ahead for you’ll be reading a novel.

The best mum and employee in the world! I’m not asking for forgiveness neither am I requesting for a comeback into your life the bird had flown away for life! However, all am asking is for you to please read this letter to the tail-end. Now please promise you will!

If a man hit your car from behind and quickly alights and prostrates before you, asking for forgivess but you showered all sorts of unprintable names on him he’s most likely to put up a defensive front even if he’s car had coughed out #800,000 from his account and yours sent #80,000,000 six feet beneath. Continue reading Couples’ Court