Spice Up Your Week With Smiles.

Gene IIBeauty when buttered with smiles turns angelic.

Nigerian star-actress Genevieve Nnaji endorses smiles and of course love and goodwill.

Smiles open doors of camaraderie, depict confidence in the bearer and release same for the beholder.

Smiles contain stress and add bliss to love.

Now spice up your week with smiles and harvest love, bliss and peace as dividends!

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Bi-Paternal Twins

TwinsDelivering of twins is ‘comparable’ to studying Medicine and Engineering simultaneously in college.

In the week a Vietnamese mother (not the one in the image) who had twins to two different fathers made news. In other words, the twins were fathered by two different men.

Medical research had proven that when a woman has sex with two men within the same ovulation window and releases two eggs, it can result in bi-paternal twins, known as heteropaternal superfecundation. Continue reading Bi-Paternal Twins

Day One, Week 30 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

Stoke City v Southampton - Premier LeagueArchived match between Stoke City and Southampton.

Norwich V Man city: will the Canaries frustrate the Citizens? Man City bark assertively, bite aggressively at the Etihad. They are the Rots!

But today they are on the road so will this variable affect their performance? Maybe, maybe not!

I see Man City having a field day but the Canaries need to defend massively and launch offensive attacks even if they don’t drive the ball into City’s net they should be sharp enough to make the Citizens wary of surprise attack and that’s what the hosts need to have intact backyard.

Man City on the other hand should calm down, study their opponents closely to harvest 3 points and some goals at the end of 90 minutes. Continue reading Day One, Week 30 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

Record Breaking and Setting

Harrison-ChineduCambodian-based Nigerian footballer Chinedu Harrison broke and set a new record.

Chinedu Harrison breaks Guinness World Record of farthest distance covered with ball-on-head.

Previous Records:

Bangladeshi’s Abdul Halim covered 15.2 km on October 22 2011.

Indian soldier Naib Singh broke and set a new record of 45.6 Km in 2014.


Now Chinedu Harrison who covered 48.04 Km on March 6 2016.

Chinedu covered the sensational distance in 6 hours 15 minutes. Though the event is about total distance covered.

The moment he covered 45.6 Km (previous record by Naib Singh) he’d broken the record. Now for him to set a new record he’d to cover 45.7 Km which he successfully did and even went beyond!

Calm Anger

Angry bossAnger is channeled to people, things we perceive weak.

Let me dissect and expatiate this issue with an analogy.

Ibro Fatoyinbo (AKA Gbo-gbo, Gba-gba) was a man in his late 20s. His CV reads First Class in Pandemonium. He had intimidating street-fight logos: deep scars, two broken teeth … but eternally unrepentant!

He was very belligerent, highly talented in causing street fights, gifted in gambling and skilled in drugs – use, misuse and marketing. 

He had misunderstanding with an unarmed police officer Dapo Fatoba who threatened fire and brimstone but Ibro was unruffled.

He was calm but not timid so while he was walking away he told his friend, Egbo (Injury) that if the security agent had not been in uniform he’d have beaten him blue-black, fire the paramilitary genes in him; hire and then replace with civilian genes. Continue reading Calm Anger

Week 29 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

Spurs Vs GunnersArchived match between Spurs and Arsenal.

Spurs host Arsenal in less than 2 hours.

Tottenham Hotspur Vs Arsenal: depleted Arsenal side visit White Hart Lane what do we expect? Loss, right? Maybe! However Liverpool did get a draw with Arsenal even while in the middle of injury crisis and depleted Man United beat the Gunners last weekend. The Gunners need to employ Leicester strategy and tactics though they’re not specialists.

Defend massively; attack skillfully but the Gunners would need to avail themselves of any golden opportunity that comes up but trust Arsenal they will create scoring chances and all they need do is cash in on that to get a point. Continue reading Week 29 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

Day 2, Week 28 (EPL) Results and Review

juanmata-Late Juan Mata set piece-goal was decisive and earned the Red Devils the maximum 3 points.

Stoke City 1-0 Newcastle: the Potters struggled at the beginning of the season same with Spurs. Stoke City however lost 3 matches with Stoke conceding three goals in each loss without scoring a single goal in return – 9 goals debt and deficit! In other words they conceded 9 goals in three matches and if not for that singular fact Stoke should be amongst the title contenders.

Arsenal 1-2 Swansea: the Swans defeated Arsenal at the Emirates. I felt the propensity for these players to share the spoils was higher than either winning but in the end Swans won. Continue reading Day 2, Week 28 (EPL) Results and Review