Symptoms of Epileptic Power Supply.

unhappy-coupleFrustrated couples are less productive.

Stress kills creativity, peak anxiety and breeds boredom in our bedrooms! Stress affects sperm quality which also influence fertility!

Babies are products of sex and children are the future of tomorrow so we need them to be healthy, strong and happy!

Many couples would have been eclectic in their bedroom but for the epileptic power supply. We need stable power supply to make our bedrooms conducive for sleep and sex! Sexually-active couples are happy; happy couples are productive at work!

Sleep restores energy for peak performance at work but stress sweeps sleep far away!

Epileptic power supply kills romance and affection in the bedroom and performance at work!

Commendation or Condemnation?

KunleMulti-award winning filmmaker Kunle Afolayan on set.

The article beams its search light on how the outcomes of our undertakings form the basis of the version of judgment people will publish for or against us! Paraphrased the publications from people’s Printing-Press (mouths) are anchored on the results of the step we took!

Many may not instantly judge you for your actions or inactions but the outcomes of those steps you took would determine if they will commend or condemn you. Indefatigable filmmaker Kunle Afolayan (the brains behind The Figurine … Phone Swap, October 1, The CEO) left banking for filmmaking and I’m sure many who had thought the step foolish would have been waiting for negative results to tongue lash him. Continue reading Commendation or Condemnation?

Celebrations are Anchored on Success.

The AlakijasNigeria’s richest woman Folorunso Alakija clocked 65 while her marriage ticked 40 years! The celebrants with their children beamed with joy.

Modupe and Folorunso Alakija are Methuselahs as far as marriage is concerned. Who says you can’t have a wonderful home as a billionaire?

Success and achievements birth celebrations and the nature of celebration x-rays the version of success we’re rejoicing over!

The foundations of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, house-warming, child-naming … point at success and achievements. Don’t forget we celebrate longevity at the demise of senior citizens in burial ceremonies. Continue reading Celebrations are Anchored on Success.

Meet Penelope Cruz.

Penélope Cruz at Cannes Film Festival (2011) Penelope Cruz at the Cannes film Festival (2011).

Documented as one of the most beautiful women in our contemporary world, thanks to her unmistakable beauty! The Spanish actress and model is 42 – born April 28, 1974.

Stardom smiled at her at the age of 15 when an agent signed her; limelight embraced her at 16 when she had her debut as a TV-actress.

(more pics and info if you process). Continue reading Meet Penelope Cruz.

Democracy is Simply Freedom to Choose.

Trump vs ClintonWhite House is Waiting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? (Pic: Getty Images)

Just as there are two strong political parties in the United States, we need at least two strong parties in Nigeria. To ensure and enhance political stability, prosperity and posterity!

Opposition is the heart and heartbeat of democracy. It gives the electorates freedom to choose, it cuts the excesses of the ruling party as well as politicians and challenge the ruling party to give its very best.

Now just as competition in the corporate world is for the overall good of the economy, opposition in governance is for the betterment of a nation.

Whoever you are, whatever your political affiliations please don’t silence opposition in Nigerian politics!

The Otegheris.

The JudesBlessing Okagbare with her hubby Jude Igho.

Blessing Okagbare is world-renowned Nigerian athlete. She’s Nigeria’s Queen of track-and-field and Olympic medalist. Igho Otegheri is former Super Eagles and Heartland FC of Owerri player.

Blessing will represent Nigeria at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in few days. We wish her wonderful experience, great exploits and success.

We @ wish this cute, lovely couple marital bliss and long-lasting friendship and partnership.

The Book, Motorist Companion!

mc 1Every driver needs the ‘manual’ and every car deserves Motorist Companion.

Individuals, institutions and organizations with access, acknowledge and commend the author, Dr. J.A. Ilori and recommend to transport stakeholders.

The book is very significant in tutoring and creating sportsmanlike-drivers thereby making our roads safer. It’s recommended to institutions and government parastatal – FRSC, VIO ….  

Appropriate for transport companies and driving schools. An indispensable companion to company and commercial drivers, and conventional drivers like you and I!

Motor mechanics independently and jointly say Motorist Companion is very instructive. Continue reading The Book, Motorist Companion!

Pen vs Keyboard

pen and keyboardPen goes head-to-head with keyboard.

My tool as a creative writer many years ago was exclusively pen but gradually keyboard came on board and fierce competition commenced (in earnest)  between the two devices.

I perceive them as rivals, friends and neighbours. Of course they complement each other, though some writers prefer one to the other.

After fasting for sometime my hands would start itching for pen and I pacify by picking and using while I draw inspiration. Continue reading Pen vs Keyboard

Campus Arena.

Olaide EstherEsther, undergraduate.

On Campus arena this week we asked our respondents to spot the difference between I’ll pass the exam and I can’t fail the exam? Please note that no answer is wrong or right as far as this issue is concerned, it all depends on how the listener interprets. Let’s listen to the opinions of Esther and Ejiro:

(more info and pic if you process)
Continue reading Campus Arena.