Drama at the ATM Facility (DAF).

Nigerian ObserverWhen stress squeezes us we often spill out anger. (Pic: Nigerian Observer).

He was in bathroom slippers, polo shirt and jeans-short, his hair was aiming for the sky, dark, but closely monitored hence trained by the wearer to stay calm, relaxed and shiny. His comb had 24/7 accommodation in his pocket and that was his hair trainer. His face portrayed a gentleman but his attire betrayed a hustler of class.

He was the last on the queue and was waiting impatiently for his turn to use the machine. A woman in her late 30s, Benita alighted from her Honda car and walked like she was floating in the air. Her poise made no noise for she was in sneakers and besides she wasn’t touching the ground. Continue reading Drama at the ATM Facility (DAF).

Average people run the world.

ShaqShaq and Hoopz back in the day. Reality (left) fantasy (right)

If you’re too tall you’ll have challenges getting your appropriate wears, that’s why this category of people hardly patronize bespoke fashion products ….

But life may be less challenging in this context for the rich and famous who profile this huge frame after all they have tools (financial resources) they can send on errands to get things customized for them.
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Diverse Perceptions and Interpretations.

BusA bus on Lagos road (Pic: Informationng.com)

As humans we use cognition resources available to us to cognitively assess events just as you’ll use the type of cooking oil you have in your kitchen to prepare stew, fry plantain, egg, prepare moimoi and so on.

The information on the bus in the image was interpreted in diverse ways by various people, let’s access and assess.

Philips (male) feels that the message is warning men to stay away from indiscriminate sex to avoid STIs.

Emeka (male) concludes that the message is saying that women have spiritual powers and men need to be careful as well as fearful …. Continue reading Diverse Perceptions and Interpretations.

Plus to Beauty.

AishwaryaAishwarya Rai actress and model.

First and foremost, let me highlight negative variables that add to beauty.

If you see an itinerant trader maybe groundnut, orange or pepper seller who’s fair in beauty, such becomes pretty.

If the boy is a slum dweller he looks more handsome; if the person is physically challenged but scores 50% in her beauty exam, the challenge gifts her 20% bonus and makes 70%. Continue reading Plus to Beauty.

What’s Sexy About Fat and Muscles?

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 31: Recording artist Nicki Minaj arrives at Drai's Beach Club - Nightclub at the Cromwell Las Vegas for a New Year's Eve performance on December 31, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Drai's Beachclub-Nightclub)
Hip-hop act Nicki Minaj in Las Vegas. (Pic: Bryan Steffy—Getty Images).

Fat and muscles at the appropriate sites for women and men respectively are adverts!

Fat is enchanting, muscles are enthralling. Curvaceous are endowed women; macho are equipped men.

Now what makes a woman sexy will likely do the reverse for a man conversely, what makes a man sexy might make a woman less attractive.

(more info and pic if you click)
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Your Cognition as Ignition.

school kidsFormal and informal instructions will make your kids responsive and responsible adults.

As a young boy in nursery school I went to use the convenience and chanced upon a girl replicating similar gesture. I became fixated for what I saw was unusual, very different from the picture in my mind. I was taken aback to discover her private part was different. Continue reading Your Cognition as Ignition.

Moves of Women Desperate to Become Baby Mamas.

Baby mama in the makingPotential baby mamas are on the prowl for many reasons.

Some men deliberately create baby mamas and love child(ren) out of fear of the financial implications of marriage, fear of marrying and waiting endlessly for the fruit of the womb and for other reasons best known to them.

However many women dream and actually set their machinery in motion to become baby mamas for many reasons as well.

If your mama is desperate to become a baby mama then she’s likely to mirror one or some of these behavioural attributes: Continue reading Moves of Women Desperate to Become Baby Mamas.