First Amongst First Class Products

Ayodele-Dada IIDaniel Ayodele Dada.

Ayodele Dada, a First Class student of Psychology, University of Lagos has set a sterling record in UNILAG history, and of course Nigeria.

According to the VC Prof. Bello, Ayodele Dada made a perfect score which means he made As in all his courses throughout the duration of his Psychology-programme.

177 other graduating-students made first class but Ayodele led the pack and went ahead to set an unparalleled record.

The VC went on to release facts and figures: a total of 10,907 students will be graduating including 5,472 undergraduates and 5,435 postgraduates, adding that a total of 177 others will be bagging First Class degree‎ certificates along with Dada.

Prof Bello disclosed this information at a pre-convocation media chat.

Meanwhile University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) students are currently writing their 1st Semester (2015-2016 Session) Examinations and University of Ibadan resumed for a new session few days back.

We @ say big congrats to Ayodele Dada and wishing you more exploits in life.

In Search of Honesty.

office gossipOffice gossip is cancerous.

When honesty is excommunicated wrong information, rumour, hearsay … take over the airwaves.

Science establishes, tries to establish and publish facts therefore science detests dishonesty, lies …. Just like God. But if we can’t access facts then truth is far from us but we need to know the truth to be set free – divine wisdom! Continue reading In Search of Honesty.

Man City Vs Tottenham Results

City vs SpursThe Controversial penalty impacted the game.

Man City 1-2 Tottenham: at the beginning of the season many had tipped City as the champions of 2015-2016 (EPL) season but it was too early though it’s not too late for City to wake up from their slumber.

Leicester shared the spoils with the Citizens in their first meeting and almost humiliated them in the second-leg. Tottenham beat Man City home-and-away this season. Continue reading Man City Vs Tottenham Results

Results and Analysis of Arsenal Vs Leicester

Arsenal V LeicesterArsene Wenger et al jubilating after Danny Welbeck’s Injury-time winning goal.

Arsenal 2-1 Leicester: the Foxes didn’t do badly yesterday. They nearly shared the spoils with their hosts but the firepower of the Gunners was too intimidating for them to hold on.

Now the Probability of Leicester winning the league is 35 per cent; the remaining 65 per cent to be shared by Tottenham, Arsenal and Man City but provided the Foxes increase their tempo or maintain status quo.

I saw Arsenal beating their visitors but I felt the Foxes were strategic enough to manage a draw but I never saw Simpson leaving the pitch, no thanks to red card!

This singular variable affected their morale big time! They had struggled all day trying to cage the Gunners and incidentally they discovered to their chagrin a hole in the cage – please do the mental calculations and draw conclusions!

Now the fact that they were down to 10 men and Wenger had Olivier Giroud, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcot and Danny Welbeck simultaneously on the pitch to get a winner, then I see the Foxes as potential champions but let’s keep our fingers crossed for other teams are pretty conscious of Leicester than ever before and wouldn’t mind sharing spoils or even winning them.

 Now Foxes please go to the market and ‘buy’ flexible yet compact strategy, buy motivation as well, improve your skills … to survive your opponents’ machineries.

Fortunately for you guys Spurs, Arsenal and Man City are out of your way this season. So you won’t share or lose points to your biggest rivals.

Week 26 (EPL) Results and Analyses.

EPL-Logo2015-2016 EPL Season is full of suspense and intrigues.

Sunderland 2-1 Man United: Man United, Chelsea and Man City have shared the EPL silverwares amongst themselves from 2009-2010 Season till date. Each of the teams won it twice in the seasons under review but 2015-2016 seems to be a different season entirely.

 Chelsea are not title contenders; Man United may not finish in the top 4 and Man City are sleeping, snoring, struggling and waking up sometimes to resume fighting. Big opportunity for the Gunners to win the league after several seasons but they have a habit and habits they say die hard but will this season be different?

Spurs are exceptional this season and I don’t see them dropping form and losing many points towards the end of this season. Continue reading Week 26 (EPL) Results and Analyses.

Today’s (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses

Spurs-vs-Man-CityArchived match. When Spurs and Man City lock horns.

Arsenal Vs Leicester: I see the Gunners having an edge in this crucial match but they may end up sharing the spoils.

Aston Villa Vs Liverpool: the Villans are unpredictable and Liverpool inconsistent so what happens? Probabilities. Permutations.

Man City Vs Tottenham: Spurs may likely go back to White Hart Lane with point(s)

Week 25 (EPL) Results

EPL-LogoSensational Barclays Premier League.

Man City 1-3 Leicester City: great performance by the Foxes. They came to Etihad with blueprint, game plan: skills, tactics, strength … but ironically the outcome of their trip to Etihad Stadium could spell the beginning of the end of Leicester’s dominance. This information is very instructive and I hope you guys heed.

The visitors knew that City have sensational home record and had strategized on how to go back to King Power Stadium with at least a point. Most EPL teams took Leicester as jokers, playboys but with that result every team will take them serious and prepare in advance for them. That may be Leicester’s undoing if they don’t re-strategize or come up with plan B. Continue reading Week 25 (EPL) Results

Week 25 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

leicester cityand  man cityArchived match between Leicester and Man City.

Man City Vs Leicester City: the table toppers meet at Etihad. The team with the best home record combats the one with the best away record. Pretty interesting, right? Yeah!

History favours Man City but the Foxes are not intimidated in any way whatsoever. After all they had surmounted other big clubs this season. This is arguably the biggest match so far this season and has the potential to decide who wins the season through consolidations and therefore not straight away. Continue reading Week 25 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

The Impact of the Word ‘Gender’ on ‘Sex.’

Identical twinsLovely, lively twins.

Identical twins are similar yet dissimilar.

Some individuals, group, publications and media avoid using the word ‘sex’ but the fact that gender is used to denote sex had neutralized the potency, gravity and vulgarity of the word.

The word ‘sex’ is used not only in publications for mature minds but in many literatures because it’s used interchangeably with gender which calms and tones the word.