Day 2, Week 28 (EPL) Results and Review

juanmata-Late Juan Mata set piece-goal was decisive and earned the Red Devils the maximum 3 points.

Stoke City 1-0 Newcastle: the Potters struggled at the beginning of the season same with Spurs. Stoke City however lost 3 matches with Stoke conceding three goals in each loss without scoring a single goal in return – 9 goals debt and deficit! In other words they conceded 9 goals in three matches and if not for that singular fact Stoke should be amongst the title contenders.

Arsenal 1-2 Swansea: the Swans defeated Arsenal at the Emirates. I felt the propensity for these players to share the spoils was higher than either winning but in the end Swans won. Continue reading Day 2, Week 28 (EPL) Results and Review

Week 28 (Day 2) Fixtures and Analyses:

West+Ham+United+v+Tottenham+HotspursArchived match between West Ham and Spurs.

Arsenal Vs Swansea: the Gunners must be very calculative, sensitive, sharp and smart to be productive at the end of 90 minutes.

The Swans are likely to believe that 3 points on the road is feasible and achievable though challenging but since they had done it (at the Emirates) before they could do it again. If you believe it of course you can achieve it!

A student who had reference in a particular course is likely to be anxious on second attempt but if he had prepared painstakingly then confidence may make love to competence, conceive and deliver of baby, Success. Continue reading Week 28 (Day 2) Fixtures and Analyses:

Week 27/28 (EPL) Results

west-bromThe Foxes (Leicester) went head-to-head with the Baggies (West Brom) last night.

Week 27 (Last weekend) Results:

West Ham 1-0 Sunderland

Southampton 1-2 Chelsea

Watford 0-0 Bournemouth

Stoke City 2-1 Aston Villa

Leicester City 1-0 Norwich

West Brom 3-2 Crystal Palace

Newcastle V Man City (postponed)

Liverpool Vs Everton (Postponed)

Man United 3-2 Arsenal Continue reading Week 27/28 (EPL) Results

Happy Birthday Daddy GO

Pastor AdeboyePastor EA Adeboye. General Overseer (GO) RCCG worldwide.

Daddy GO is a respectful and respectable man of God. His simplicity, humility and humanity are phenomenal. Pastor of pastors, leader of leaders and role model to role models.

Born on March 2nd 1942 – he turned 74 today.

We love you sir! Happy birthday; wishing you more exploits in the vineyard, from all of us @

Wars of Words

War of wordsWars of words are wars; the weapons mostly insults!

Wars that don’t shed blood but sweat, tears are being fought in the air in our contemporary world no thanks to social media but these military men and women (troops) are not air force.


It will be good news, great news if all our wars – conventional, guerrilla … leave the street, woods … for social media at least no blows so blood won’t flow and death won’t glow!

What do you think?

Happy Birthday to February 29 Celebrants

Happy_birthday CakeHave an eventful and memorable birthday today.

February 29 birthday-celebrants congrats to you all wherever you are domiciled across the globe. Please have a fun-filled day.

Family, friends, relatives please celebrate with them and package wonderful gifts for them. They will celebrate another in 4 years so please (if possible) bless them with gifts 4 times better than you’d initially planned.

This is a reminder to husbands who have celebrants (wives) and vice-versa and please make the day merry for any of your children who is a celebrant as well.

We love you and wish you all colourful day and wonderful days ahead.

Happy birthday!

Capital One Cup Champions (2016) Man City.

Capital One Cup ChampionsProud Champions. They Truly deserve the Silverware.

Champions are hard fighters.

They usually have ‘map including compass.’

The Citizens executed their game plan and did their best for 120 minutes but when it appeared they’d lost hope, steam and enthusiasm, Willy Caballero stood up for his teammates.

I knew and actually voiced it out that if there was a player mandated to bail Man City out of this trouble it was Caballero and he lived up to this billing.

I saw complete pictures of courage, motivation and determination on his face before the penalties.

Congrats to Manuel Pellegrini, and his boys for believing in him and his vision.

Liverpool, you mirrored the fact that you deserved to be at Wembley. You guys didn’t disappoint football fans. Yeah you can do it another time!

FA Cup Final. Liverpool Vs Man City.

Man City Vs LiverpoolMan City and Liverpool. Matched and marked rivals.

Man City and Liverpool in the past 4-5 seasons are matched rivals who usually share the spoils (almost equally) in all competitions.

In 2011-2012 season they met 4 times. They drew on two occasions and Man city won one, Liverpool the other. Man City harvested 4 points in the 6 available in the aforementioned season of the EPL and Liverpool sent Man City packing from Carling Cup now Capital One Cup.

In 2012-2013 season they played 2-2 first leg, surprisingly they replicated similar results in the second leg of the EPL. Last season the Citizens beat the Reds 3-1 in the first leg and in the second leg it was 2-1 in favour of Liverpool.

Ideally Man City should have an edge and probably beat the Reds but Liverpool are highly unpredictable at the moment but a winner must emerge so if under 90 minutes and extra time there’s still no winner then penalties must separate them.

Many variables affecting motivation, performance … would interact on the pitch and time will reveal many of such to us.