Social Media Drama (SMD)

dramaHide-and-seek drama.

People have these feelings that posts and comments from friends and family on social media are directed at them to spite and abuse maybe diss them, though some are actually missiled to individuals maybe an individual or group but hundreds of others feel the missile was aimed at them to bruise and bleed their peace and kill their joy. Yeah, Social Media Drama. Continue reading Social Media Drama (SMD)

Today at the EPL

EPLToday (12/09/15) at the EPL

Everton v Chelsea:

Today at the EPL promises to be interesting and engaging. It’s a weekend of big matches and this is one of them. Chelsea I believe would come out aggressively to harvest the 3 points at stake, take home to enjoy but would Everton hang their boots and accommodate defeat in their home? In fact 3 points is a realistic dream. Nonetheless would they share the spoils? 90 minutes, The Chief Judge would pronounce his judgment. Continue reading Today at the EPL