The Vision and Mission of Marital Union.

If smiles are intact in homes; marriages will thrive and blossom. (credit:

Identify your vision before you say ‘I do,’ and that will imprison division.

The vision is fulfilled union where both members enjoy self-actualization. And vision is usually the destination; but mission is the trip to achieve, attain, sustain and maintain the mission. Continue reading The Vision and Mission of Marital Union.

Time and Energy-Saving Devices.

Dishwasher is a dutiful servant (credit: shutterstock)

Domestic staff are employed and paid to render domestic services which range from nanny jobs through laundry to shopping and that’s to compensate for the unavailable time and energy. Dad is busy at work; mum is at her store.

Money is time and that’s why money could buy time same way your love could buy a woman’s heart (love). Continue reading Time and Energy-Saving Devices.

Saturday as Sanitation.

Saturday is vacancy and filling the space as couple, family is intimacy. (credit: social media)

Each day of the week give us a particular feeling or feelings; we are conscious of some while others are in our subconscious.

The way an ideal Muslim perceives Friday may be different from the way adherents of other religions perceive same; conversely Sunday feels differently to a Christian vis-à-vis the feelings of members of other religions. Continue reading Saturday as Sanitation.

‘Daddy-Time Weekend’.

Nigerian performing artiste Enitimi Alfred Odom (aka Timaya) with her adorable daughter.

Girls learn about the opposite gender, boys and men from daddy and a daddy-time weekend is a blessed weekend and gifts to families.

Ideally mummy is proximity, familiarity and so to children mummy is air while daddy is music – and sure they need both to become responsive, responsible and holistic adults.
Continue reading ‘Daddy-Time Weekend’.

Bedtime Café (Beware of Bad Blood).

Happiness is a choice and happy couples chose to be happy. (credit: Love Jays) 

Go to bed each night with bliss and gratitude in your heart, thanking God for another blessed day but for you to be in gratitude mode you need to be conscious of bad blood to contain bad news.

It is the symptom that a patient present to a physician that makes him have an idea of what’s wrong with her but only medical tests will prove if it’s true or not. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Beware of Bad Blood).

‘I do feelings in Fashion.’

Fabrics, colours and styles make up the aesthetics called fashion. (credit: social media)

Beyond weddings, ‘I do’ is beauty and charm in unison.

Colours make life beautiful and a combo of sweet ‘5 ‘n’ 6 colours’ upload couple-colour and the eyes of your beholders download the ‘I do’ feelings. Continue reading ‘I do feelings in Fashion.’

The Diverse Seeds in us All.

Traffic many times take sports off driving (credit: Video Blocks)

We see from the seed in us:

It was Yuletide and a family had gone to the local airport to pick their family member who doubles as hubby and daddy. While returning home they got stuck in traffic and so where roads, dramas stopped mouths began and so words started rolling out and ears began to grab and ingest. Continue reading The Diverse Seeds in us All.

Domestic Partnership.

‘Pleasure-pressure’ profiles pregnancy. (credit:

If the man drops his luggage and trips but you pick, ping, pack and package for 9 months and breastfed for many months then nature made you an oasis, the queen, the custodian of life. And the future is in your hand so nurture.

The fact that the man drops and stops means ‘he doesn’t care’ but you catch and carry so ride on.
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