‘Serena Williams Belongs to … Ethnic Group of Nigeria.’

Tennis legend Serena Williams in her element. (credit: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

@ image:

You don’t know Serena Williams from Adam … now as a Nigerian if you come face-to-face with her in one of the cities in Nigeria and you’re to guess her ethnicity which tribe will you file her and why?

Fortunately Serena was in Nigeria in 2012 … now your perception and prediction of Serena’s ethnic group is about you not her and it says a lot about your experiences, beliefs, feelings, stereotypes …. Continue reading ‘Serena Williams Belongs to … Ethnic Group of Nigeria.’

‘Staying fertile While Contesting With Infertility.’

2015. Kenya Moore – Miss America 1993, actress, TV personality and entrepreneur. She seems to be rehearsing her baby bump.

Perceiving Your Issues From Another Perspective:

Did you know that some people marry basically for companionship and practise protected sex just to avoid children?

And that’s the same child(ren) you wanted so badly, so desperately that you put yourself in the mood, mode that won’t make babies want you? Continue reading ‘Staying fertile While Contesting With Infertility.’

Bedtime Café (The Silent Bed-mate)

Many of us are guilty of this crime yet we are never arrested. (credit: social media)

And we end up giving our phones injuries and they are subsequently admitted at the engineer’s clinic and we end up paying the hospitals bills but we don’t change because the following night or maybe few nights after we’d repeat the same thing.

But when we attack our phones they fight back in self-defense – radiation which is bad for our health.

While you sleep please give your phone space to breathe, for the overall health of master and servant. 

My Take on Abortion.

Expectant couple. Super Eagle’s player William Troost-Ekong with his intimate.

I don’t know if abortion is silencing an unborn baby or sending the guest back to where he came from but if you’re euphemistic by nature you’re likely to choose the latter option but that doesn’t blindfold the fact that a potential baby had been denied opportunity of life.

Osmond owed Desmond some money and when the latter came to ask the former for his money it degenerated into serious arguments. Continue reading My Take on Abortion.

In Retrospect.

Food is a very essential part of life that humanity can’t do without. ( credit: REUTERS/Amr Alfiky – RTS18IK6)

We take many things in life for granted until circumstances deprive us of them … as Ramadan begins tomorrow many Muslims who had hitherto seen food and access to same, as the norm and no big deal will suddenly realize that food is a luxury item they had been taking for granted for long.

In the same vein students in the middle of exams see sleep as luxury just as Christians who fast religiously during the Lenten season see food as gold. Continue reading In Retrospect.

Untold Mum-Baby Domestic War.

This is expectation in human person.

@ image: when your baby sees you rubbing something on your breasts and feels you were adding sugar and honey to his milk so it could tastes sweeter and he’ll enjoy his meal better.

And so his bliss climbed to the top of Mount Everest but did it lasts there? Maybe, maybe not! Time that will tell is loading …. Meanwhile his friend, age-mate and also neighbour just received his sack-letter from his mum and his salary (aka milk) aborted.

more pics and info ahead Continue reading Untold Mum-Baby Domestic War.

Weaning Palaver. (Baby Thomas vs Mummy Margaret)

MBGN 2010 Fiona Amuzie-Erede sure believes in breast-milk. Breast-milk is nature at its best nurture your baby with the best. credit:

Let’s check out the thoughts of Thomas and her mum Margaret as they both face the battle of weaning:

Baby Thomas: (frowning) This woman has her favourite meal and doesn’t hesitate to drum it into available ears. She’s fund of saying “My favourite meal is fried rice with fried turkey. And any man who blesses me with this gift with chilled coke, cold enough to have curves (beads of ice) on its body on a hot summer afternoon has my heart and what next? Oh all he need do is just copy his love and paste in me”. Continue reading Weaning Palaver. (Baby Thomas vs Mummy Margaret)

Challenges as Diverse.

You can find bliss and peace in the midst of life’s chaos.

Enobong wants to jump into billabong (river) because she’s got just 2 weeks grace (ultimatum) to pay her house-rent and she knew that this time her properties will no longer enjoy shade and calm but will sunbath big time. She owes her landlord 2 years rent but the latter had told her to forget the past and pay only the current rent – which she still can’t afford. The same Enobong that pays her rents in advance.

Mfonobong’s head went on a bong note and she ran faster than bongo (antelope) outside her home at 1am because her husband took a cutlass and wanted to severe her head and body members … for ritual purposes. Continue reading Challenges as Diverse.

‘Wardrobe for the Rains.’

Ghanaian fashion blogger and stylist Violet Bannerman aka Akosua Vee in cold-resistant attire. (credit: social media)

The rains are gathering momentum in Nigeria and has been knocking on our doors … the visits had been slow and steady – more in May than April but it peaks in June and July, so are you ready for the rains?

If you say yes then the ‘yes’ is coming from your wardrobe. Continue reading ‘Wardrobe for the Rains.’