Bedtime Café (Sleeping Positions).

How wholesome is your sleeping position? (image: istock)

As a young boy many years ago one of my older friends had his head ‘tilted’ to one side of his neck and he couldn’t turn his head to the other side like a spiritual hand holding the roof of his body to one side and he was in that position for maybe hours or days.

It was quite ludicrous but he was older and we couldn’t make him the butt of our jokes, for fear of stirring the hornet’s nest and receiving Kirikiri beating that turns daytime to night. Though he might not be able to instantly punish us but his tongue would definitely give us some strokes of the cane.

We were told he slept on his neck and the image is still intact in my mind. I kept wondering how he managed to sleep on his neck ….
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Bedtime Café (When Your Hubby Lets You Down).

An upset spouse is likely to transmit venom and infect his partner with anger. (image credit: social media)

When a man’s favourite team lose an important game he feels bad and goes to bed sad and if his team win then it’s good news and night party for Mr. and Mrs.

Liverpool trounced Man City and Barcelona beat Roma FC therefore men who follow these two clubs that lost tonight are in bad mood at this point in time. Many of such men might divorce their dinner and distance themselves from their wives. Continue reading Bedtime Café (When Your Hubby Lets You Down).

Bedtime Café (Pleasure and Instincts).

Is your bedtime a blessed time? (pic source: shutterstock)

The sweetest things in life are anchored on instincts and instincts are automatic behaviours, in other words they are attitudes expressed and exhibited dramatically.

Now the most pleasurable things in life – sleep, food, sex are not learnt before being expressed but driving, swimming, cooking … requires training, tutoring to acquire the appropriate skills needed to observe those behaviours. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Pleasure and Instincts).

Restroom-Bathroom Teamwork and Effect.

What! Back to sender. (pic source: pinterest)

Now that snakes refuse to take the back seat in Nigeria, the media is awash with their stories and if one isn’t swallowing money, it’s another becoming an unwanted tenant with apartment in restroom and bed in WC, where legal occupants are most vulnerable to their attacks but many times the attacker in-waiting ends up being the attacked.

Oga boss I hope madam has not been waking you up every time she wants to answer the call of nature? By extension I’m sure many homes that don’t subscribe to torchlight now have at least one which accompanies them to the restroom at night – especially when there’s no light. Continue reading Restroom-Bathroom Teamwork and Effect.

Bedtime Café (You and Your Bed).

If bread and butter are bosom friends then sleep and sex are sweethearts. (pic credit: social media)

Many of us had slept on so many beds in our lifetime that we’d lost count of.

Some beds are softer than gel and the moment you land on them your body says, “Thank you boss!” Conversely, some are harder than rock and your body bears the brunt.

Beds softer than butter are bestsellers, yes authors of sweet dreams and some trigger nightmares, no thanks to their metal bodies. Continue reading Bedtime Café (You and Your Bed).

Bedtime Café. (You and Your Kids)

It’s appropriate for kids to have their separate rooms but give them the liberty to come play in your room before their light-out. (image credit: social media)

Homes which double as nest for kids cradle them to rest. They source comfort, succour, shelter and support in such homes.

Your children deserve stress-free, fun-filled and love-laced home and it’s their rights to desire and demand for such.

Nest is the perfect home for your children’s holistic development. Continue reading Bedtime Café. (You and Your Kids)

Marriage as Neither Paradise nor Hell (II)

Your ‘next’ may not be the nest unless you ‘best’ your present with your presence. (image credit: social media)

Relieve your pains before your matriculation into the marriage institution otherwise the gains inherent will elude you. I see many singles who see marriage as escape route from their boredom more like running away from the troubles of life and running into marriage – the paradise.

But the same mind that experienced issues of life had not been formatted for marriage and so there’s ‘carryover effect’ yes luggage, baggage which becomes barricade to marital bliss and fulfillment. Continue reading Marriage as Neither Paradise nor Hell (II)

Marriage as Neither Paradise nor Hell.

Don’t clip your wings as single otherwise you won’t fly in marriage. ( pic credit: social media)

They say you can’t give what you don’t have and what you have is part of you and maybe you in some cases. I usually say the vegetable oil you’ve got in your kitchen is what you use in cooking.

You fry chicken, plantain, egg … with it, you prepare moin-moin with same, fried rice is on the menu and your pride is unruffled because you can bribe the bride with your oil and she cooperates with you and convert to fried version of rice. Continue reading Marriage as Neither Paradise nor Hell.

When Will Humanity Conquer Cancer?

Late Steve Jobs former Chairman, CEO and co-founder Apple Inc. (photo credit: Christophe Ena, AP)

There are different types of cancer – breast, brain, blood (leukemia) prostrate, lung … which makes the pandemic not only prevalent and widespread but egregiously evil; it’s no respecter of gender, race or socio-economic status, and humanity – anonymous and prominent people the world over had succumbed to the scourge.

Late Steve Jobs, Dora Akunyili, Gani Fawenhimi, Yinka Craig … and many more the world over encountered, fought with the monster but finally lost the battle … but only their lives were silenced their good deeds and sweet memories live on. Continue reading When Will Humanity Conquer Cancer?

Bedtime Café (Your Partner’s Patterns in Bed).

Romance buried 30 feet beneath the surface in many men, roar and erupt in bed when the menu is sex; same way the sleeping affection, snoring respect in women shout when salary screams – yes at month-end.

People have diverse bed-habits – many of which they are unconscious of which range from sleep-walking to sleep-talking, snoring and the like.  

Some people snore big time and a man or woman who has partner with such pattern may spend more time counting sheep than courting sleep but many times this doesn’t last, for in the long run they get accustomed to it and the snore may even turn to R&B sound that seduces your hearts, shut your eyes and send you to sleep island. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Your Partner’s Patterns in Bed).