The Formidable Partnership, Friendship Between Sex and Sleep.

Sex and sleep grant bliss and health. (Photo credit: The FertileChiconline)

Sex and sleep are friends and identical twins. They are loyal tenants of Mr. Bed, the landlord! Though sleep and sex could also be observed elsewhere in the home aside bed and bedroom.

Sleep is sweet; sex pleasurable. If we can’t get good sleep in terms of quality and quantity we’re likely to have health issues now if you can’t get fulfilling sex as a man or woman overtime the health of your marriage could be jeopardized. Continue reading The Formidable Partnership, Friendship Between Sex and Sleep.

See Your Sea of Blessings.

Friendship is indispensable for marital bliss and fulfilment. (photo credit: social media)

Familiarity they say breeds contempt but the good news stocked in this bitter truth is that once you are conscious of this you should be cautious not to take your partner for granted.

If you see your spouse as gifts, blessings, then gratitude will breathe in your mind and blossom in your heart.

You may not know this but many people want to be in your shoes but poor you, you focus more on the thorns and this edits the roses giving room to ill-feelings,  bitterness. Continue reading See Your Sea of Blessings.

‘Welcome to Rat Nation.’

Rats apart from being vectors they are invites to snakes. (Image credit: social media)

The Fakunles just moved from Abeokuta to Ekiti and unfortunately some rats moved with them. So when they got to Ekiti they unpacked and moved their belongings into their newly built home. And in the night Abeokuta rats emerged and were warmly received by Ekiti rats.

Abeokuta Rats: (smiling) good evening compatriots.

Ekiti Rats: (grinning) Gateway people you’re welcome to Ekiti … Land of Honour. Fountain of Knowledge. Land of pounded yam but hope you brought kokoro for us? Continue reading ‘Welcome to Rat Nation.’

Fighting Lassa Fever.

Parents and teachers are tutors, mentors and together they educate, enlighten and advance their learners and protégés and finally transform them to well-rounded adults.

Infectious diseases spread rapidly amongst school children because of the proximity. In playing they grab, touch. They share their meals, drinks ….

One child with conjunctivitis could mean many kids with apolo as we call it here and their families at home may become infected as well. So schools need to be very proactive when it comes to health issues.
Continue reading Fighting Lassa Fever.

Beware of Lassa Fever!

Medics playing safe to stay hale and hearty.

Medics in healthcare facilities attend to patients with all sorts of health challenges and they can’t be too careful so be extra-careful.

Take precautionary measures before attending to your patients, while taking care of them and after administering treatments on them.

Dry season is here and it strips bushes of their clothing, coupled with the fact that many people (especially hunters) set bush on fire and so rodents run away from their homes – to human abode where they contaminate our foods, water with their urine, faeces ….  Continue reading Beware of Lassa Fever!

Work vs Family.

Babies, kids of nowadays are smarter, they feel and think better.

It’s good to upgrade your life, to add life to your bank accounts, have investments here and there, savings as insurance … but as you hustle to and fro trying to execute those deals, make profits, please pause and ponder a bit, think of the little ones you have in your cradle at home.

Do what they’ll be proud of, be source of blessings, contacts … to them and even when you’re no more your good name will pave way for them. Continue reading Work vs Family.

Bride for Life.

Brides are gorgeous. (Image credit:Pinterest)

Brides are celebs at their weddings and the centre of their homes so be the bride not just for a day but a lifetime!

Be the queen of your home, the evergreen bride of your hubby. Upgrade your life, update your skill set.

Remember you’ve got the divine mandate to nurture the next generation and babies in your hands are adults tomorrow.

Be an adorable mum!

Putting Your Children in Your Plans.

Students of Thames Valley College at the UI  Zoo.

As responsible parents I’m sure you’re very painstaking and detailed about what your children (babies, toddlers, preteens, teens … ) feed on. Yes instructions and meals but the latter is for another day!

Create time for them this weekend or some other time. Remember you’re their first and life-long teachers and great teachers not only instil instructions they put the thirst for knowledge in their mentees and motivate them to go research to quench the thirst and the good news is the more they know the more they want to know.
Continue reading Putting Your Children in Your Plans.