Beware of Mosquitoes!

woman-with-bed-bug-sprayFight mosquitoes rather than malaria.

Prevention is better than intervention, so fight mosquitoes NOT malaria. It’s better, safer and less expensive to confront, combat and convert mosquitoes to carcass.

Send them six feet beneath and seek the services of pallbearers for the lifeless bodies of mosquitoes not humans.

Intervention is much more expensive; you lose valuable resources trying to buy back your stolen health and may God grant you that, but it’s wiser to prevent than try to cure. Continue reading Beware of Mosquitoes!

The Good Sides of Good Things.

Dog-walkingWalking your dog is good exercise for you both.

Birds of a feather indeed flock together. Good deliver of good and vice-versa.

Sex is pleasurable and when done at the right time with the right person the harvest of the pleasure is the fruit of the womb. We all love to be parents – but at the appropriate time!

If you do good to others you will reap goodwill, bliss and gratitude. You know why? What goes around comes around. Doing good literally makes you feel good.
Continue reading The Good Sides of Good Things.

“Your Life Partners.”

fruitsa and vegetablesYour health’s bosom friends: fruits and vegetables.

Labour room is not only in the hospital, in your homes and offices as well – yeah your convenience!

Fruits, vegetables as well as nuts are your indispensable life partners yet they don’t play hard-to-get in other words they are always available.

To this end, if you bear malice with them you’d likely labour – sweat, groan fruitlessly in your convenience.

Yeah, labouring to remove waste products (excrement) because the ‘criminal’ is harder than bone and bigger than boat. Continue reading “Your Life Partners.”

Overpower Lassa Fever!

 Woman with megaphone 2Spread the message not anxiety.

Lassa Fever is raging.

Beware of rodents, be wary of Lassa Fever. Distance yourself from rodents and their excrement.

Wash your hands with soap and clean water. Cook your meals very well, keep your groceries and foodstuff from rodents. Always cover your food whether on the dinning table, kitchen cabinet or wherever.

Remember hygiene is key in containing Lassa Fever. If you’re feeling ill please visit the nearest medical facility.

High Blood Pressure

Measuring BPHealthcare giver attending to her patient.

Our Blood Pressure (BP) rises when we’re exerted as a result of workout, anger, fear, sex, joy … and we all experience elevated blood pressure which isn’t hypertension but when BP rises and stays up, refusing to come down over time then that points to hypertension.

BP is measured with a device called sphygmomanometer, the readings are recorded in two phases reflecting two numbers which are systolic and diastolic. Continue reading High Blood Pressure