Sending Foreplay Over Miles.

Sex starts with foreplay which could begin in the mind and bed, couch … hosts the grand-finale (photo credit: social media)

The fact that the human mind is the site of sex is big opportunity for you to make love to your spouse while you guys are miles apart.

Prepare bacon for her via text messages and her mind will grab and hand over the baton to her body long before you meet.

Brag, and tantalize your hubby hours before you finally meet and he’ll think more of you thereby adding spice and honey to your sessions under the sheet. Continue reading Sending Foreplay Over Miles.

The Wisdom in Caution.

Late Nigerian heroine Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh.

Patients with infectious health challenges sometimes transmit to their healthcare-givers and if the disease has high mortality rate the infected may not survive as it happened in the pathetic case of Dr. Stella Adadevoh, may God rest her soul.

Sometimes both patient and caregiver die and in some cases the patient may survive while the medic dies or vice-versa but in Patrick Sawyer-Stella Adadevoh case neither survived!


What happens in medical facilities could be experienced in spiritual environments as well, to this end clerics need your prayers, advice and moral support. Continue reading The Wisdom in Caution.

‘Unsung Heroes of Love.’

‘Welcome to life kisses,’ is a battle with stench.

Love is strong beer which is very potent and efficacious at the early stages of intimacy. Yes the alcohol content in love intoxicates big time and could make a man misbehave.

It blurs the senses and could make a woman see strengths where everyone including the baby in the womb are seeing red flags, lapses and loopholes.

Sleep is awesome, wholesome and very refreshing but you wake up manufacturing odour in cartons. Now a man who wakes his woman with kisses deserves awards for being a champion who could wrestle stench, capture and imprisoned skunk which is applicable to a woman who does same. Continue reading ‘Unsung Heroes of Love.’

Coping Strategies that Negate Health and Wellness.

Many men visit pubs to socialize and some do to numb their pains. (pic credit: Shutterstock)

We all want to be happy, enjoy good health, savour peace of mind, have loyal friends, lovely family, and money to add honey and spice to all these variables.

But when it looks like we’ve failed we feel let down, bile bites and pours its venom in our minds thereby making our bliss hiss and we become low in spirit, moody, pensive maybe irritable and we’re likely to devise various strategies, mechanisms to weather the storms. Continue reading Coping Strategies that Negate Health and Wellness.

The 80-20 Rule of Marriage.

Ghanaian hip-hop act Kwame Nsiah-Apau (aka Okyeame Kwame) with his bosom friend and wife, Annica Nsiah-Apau. (image credit:gc)

The 80-20 Rule of Marriage is a theory that highlights the fact that you don’t get all your desires in your partner in marriage and focusing on the loophole (20%) of your partner makes you crave the 20% that’s missing which makes you feel it’s 80% and going after such puts you at risk of losing the 80 … and you finally discover that you left 80 for 20. How pathetic!

In a nutshell the rule highlights the fact that couples sometimes ignore the massive strengths (80%) of their partners and focus on the shortcomings (20%) thereby making a mountain out of a molehill and losing out in the end.
Continue reading The 80-20 Rule of Marriage.

Taking Proactive Steps in Your Family.

Life is full of roses and thorns and when thorns surround you or your family seeing a specialist should top your ‘to-do-list’ (credit: Thinkstock)

The media is awash with suicide, suicide attempts and rumours of suicide because suicide is becoming unbecoming and you need to be smart and sensitive to know when you need to go see specialists and/or refer your significant others to them.

When (maybe if) a family member is going through egregiously tough, rough time, apart from being available to support and comfort, many times you need to take such to healthcare facilities for prompt interventions.

Murder of a family member could trigger suicide in another … there are also cases of homicide-cum-suicide whereby someone kills another and commits suicide afterwards and many other crimes.

Why Couples Need Family Planning.

When two lovers with gap-tooth meet some of their kids may not close the gate too.

Towards the end of December last year a woman was asking a senior citizen (a commercial bike rider) about his family and the man voiced about his new-born baby. The woman was taken aback and asked, “Omo melo leni?” How many kids do you have? and he said 10 and went further saying some of them were happily married.

The woman guessed correctly that the new mother must be his young wife and the man affirmed … she thereafter said the new wife won’t say no to the labour-room soon. “She would obviously want more kids and won’t stop on two regardless of how many kids you have already,” and the man heaved and said, “Yes!” Continue reading Why Couples Need Family Planning.

‘Shades of Gratitude.’

Selfie with a bishop after church programme (Anna King / Northwest News Network)

Gratitude comes in diverse modes – smiles, dance, hugs, laughter, prayers, praise, self-love, humanity. Philanthropy is a form of gratitude, visiting the sick, prison inmates … sharing, caring, giving …

Many good seeds sprout from the heart of gratitude and if you can’t count your blessings you’re an ingrate and a potential tool in the hands of evil, crime, atrocity.

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Fertility and Related Issues in Marriage (II).

Nollywood practitioner Ivie Okujaye joyfully shared the pic of her expectant status on Instagram few days back as Christmas gift to her fans.

Other opinions of family and friends to women waiting for the fruit of the womb –

A Friend’s instruction:

“… Doyin, use water to wash your ‘woman’ before sex with your hubby. The water will neutralize the acidity in you. Acids kill sperm you know!” Toyin, Doyin’s friend submitted.

A cousin’s advice:

“… Helen, my pastor says fast for 3 days and use sex to break the fast on each day!” piped Megha, Helen’s cousin. Continue reading Fertility and Related Issues in Marriage (II).