The Magic of Body Contact.

hugs-and-kissesPecks, hugs and Kisses have lorry-load of explicit and implicit messages. (Pic: Madame Noire)

Body contact – hugs, kisses, pecks are little big things in relationships. They clean and cleanse your love, refresh your mind and ventilate your hearts.

Sex is demanding and may not be regular in marriage but these little giants are big insurance to your relationship.

Fast and smooth! They don’t exhaust your energy nor expend your time so you’re good to go!
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Your Kids Are Not Pets.

everton-goalkeeperEverton goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg saved two penalties from Kelvin De bruyne and Kun Aguero at the Etihad few hours back.

As responsible parents the safety of your children should be your topmost priority. Do you care about who cares for your kids when you’re not there?

Your kids are not pets so don’t leave them with pests – even pests shouldn’t come near pets. Continue reading Your Kids Are Not Pets.

‘Sharpening of Tools.’

paragaParaga is the local version of Viagra mostly consumed by artisans and transporters.

Performance-enhancement drugs are not peculiar to sports, sex as well!

Many years ago a man perhaps in his late 50s in Okota a suburb of Lagos downed some shots of paraga, picked up his phone and called his mistress to come meet him at home ….

Hey he just sharpened his tool,” a bus conductor, Ibro (AKA Shadow) voiced heartily at the motor-park. Perhaps like the housewife sharpening her knife to enhance the performance of her old and loyal tool in the kitchen. Continue reading ‘Sharpening of Tools.’

‘The Unsung Success Called Weight Loss.’

extreme-weight-lossWeight loss is huge success and deserves big celebrations.

We attend weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, convocation, coronation, housewarming … but I’ve not heard of anyone celebrating his or her weight-loss success and well-wishers coming out in droves to rejoice with the celebrant!

I know people who achieved this success and perceive it trivial, hey sister it’s like first class certificate in college so guide jealously. If you maintain it you’ll sustain it! Continue reading ‘The Unsung Success Called Weight Loss.’

What’s Your Genotype?

adekunle-gold-and-zahraThe Sickle Cell Aid Foundation of Nigeria (SCAF) ambassadors – Urban highlife crooner, Adekunle Kosoko (AKA Adekunle Gold) and President Mohammadu Buhari’s daughter Zahra. (Pic: Instagram)

Sickle cell disease can be prevented not cured – at least for now!

Information and enlightenment are the biggest threats to sickle cell disease while ignorance is a loyal mercenary of the disease. Yet many of the so-called educated people don’t know their genotype let alone that of their future partners.

Get tested and know your genotype today! And of course that of your future partner – early in your relationship not at courtship. A relationship is easier to break (if you guys are not compatible) at the outset of your affair than at courtship! Continue reading What’s Your Genotype?

Heart of Gratitude.

maryMary Ayodele.

This is your smile when you know that God is your all-in-all!

That’s your face when awesomeness meets with wholesomeness.

Wonderful things are invisible, sometimes hidden – love, peace, joy, oxygen, gold, beautiful heart ….

Beautiful face attracts but horrible heart repels! Attitude of gratitude is universal medicine, believe me!

Beautiful faces make life beautiful but wonderful hearts make wonderful!

Mary says, Life is beautiful if your heart is!


The Hidden Secrets in Weight Loss.

woman-joggingJogging is good workout.

If you keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle, in other words you exercise regularly and eat healthy but you’re not losing weight please remember you’re not gaining weight either and if you’d not been living right you would have added more weight!

I’m sure (overtime) with persistence you’ll lose that unwanted weight.

Eat small but regular nutritious meals and sleep regularly as well. Now know and note that people who lose weight easily, gain weight s-l-o-w-l-y and people like us fall into that category and don’t forget the reverse is also true! Continue reading The Hidden Secrets in Weight Loss.

Beware of Mosquitoes!

woman-with-bed-bug-sprayFight mosquitoes rather than malaria.

Prevention is better than intervention, so fight mosquitoes NOT malaria. It’s better, safer and less expensive to confront, combat and convert mosquitoes to carcass.

Send them six feet beneath and seek the services of pallbearers for the lifeless bodies of mosquitoes not humans.

Intervention is much more expensive; you lose valuable resources trying to buy back your stolen health and may God grant you that, but it’s wiser to prevent than try to cure. Continue reading Beware of Mosquitoes!

The Good Sides of Good Things.

Dog-walkingWalking your dog is good exercise for you both.

Birds of a feather indeed flock together. Good deliver of good and vice-versa.

Sex is pleasurable and when done at the right time with the right person the harvest of the pleasure is the fruit of the womb. We all love to be parents – but at the appropriate time!

If you do good to others you will reap goodwill, bliss and gratitude. You know why? What goes around comes around. Doing good literally makes you feel good.
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“Your Life Partners.”

fruitsa and vegetablesYour health’s bosom friends: fruits and vegetables.

Labour room is not only in the hospital, in your homes and offices as well – yeah your convenience!

Fruits, vegetables as well as nuts are your indispensable life partners yet they don’t play hard-to-get in other words they are always available.

To this end, if you bear malice with them you’d likely labour – sweat, groan fruitlessly in your convenience.

Yeah, labouring to remove waste products (excrement) because the ‘criminal’ is harder than bone and bigger than boat. Continue reading “Your Life Partners.”