We are our Faces.

This face (c) Teju Baby Face speaks gratitude, peace, love and bliss.

Ideally this is the face (image) that should be with us come what may but hardly can we meet a person in life who can wear such looks 24/7.

However, if you’re stressed and you manage to upload this face believe me it will sink and drown the stress. Continue reading We are our Faces.

Men and Their Egos.

Nollywood actor and lawyer Femi Adebayo smart, cool and confident.

Men make life interesting, where women make captivating.

Where women were engineered to nurture, men were wired to lead. And an ideal man wants to inhale affluence and exhale influence.

A woman who wants to have a beautiful marriage and wonderful home should learn to respect and honour her hubby. Don’t toy with his self-esteem and don’t hit him below the belt, battering his ego is suicidal. Continue reading Men and Their Egos.

The Sports and Adventure Called Weight-Loss. (II)

Social media pic showcasing Nigerian singer-cum-songwriter Kingsley Okonkwo (aka Kcee) in the gym where the Limpopo King was obviously pulling strings.

Adopt and adapt your schedule, lifestyle to the exercise you love most – jogging, swimming, strolling (especially long distance walk, gardening, basketball … and if you enroll in a gym yours could be treadmill, elliptical bike, weight-training … even as a woman small weight-training isn’t bad – forget making passes at muscles, doing it mildly isn’t invite just as you won’t say yes to a man who hardly chats with you. Continue reading The Sports and Adventure Called Weight-Loss. (II)

The Sports and Adventure Called Weight-Loss. (I)

Aerospace (Fitness Studio) New York. (Pic: Courtney Verrill/Business Insider)

We all need to exercise to attain and/or maintain our health just as we need happiness, good self-esteem, love … therefore exercise is experience for all, regardless of gender, irrespective of social class.

Be that as it may it’s good to love great things and lead a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading The Sports and Adventure Called Weight-Loss. (I)

‘Package Your Baggage.’

Feeling cool isn’t always about looking good but feeling blessed.

A man who has riches but lacks decorum is dishonorably masculine and a woman with beauty without dignity is empty, so many times it’s about you, nonetheless you’re blessed beyond limits, so no limits dear!

If you’ve got it, it’s a crime to hide it so flaunt it!

(more pics and info if you process) Continue reading ‘Package Your Baggage.’

What’s Sex to You?

Couples that sleep together feel livelier and bond better. (Pic source: cnn.com)

Yes what’s sex to you? Sexual intimacy is a very crucial aspect of romantic relationships and it’s so sacrosanct that it can’t be overemphasized.

As a married woman if you see sex as exercise meant exclusively for procreation then you might have problems satisfying your hubby who perceives same as visa to heaven!

But you’ll lose nothing and gain everything if you fall in love with your partner’s hobby. So regardless of the indoctrination you’ve been exposed to, you can certainly unlearn even without seeing a specialist. Continue reading What’s Sex to You?

The Amazing Story of Love, Faith and Invention of Brad-Liz Soden.

The Sodens.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, yes indeed; and I see necessity, humanity, creativity and industry behind the invention of Brad Soden – all-terrain wheel chair.

Let’s read the Soden’s story, the story of love, faith and invention:

Brad Soden has experienced a lot in his life. The former United States soldier not only served in the first Iraq war, but also saved many lives as a fireman after he completed his service. Brad, his wife, Liz, and their three children, live in Phoenix, Arizona.

(more pics and info if you click) Continue reading The Amazing Story of Love, Faith and Invention of Brad-Liz Soden.

What’s the Name of Love and Lust?

Reckless love could wreck life (Pic source: social media)

Many times humour stocks hard facts of life.

Love impacts life and vice-versa so be wary in love and life.

Use your seat belt when you’re behind-the-wheels, your life jacket when on life waters; your life jacket when on ‘love waters’. Continue reading What’s the Name of Love and Lust?

Variables that Could Trigger Sudden Importunate Sexual Demands from Your Partner.

Sex is sensually binding and refreshing. (Pic source: shutterstock)

Sex is a natural form of exercise which releases bliss, induces health, self-esteem, bonding …. Therefore in times of stress be available sex to your partner.

Giving him sex when he’s down is sympathy but finding lasting solution to the underlying issue is empathy. Continue reading Variables that Could Trigger Sudden Importunate Sexual Demands from Your Partner.

Priceless Beauty Formula.

American Singer cum songwriter Alicia Keys. (Pic source: pinterest)

The key to sound health is gratitude! Don’t take life too serious, add fun to life; life to love.

Love life and she will love you right back!

Behaving like a girl makes your mind stay young and your body ageless.

Honey your passion, learn to smile and once in a while reduce the woman in you and give breath to the girl stocked in you. Continue reading Priceless Beauty Formula.