Proactive vs Reactive

Sanitation is essential to individuals, families and communities. (social media)

Prevention they say is better than intervention therefore fight your challenges early enough and save lots of money and time.

Fighting mosquito is a proactive measure that prevents malaria but fighting malaria is reactive and so much more expensive.

If you’re down with malaria you spend more than falling and stopping mosquitoes, in addition you lose man-hours (which is equivalent to money). You spend more in the hospital and may God restore your health and preserve your life. Continue reading Proactive vs Reactive

‘Hills and Valley.’ (Female Version).

African actress Yvonne Okoro expressing self-love via selfie. (social media pic)

Not ‘Hills and valley’ but ‘hills or valley’. Yes such describes life because many phenomena don’t and many more can’t go together in life for instance you can’t be tall and diminutive, rich and poor, dark and fair … at the same time.

You can’t be a friend and an enemy but either a friend or an enemy in friend’s clothing – called frenemy.

Cleavage is the ‘valley’ between two hills (bust) of women and if you’ve got ample bust you automatically have calm cleavage and if you’ve got a cleavage massive enough to accommodate apple then your bust would be calm. Continue reading ‘Hills and Valley.’ (Female Version).

Victims of Domestic Violence (II).

Hands that embraced in love shouldn’t engage in violence. (social media)

Women are natural linguist and their mouths manufacture words ceaselessly and this usually give them an edge in misunderstandings in marriage. Though some men are skilled in the game as well but when a man receives too much insults that he could bear he could be tempted to revenge and that’s where the problems lies.

Usually men are the culprits of domestic violence and ideally women are guilty of same when they are violent to their domestic staff but often this category go unreported and ignored, probably because the injuries sustained may not be too pronounced or the helpless nature of the poor maid. But both versions are bad and evil! Continue reading Victims of Domestic Violence (II).

Your Edge in Love and Life.

Creativity is finding a way to stop your challenges – in your academics, career, business, relationships … otherwise they might stop your progress and success. (pic source: shutterstock)

The poultry farmer who takes his time to clean his eggs stained by his birds droppings and informed all his employees to replicate same has a competitive edge though he might not be conscious of this. His customers might prefer his eggs to others because they are always clean yet he sells at competitive prices.

Now pause and ponder on what you can do differently to give you the competitive, perhaps cutting edge in your research, business, career, academics and the like. Continue reading Your Edge in Love and Life.

The Issue of Respect in Intimacy.

Hugs and kisses whatever mode communicate romance and intimacy. (social media)

Your spouse, kids, family can make you earn instant respect and the reverse is also possible.

If your hubby is rich and/or famous you earn respect as a woman; if he’s cute and smart and doesn’t see skirts as twitter that he must follow offline, online many more will respect you and many women will envy but secretly admire you.

As a man if your wife is classy, full of dignity and self-respect you earn automatic respect, if she’s pretty, smart and successful she adds to you and the icing on the cake? Continue reading The Issue of Respect in Intimacy.

Love as Beauty Therapy.

Love is beauty therapy, call it a skilled make-up artist and you’re right on point. (image credit:

When love touches you, it leaves you untouched, untapped and you go fresh and glow.

Love makes you flow in life, it adds glow and shine to your looks. Show me a woman with radiant beauty and I’ll upload a woman in love and being loved in return.

In addition, love fights stress and by so doing it fights acne, depression which could trigger sweet tooth and gluttony, it peaks our motivation which is invitation to sex, inspiration to healthy eating, productivity, work-out, weight management, and its attendant positive side effects on our health. Continue reading Love as Beauty Therapy.

Love and Hate as Neighbours.

Go into love with alert mind and forgiving heart and enjoy life to the peak. (social media)

Life has got two sides – day and night, good and bad, love and hate ….

It’s a life where God brings a kind person at proximity with a wicked individual and uses the latter to bring out the very best from the former but He also uses the wonderful person as opportunity to transform the horrible if (s)he’s willing to change and be transformed.

Now miles separate Kaduna from Kano but there’s a particular site where one stride (maybe strides) lands you in Kaduna and the reverse in Kano though it sounds funny but believe me it’s true.
Continue reading Love and Hate as Neighbours.

Sex in Public Space.

There’s a gulf between ‘romance and adventure’ and ‘shame and nuisance’ recognize the gulf as couples. (Image source: shutterstock)

Public space should be valued and respected. It archives people from all walks of life – wealthy, hungry, senior citizens, adults, teenagers, minors, religious fanatics, bigots, psychopaths, criminals, clerics …

Exposing your private parts in public space is bad, by extension having sex in public is abuse of self as well as public sensibility … now do you consider the fact that your video could end up on social media? Continue reading Sex in Public Space.

Smiles Made by Celebs.

Smiles (c) Beyonce. (pinterest)

Smiles come in multiples and they x-ray our personalities. They are inspiring, fresh and refreshing and they open doors just as they open hearts ushering in opportunities, possibilities.

Let’s check out some smiles made by world-famous celebs.

(more pics and info if you process) Continue reading Smiles Made by Celebs.

Using Stress to Cure Stress.

Friends who fall into the label ‘couple’ chat and play regularly and of course their sex is usually lovemaking. (Pics source: Getty Images)

Stress is anything that’s beyond your body’s normal, average, balance … and anything that makes you sweat ideally is stress. That’s why prolong contact with stress is illness or pathway to disease.

If you’re anxious, you’re stressed, excitement is stress, lack of sleep is stress same with exercise, overeating, hunger, anger and the like.

Now know and note that stress could be positive or negative but the human body works best at normalcy. Continue reading Using Stress to Cure Stress.