The Issues of Love, Law, Faith and Trust. (II)

Are you a plus or minus to your family and society?

Now does the person try to form armies against you by painting you bad so that her audience can label you and inject their bile, insults and venom in you?

And that makes the stress worse-off so if you choose ‘yes’ here please note that as well.

Is it in the habit of such to convert your ‘good’ to molehill and ‘bad’ to mountains? This point is crucial, essential so please don’t disregard as well. Continue reading The Issues of Love, Law, Faith and Trust. (II)

The Issues of Love, Law, Faith and Trust.

Many filmmakers give their viewing audience the privilege to see the real intentions of actors in movies and that’s exactly how God sees our hearts and minds too.

Many times you see what I publish here becoming reality but it’s not me but God and again if you hitherto take what you access here with levity perhaps He wanted you to take it very serious. Continue reading The Issues of Love, Law, Faith and Trust.

Getting it Right From the Foundation.

Parents are grass-root leaders please excel in your office, perform in your constituency and it will reflect positively in the larger society. (credit: social media)

You never chose your parents same way you didn’t choose your religion; from birth girls grow into femininity and boys into masculinity and both also grow into their various religions and we are all impressionable at childhood and as responsible parents sow love and peace; bliss and humanity; industry and honesty … into your children and ward and as they grow these virtues take firm root and evolve to shoot. Continue reading Getting it Right From the Foundation.

The Subtle Battles in the Minds of Children.

Available parents teach and learn from their kids as well. (credit:

The Riddles Peculiar to Great Britain in International Sporting Games:

You were watching ‘England vs Colombia’ the previous night and your son whose mind had been carrying placards, rioting, rampaging from Agaka, Ilorin to Agege, Lagos finally had the guts to speak up. Continue reading The Subtle Battles in the Minds of Children.

Bedtime Café (Dreams vs Nightmare)

This is admission into the institution called Sweet Dreams (credit: iStock/Jacob Ammentorp Lund)

Dreams could be sweet like honey especially if we dream about our dreams little wonder Hassan who uses Nissan in real life was all smiles in his dreams thanks to his brand new Vencer but the bouncer Mr. Alarm finally snatched from him. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Dreams vs Nightmare)

The Issue of Sexual Harassment.

Music video of soldier where Falz and Simi went ‘head-to-head.’

According to the first meaning of harass is ‘To disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute.’

And by extension sexual harassment (in a layman’s definition) is undue and prolong stress from verbal and/or non-verbal expressions anchored on another’s sexuality.  Continue reading The Issue of Sexual Harassment.

What Your Children Deserve.

Sound education revolves around instructions which involve school and home and places of worship (credit:

Your children deserve sound education and not giving them is tantamount to abusing and limiting them

They deserve nests; in other words warm, lovely homes – not just homes devoid of violence.

They deserve decent houses – clean, tidy, safe and secure apartment.
Continue reading What Your Children Deserve.

‘Fatherhood as Feelings Before Feelings.’

The Mark Zuckerbergs with their first daughter Max (credit: Getty)

For Zuckerberg, Facebook came long before Fatherhood but fatherhood had long been in existence – in fantasy long before facebook and reality.

Children dream and see themselves in fatherhood shoes even as kids. Continue reading ‘Fatherhood as Feelings Before Feelings.’