‘As Mobile as Life.’

Wheelchair-accessible facilities x-ray empathy. (credit: newmobility.com)

Animate and inanimate things move in life; after all life is premised on motion and locomotion is obeying the laws of nature.

Wind blows, rain falls; the earth moves round the sun; songs of birds, chit-chat on phone, sounds of saxophone, ocean tides … are all forms of movements: motions. Even the legendary statement from God ‘Let there be light …’ was words in motion. Continue reading ‘As Mobile as Life.’

Love, Marriage and Extramarital Affairs.

Relationships upload rivals same way businesses archive competitors.  (credit: Istock/EXTREME-PHOTOGRAPHER)

Regardless of the fact that men are more than women in Nigeria or the world over, the bitter truth is some men will still have 2, 3, 4 or more wives.

In addition to that some will have a legitimate wife, as well as baby mamas and many more who don’t have the title ‘baby mama’ attached to their profile will still have mistresses. Continue reading Love, Marriage and Extramarital Affairs.

Spilt Milk in Love as Meat in Life.

Brides have male partners.

If a man disappoints you that’s vacancy in your heart but your heart isn’t totally empty, after all some people have their space in same. And talking about male love – you’ve got many versions accessible from dads, uncles, male friends …. Now crying over the disappointment is drugs but of course a choice. Continue reading Spilt Milk in Love as Meat in Life.

School Kids’ Feelings on Motivations Behind Their School Enrollment.

Mums are primary teachers, tutors as well as home managers and dads are subordinates in this regard. (credit: Thinkstock image)

Parents across the globe send their children to school to make them morally and socially responsible, intellectually sound, economically independent so they can be useful to themselves, family, society and humanity at large. Continue reading School Kids’ Feelings on Motivations Behind Their School Enrollment.

Safety Measures Against Flooding.

School bus takes stress off the shoulders of parents. (credit: Istock)

Schools have resumed but these days rains are not noise makers but news maker but soon they will go on vacation (especially in Nigeria) but before then be on the alert.

Therefore if you feel your home is safer for your kids but your neighbourhood is vulnerable to flooding please keep them safe at home and ensure they observe safety precautions and if possible let adults be with them. And always keep in touch via calls. Continue reading Safety Measures Against Flooding.

‘Parents as Long-term Feedback Teachers.’

This boy is being exposed to lifelong lessons and one of them is – ‘the proper upbringing of a child is anchored on both parents’. (credit: independent.co.uk)

As you take your kids to school today ask them why you send them to school, in other words tell them to enlighten you on what they feel could be your reasons for sending them to school. Continue reading ‘Parents as Long-term Feedback Teachers.’

Men with Cry-Baby Partners.

Tears could be from bliss or bile. (credit: dailyamerican.com)

Many of us run our mouths anyhow and many times we do that because we don’t know the effect and impact of our words on minds and hearts. We don’t because tongue lashing doesn’t usually bring tears to eyes but sensitive people know that hearts actually cry and such tears last longer and hurt much more. Continue reading Men with Cry-Baby Partners.

Couples with Spouses with Special Challenges (Epilepsy)

Health challenges are diverse same way specialists are (credit: shutterstock.com)

According to epilepsy.com –

‘Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages.

Epilepsy means the same thing as “seizure disorders.”

Epilepsy is characterized by unpredictable seizures and can cause other health problems. Continue reading Couples with Spouses with Special Challenges (Epilepsy)

‘Workout and Calories Across Socioeconomic Divides’.

Keeping fit is smart business. (credit: social media)

Demographics of Joggers:

Middle and upper class members are joggers and in choice neighbourhoods you see them early in the morning.

I see many men, women even couples jogging together in Bodija and UI, Ibadan don’t forget academics have lodge – staff quarters which are on university campuses. Continue reading ‘Workout and Calories Across Socioeconomic Divides’.