High Blood Pressure

Measuring BPHealthcare giver attending to her patient.

Our Blood Pressure (BP) rises when we’re exerted as a result of workout, anger, fear, sex, joy … and we all experience elevated blood pressure which isn’t hypertension but when BP rises and stays up, refusing to come down over time then that points to hypertension.

BP is measured with a device called sphygmomanometer, the readings are recorded in two phases reflecting two numbers which are systolic and diastolic. Continue reading High Blood Pressure

Healthy Eating-Habits

Healthy family.

You don’t have to stop taking your favourite meals but moderacy is key in our eating habits and in life generally.

  1. Cut down on salt intake, directly and indirectly. Put away the salt cellar and reduce the salt you use in the kitchen
  2. Fill your fridge with fruits. Banana, water and golden melon, apple, African star apple (agbalumo), avocado pear, mango, orange, grape, carrot, lemon are all good for you. Remember to always wash your fruits with potable water.
  3. Take your salad once in a while without applying  cream or apply sparingly. Don’t overcook or over wash your vegetables.
  4. Take enough fruits and vegetables regularly: they’re extremely good for you for they contain fibre, vitamins, minerals … even water. They are your heart and health’s best friends and indispensable companions.
  5. Take beans, fresh fish, whole grain meals (whole wheat bread …) they’ve high fibre content.
  6. Substituting your favourite meals for variety of fruits once in a while at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table. Remember to reduce red meats or go for lean meat.
  7. Space the time interval between eat and sleep and abstain from taking heavy meals at night.
  8. Learn to relax while eating. Savour, relish your meals: don’t rush your meals as a routine or out of necessity.


Optimistic coupleHappy couple.

  1. They boost your immune system, sharpen your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, induce your self-esteem and enhance your productivity.
    2. They make you love and appreciate life.
    3. You become a better employer or employee.
    4. You become a better spouse and parent.
    5. You become a better citizen.
    6. You see your challenges as bosom friends.
    7. You see your success as invitation to more success.
    8. You derive pleasure and fulfilment in little things.
    9. Your overall health is bolstered supporting holistic health.
    10. You become more loyal to your God.