Variables that Could Trigger Sudden Importunate Sexual Demands from Your Partner.

Sex is sensually binding and refreshing. (Pic source: shutterstock)

Sex is a natural form of exercise which releases bliss, induces health, self-esteem, bonding …. Therefore in times of stress be available sex to your partner.

Giving him sex when he’s down is sympathy but finding lasting solution to the underlying issue is empathy. Continue reading Variables that Could Trigger Sudden Importunate Sexual Demands from Your Partner.

Priceless Beauty Formula.

American Singer cum songwriter Alicia Keys. (Pic source: pinterest)

The key to sound health is gratitude! Don’t take life too serious, add fun to life; life to love.

Love life and she will love you right back!

Behaving like a girl makes your mind stay young and your body ageless.

Honey your passion, learn to smile and once in a while reduce the woman in you and give breath to the girl stocked in you. Continue reading Priceless Beauty Formula.

Conduct Before Condoms.

Nollywood actress Tonto Dike with her legal but estranged hubby Oladunni Churchill.

Condoms will protect you and your partner from STIs and unintended pregnancy but only if you protect yourself by observing all the instructions associated with its healthy use.

The higher your sex partners the higher your vulnerability to STIs. We all have our unique behaviours which include sex and different people have different behaviours and expectations in love and life.  Continue reading Conduct Before Condoms.

The David-Goliath Phenomena in Life (II)

Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had a grass to grace story.

Perhaps you made Second-Class Lower (2-2) in college, in fact your 2-2 was a glorified Third Class because you narrowly escaped into the 2-2 category and again Let My People Access 2-2 wasn’t written on your certificate. Hallelujah! Continue reading The David-Goliath Phenomena in Life (II)

Genotype AA as Biological DNA Tests.

Sex is an experiment done in the secret but women (through baby bump) go www yeah they gossip to the Whole Wide World.

People who have AA genotype are not anxious about the genotype of their partner nor the possibility of having sickle cell babies, even if they marry an SS partner.

Men are naturally promiscuous and sometimes polygamous but the ‘smart and skilled’ ones may not end up having a polygamous family though they play many away matches. Continue reading Genotype AA as Biological DNA Tests.

Face-to-Face with Stress!

Extreme and sudden emotional state could trigger hospitalization. (Pic source: shutterstock)

If a woman  catches her husband in bed with her mother the peak yet sudden stress is unbearable and could silence her for life, send her to psychiatry home or take her to the border between heaven and earth if she faints and later revived. Betrayal stress.

Many times your system password your soul and secure your mind thereby sending solid or liquid wastes out of your body and this prevent you from fainting, dying or going bananas … (hypothesis … subject to research) Pandemonium stress. Continue reading Face-to-Face with Stress!

It’s Time to Upgrade and Update Your Sex-Life.

Lovemaking-sex is a trip in love for love and life. (Pic source:

It’s Time to Upgrade and Update Your Sex-Life is an article meant to inspire and motivate you to rebrand your sex-life as couples. Don’t forget bad things need to be transformed to good and good to better ….

Songs are remixed, books and novels revised to spice up and extend their ‘expiry dates’ therefore as couples it’s time to upgrade and update your sex-life to sack boredom from your bedroom. Continue reading It’s Time to Upgrade and Update Your Sex-Life.

Life Issues in Love Matters.

Disappointments in love many times cause internal and visible scars. (Pic source:

Surprised by the countenance of the man in the image? Alas, his upset looks is a symptom of his riotous emotions. He had chased his sweetheart for  2 years, won her heart only to be disappointed when he found out she was AS, his exact genotype – which shows they are compatible BUT very i-n-c-o-m-p-a-t-i-b-l-e medically. Continue reading Life Issues in Love Matters.

‘Be Wary of Foe-Friends!’

Perhaps nothing is actually a taboo when observed in moderation. (Pic source: SurkovDimitri/iStock/Getty Images)

Friends who are foes in the real sense are very dangerous unlike the enemies we know. We can distance ourselves from enemies but enemies in disguise are poisonous, even much more than the black mamba. 

Enemies are not always animate they could be inanimate yeah lifestyle – perhaps your favourite drinks, snacks …  hobbies, habits. Continue reading ‘Be Wary of Foe-Friends!’

Water Therapy.

Water is as essential as the air we breathe. (Pic source:

Healthcare givers advise us to drink lots of water everyday. However we’re not told to go overboard by ingesting too much – in fact too much of water could be likened to dialing the mobile lines of death.

Water is cleansing, a ubiquitous and cheap commodity which doubles as therapy. Now just as we use water in cleaning – dishes, clothes, ditches, cars, floors, teeth and our bodies … it does similarly in our system. Continue reading Water Therapy.