Stress From Another Angle.

stress-reliefRelaxation Time.

If you’re a habitual nail eater which was an initial coping strategy when stress dials your number but lo and behold your nails are matriculating and graduating without you deliberately trying to stop the habit, alas I see stress playing hide-and-seek with you. Conversely if you don’t nail-bite but suddenly starts, stress might be hiding behind your new found habit. Continue reading Stress From Another Angle.

In Times Like These

courageCure delay-stress with courage.

What do we do in times like these?

Admission delay – waiting to gain admission to college.

Job delay – frustrating unemployed status.

Marital delay – endless wait for a spouse.

Child delay – primary/secondary infertility.

Promotion delay – you’re stale and in fact stinking on that seat.

Love delay – yeah lovelorn. You’ve done your best but she refused to come nest – after months maybe years of asking her out but you knew she was meant for you. Continue reading In Times Like These