Play Safe in Love for Life.

The wedding of Ibinabo Fiberesima and Uche Egbuka (social media)

Yeah Uche was an island surrounded by pretty women – ebony, fair and chocolate but he knows it’s a taboo to leave the island, his land (Ibinabo) and swim into the sea – that’s extramarital affair, infidelity, betrayal ….

In reality sex is swimming in the sea and one could drown if one is devoid of tools and/or skills – life jacket and ability to swim. Continue reading Play Safe in Love for Life.

Error of Omission and Commission in our Relationships.

Friendship is bliss if its rules are strictly observed. Pic source: (

Error of omission and commission highlights the fact that science many times is vacant in what we publish via word-of-mouth but God the one who manufactured our biological printing press want us to be honest and sincere. Truth. And incidentally this is the same cause science is championing … thereby making life better, safer and saner. Continue reading Error of Omission and Commission in our Relationships.

Psychologists as Human Soft-ware Engineers.

Psychologists are specialists with diverse portfolio. (Pic source:

Psychologists are biological soft-ware engineers better still specialists while many other healthcare givers – doctors, nurses, physiotherapists … are hard-ware specialists.

Psychologists can help format your corrupt minds which are products of abuse, indoctrination ….

Don’t combat that stressful life situation alone see specialists, consult psychologists. Continue reading Psychologists as Human Soft-ware Engineers.

Planning the Trip, Pregnancy, Delivery and Motherhood. (PDM)

Pop Icon Janet Jackson with her sensational baby bump (Pic source: Youtube).

If Adam and Eve had not disobeyed God, women would access labour-room like the convenience and painlessly deliver of their babies like solid wastes being deported from our systems.

Sex is pleasurable but labour painful I guess that buttress the ideology of life having two sides.

Most women deliver of their babies in health facilities but some women experience labour and put to bed in their homes, some in the market, some in public vehicles and interestingly some weeks back Richard Quest reported the news of a woman who put to bed right there in the plane. Continue reading Planning the Trip, Pregnancy, Delivery and Motherhood. (PDM)

The Culture of Nature.

Nollywood A-lister Rita Dominic.

Rita without makeup is sweet naturally and after the miner(s) called makeup artist(s) had worked on her she came out sparkling, her resources refined and enhanced.

The culture of nature highlights the fact that nature is beautiful because God is perfect. He gave us peace and bliss free-of-charge. If you feel good inside, believe me it will reflect on the outside and gratitude is the password to feeling good all ways, always!

Research is reviewing what someone somewhere had done in time past or an extension of what wasn’t done!

(more pics and info if you process) Continue reading The Culture of Nature.

Love at First Sight!

This is love at first sight. (Pic source:

A mum falls in love with her baby at first sight some people also believe there’s love at first sight especially those who have experienced the phenomenon.

Now to many 2017 is love at first sight but it could be gratitude at last sight as well and what you do between January 1 and December 31 would determine that. Continue reading Love at First Sight!

Your Life as Microcosm of Life.

Cropped view of a married man's hands as he removes his wedding ring
The value of life is premised on how you value your life.

The way you view your life is the way you view life and what’s topmost on your mind is uppermost in life. What are you preoccupied with?

If you’re looking for accommodation you’ll see and contact many estate agents and see many vacant apartments so much so that you will feel houses outnumber people and wonder why there’s insufficient residential houses. Continue reading Your Life as Microcosm of Life.

Church not C-h-u-r-c-h!

churchChurch-going habit is good, great.

‘Church not C-h-u-r-c-h’ highlights the fact that church membership and attendance are nothing if we refused to imbibe Godly virtues but everything if we practice what the Bible preaches.

Nigeria is a highly religious nation yet her people are specialists in corruption and diverse atrocities. If we access God’s house regularly we’re likely to encounter God, His mercy, blessings and miracles. Continue reading Church not C-h-u-r-c-h!

The Magic of Body Contact.

hugs-and-kissesPecks, hugs and Kisses have lorry-load of explicit and implicit messages. (Pic: Madame Noire)

Body contact – hugs, kisses, pecks are little big things in relationships. They clean and cleanse your love, refresh your mind and ventilate your hearts.

Sex is demanding and may not be regular in marriage but these little giants are big insurance to your relationship.

Fast and smooth! They don’t exhaust your energy nor expend your time so you’re good to go!
Continue reading The Magic of Body Contact.