Bedtime Café (Your Partner’s Patterns in Bed).

Romance buried 30 feet beneath the surface in many men, roar and erupt in bed when the menu is sex; same way the sleeping affection, snoring respect in women shout when salary screams – yes at month-end.

People have diverse bed-habits – many of which they are unconscious of which range from sleep-walking to sleep-talking, snoring and the like.  

Some people snore big time and a man or woman who has partner with such pattern may spend more time counting sheep than courting sleep but many times this doesn’t last, for in the long run they get accustomed to it and the snore may even turn to R&B sound that seduces your hearts, shut your eyes and send you to sleep island. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Your Partner’s Patterns in Bed).

Bedtime Café.

Sleep is life – yeah health and wellness. (credit: social media)

In all honesty I’m not a big client of sleep which makes her my creditor but because I know her wholesomeness I always try to make sure I subscribe and patronize her adequately and I’m improving, are you?

Sweet dreams and tender night’s rest to you all.

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Rationalization as Psychological Pain Reliever.

We take pain relievers to contain our physical pains and aches but we also take psychological pain relievers to contain our emotional stress and pains.

These psychological pain relievers are called ego defense mechanism in Psychology and they are many – sublimation, reaction formation, repression, projection, rationalization, displacement ….

Mr. Bill sacks his secretary, Jill no thanks to her low performance on the job and high performance at idle talk and office gossips. Continue reading Rationalization as Psychological Pain Reliever.

The Attitude of Counting Your Blessings.

‘Counting your blessings,’ starts with realizing your blessings. (image:

You’ve got many reasons to thank God but if you focus more on your challenges they will swallow your testimonies, exhaust your energy, engulf your bliss and future blessings, and turn you to an ingrate.

Interestingly ingrates don’t enjoy love and life. They want more and more but in life you can’t always have your ways – you get some, you lose some. Continue reading The Attitude of Counting Your Blessings.

Feedback in Intimacy.

Ghanaian media personality Belinda Addardey (aka Berla Mundi)

@ image above: when your wifey doubles as your mummy and gestures to you to come relish her meals … she’s done her part, yours is to show gratitude by sending 6-feet into your tummy.

Rejecting or not eating your wife’s meal is the biggest crime in love not punishable by law. Continue reading Feedback in Intimacy.

Type C Men

Romantic men cook once in a while for their partners but it could be the habit of Type C men and the motivation is money.

Type C: these men are lazy, have low self-esteem, shameless and opportunists of note who could become pickpockets, thieves et al, but the fact that fraudsters, criminals work and use their brains – negatively though, men in this class are not given to full-scale crime.

Crime is evil, inhumanity so please say no to it.

Idle hands, devil’s workshop! Since they are indolent they mutate to neighbourhood gossips, unemployed neighbourhood vigilante and may eventually become dependents on family, relatives, siblings maybe wife or on someone else. Continue reading Type C Men

Type B Men

Shopping adds fun and warmth to birthdays. Man. United forward Anthony Martial on a shopping spree with wife Samantha on her birthday.

Type B: these men are passionate about work but cherish family and family time. They work but are smart enough to maintain healthy (maybe near-healthy) balance between work and family.

They are available during the holidays, remember their loved-ones’ special days and celebrate same with them. They go on vacations with their families, have time for shopping, celebrate festive occasions with their loved-ones and are wonderful husbands and dads. Continue reading Type B Men

3 Types of Men. (Type A)

Type A workaholics have and live just one life – work. (image source: shutterstock)

There are three types of men based on their personalities.

Type A: These men work and make their money and are passionate about their jobs – but they go overboard by working, working and working to the detriment of their health and family. Their job is the air they breathe, the food they eat, the bed they sleep and many times their family bear the brunt. The wife is disillusioned, the children are dissatisfied. Continue reading 3 Types of Men. (Type A)

Church Profiles ‘Awesome and Divine Encounter’.

The queen has tasted God in church and glad to take the blessings home.

‘Awesome Experience’ defines church so update and upgrade your heart and mind to enjoy. Passion for church and religion is ‘religious’ but passion for God is ‘godly!’ Please note the difference.

Motor mechanics have their tools same with architects, makeup artists, dentists, engineers, fashion designers … now you need the tool called faith to tap and enjoy God’s infinite blessings.

More pics ahead …
Continue reading Church Profiles ‘Awesome and Divine Encounter’.

‘Health as Wreath and Wealth.’

Owambe is possible only in health.

Health (after illness) of a family member is wreath in numbers to all members.

And wreath is bliss, peace, fun, gratitude, health … and all these trigger productivity which is wealth!

When a family member is under the weather it’s stress for all which could trigger ill-health overtime.

We thank God for sparing the life and limbs of the first son Yusuf Buhari.
Continue reading ‘Health as Wreath and Wealth.’