The Power of the Mind.

2017 Mr. Ugly, Zimbabwe (pic source: social media)

When I first accessed William Masvinu on social media I was like “He’s not bad how come he’s won Mr. Ugly (Zimbabwe) for about three times?”

William of course is a celeb and his fame, fortune … is evolving and believe me those variables would suffocate the label ‘ugly’ hovering over him. In fact ‘Mr. Ugly’ will add to him rather than diminish him. He lost the crown last year and won it back this year. Can’t wait to see him in movies.

He pontificated, “No one can dispute that I am the ugliest person in Zimbabwe,” he was quoted after winning the title. “I now want to take my ugliness outside the country. If there is Mr Ugly World, I am confident I will bring the crown to Zimbabwe.”

What a noble cause, great project to facilitate self-love, confidence …. Continue reading The Power of the Mind.

‘Your Ex and Next Matter a lot’.

Actors, Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke. Good times shared as friends or lovers is like Christmas the memories come and go (credit: NaijaLoaded)

‘Your Ex and Next Matter a lot’ admonishes us on the need to thread the path of love with caution.

Don’t burn your ex; the fire could boil your ‘next’!

When a man and a woman meet and fall in love it’s not bad celebrating your love on social media if you both are convinced that it will add to your union.

However, if it never works out in the end, remember the good times you shared, your friendship and camaraderie and respect all that. 

Tearing yourself apart on social media will afflict your ex and affect your ‘next’ don’t premise your next relationship on permutations – “Would (s)he do the same thing to me if our relationship failed in the end?” Continue reading ‘Your Ex and Next Matter a lot’.

Priceless Life Lessons.

The behaviours of leaders while in office define them when out of same. (credit: social media).

The life we live on earth is part I and part II continues in heaven.

I’m sure virtually all of us had watched one movie or the other which ended unceremoniously and we affirm that there must be part II … many events in life are like that.

Generally life may not have ended but lives of individuals end on a daily basis and what next after death?

Life is full of stress yet we all want to live long here but death is so peaceful yet it triggers loads and lots of anxiety in us – irony of life! Continue reading Priceless Life Lessons.

Life’s One Step at a Time (Love Mode).

Couple Harry-Meghan. (credit: Getty)

When a man meets a woman he likes he goes on ‘wooing’ mission to get the attention of the lady so they can start dating.

The mission was wooing, the vision, dating!

The mission called dating:

The mission is dating the vision courtship. You embark on dating to embrace courtship and one step at a time makes you make a success out of your dating but if you focus on marriage while dating thereby ignoring the next level (courtship) you may not experience engagement. Continue reading Life’s One Step at a Time (Love Mode).

The Art Called Hats.

Pastor Folu Adeboye (Mummy GO) in cream-colured hat. (pic:

Hats are fashion items and fashion is a lifestyle that reflects our personalities – believes, tastes, ideology … and of course fashion (clothing) like food and shelter is indispensable.

Women are supposed to cover their hair in church as instructed in the Bible and I hope those championing the cause of equality would respect the Holy books and not begin to rebel and revolt against this divine doctrine? The fight against inequality is a great cause but not applicable in all contexts!

(more pics and info ahead)
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Sunday Inspiration (Sourced from the Odukoyas)

First Family @ Fountain of Life Bible Church, Ilupeju Lagos. (Instagram)

The Odukoyas: Pastors Taiwo and Nomthi Odukoya ushering you into a beautiful, colourful Sunday.

7 years + ago South-Africa (via Nomthi) and Nigeria (through Taiwo) said ‘I do’ and the ‘I do’ has been wonderful and may it continue to be beautiful.

(more pics ahead) Continue reading Sunday Inspiration (Sourced from the Odukoyas)

Sadist Spouse on the Spotlight.

Beware of a spouse who source pleasure in being your stressor.

Sadists are people who source pleasure from the pains of others which makes them delight in hurting and inflicting pains on people. It could be emotional, physical, sexual, social … in a nutshell pains of others are undoubtedly their gains.

However, in reality sadists express their hate, bad blood, jealousy … not to all but a particular person or individuals at close contact which could be biological and/or physical contact. The proximity makes their negative impact massively felt by the innocent recipient.  

But sadism is an offshoot of hate and if it’s a man (husband) that is afflicted with this malady he’s likely to target and inflict pains on his wife by abusing her economically, mentally, socially and even spiritually.

If it’s the woman she’d turn her home to hell and make her hubby feel the fire of hell while on earth. She would likely deny him sex and when he dates another woman outside, she blackmails him, fights off his mistress(es) embarrass him in public and may even go as far as reporting him to his boss … may start dating his boss to peak his (hubby) anxiety, raise his blood pressure and possibly get him sacked or retired unceremoniously. Continue reading Sadist Spouse on the Spotlight.

Round the World. (II)

Love is a continuum: dating, courtship, wedding, babies, anniversaries, kids birthdays. (social media)

Couple Mariam-Musa in Jigawa, Nigeria

Mariam, heavily pregnant woke her husband Musa up at 5:00am and said to him

“Darling, how time flies so it’s 11 months already that we got married … anyway it shows I’m enjoying this union. Yeah, I married my best friend. Now darling you know I love you so much and I don’t want that love to subside in anyway whatsoever rather than come down I want it to peak so please don’t marry another wife … I’m enough for you, believe me I’ll be your mum, wife, sister, friend and colleague … I’ll take good care of you … believe me I’ll do my best for you!” Continue reading Round the World. (II)

Round the World (Intimacy mode).

Love and intimacy tastes better with resources. (pic source:

‘Round the world’ mirror issues combating love and intimacy around the world:

Couple Jack-Ashley in Manhattan, USA

Ashley says she was divorcing her hubby, Jack for his extra-marital affairs.

Let’s hear her mind, “Jack it appears your mind is below your belt and not upstairs in your head and to this end I want to give you a break. I’ve been booed but I’m not a fool so I’ll leave you and your tool to access unlimited freedom change, your title from mild to wild in the kingdoms of extramarital affairs and sex … and you alone will definitely bear the brunt. You’ll hear from my lawyers pretty soon.” Continue reading Round the World (Intimacy mode).