Bedtime Café (That Painful Goodnight)

Nollywood actress Aisha Abimbola Musa. (credit: Instagram/Aisha Abimbola)

We go to bed at night with the hope to rise at dawn but there comes a night our bed will wait patiently to cuddle, cradle us but we’ll disappoint her for our bed had changed.

Womb to tomb is a journey – short or very short for some, average for some, long or very long for some, but not how long but how well and long or short we’ll bid the world farewell someday. Continue reading Bedtime Café (That Painful Goodnight)

The Humanity in Haifa Beseisso.

Haifa Beiseisso vlogger, travel and fashion enthusiast, Youtube sensation and First Lady @ Fly with Hiafa

Born and bred in Dubai (UAE) … Haifa left her 9 to 5 job to pursue her passion – travelling and publishing the world, learning and preaching the messages of love, community and humanity.

She’s an encyclopedia of travels and tours having visited over 24 countries across the globe and of course counting and her travelogue is sure intimidating. Continue reading The Humanity in Haifa Beseisso.

When Time No Longer Flies.

Disappointment at times is accompanied by sight and sound drama of mogbe (hand on head gesture) and ah (exclamation). (credit: social media)

When time no longer flies then someone somewhere is experiencing pressures and that’s injuries to time.

To an ideal Muslim and Muslimah observing Ramadan fast time is v-e-r-y s-l-o-w so much so that sick and heavily-pregnant chameleon overtakes time and breast the tape long before her.

But nothing changes about the variable called time to ‘ajosans’ and Islamic clerics and other Islamic faithfuls who are old and ace soldiers in fasting. Continue reading When Time No Longer Flies.

‘Has the Sun Gone to Sleep?’

We switch off our lamps, bulb etc but the sun runs, burns 24/7 (credit: social media)

Some countries are in the daytime right now and hence enjoying sunshine – talk of Canada (4:23 pm Friday afternoon: 05/18/18), same with New York (US); Australia (6:23am Saturday morning), New Zealand (8:23am Saturday morning) … which means that when you’re not enjoying solar energy some countries and peoples are and when you’re some are not.

The sun doesn’t sleep. Continue reading ‘Has the Sun Gone to Sleep?’

Religion as School and Instructions.

Religion has its reserved and deserved place in fashion.

Religion is a school and the course materials consist of the Holy Books of each institution (religion) including rosary and other accessories.

You learn about God – the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent phenomenal being in and beyond life.

You also learn humanity and many positive virtues – tolerance, understanding, wisdom, love, patience, diligence ….

More pics ahead Continue reading Religion as School and Instructions.

In Retrospect.

Food is a very essential part of life that humanity can’t do without. ( credit: REUTERS/Amr Alfiky – RTS18IK6)

We take many things in life for granted until circumstances deprive us of them … as Ramadan begins tomorrow many Muslims who had hitherto seen food and access to same, as the norm and no big deal will suddenly realize that food is a luxury item they had been taking for granted for long.

In the same vein students in the middle of exams see sleep as luxury just as Christians who fast religiously during the Lenten season see food as gold. Continue reading In Retrospect.

Bae That Rings Bell.

Critically-acclaimed Pop star David Adeleke (Davido) with his bae and partner Chioma Avril.

Many say a man can’t, won’t change because of a woman but a woman can make a man change because she’s the key made for his keyhole and when this key enter its keyhole it’s ‘oh, so wonderful’. 

There are many men people had closed their case-file on marriage because the boys in them won’t allow the man to breathe and so they go chasing skirts uptown, downtown, offline, online but the day such meets his princess loading … queen the puzzles start making sense. Continue reading Bae That Rings Bell.

Lessons From Bible Stories.

Senior couples are inspiration and motivation to young couples. (credit: pinterest)

Bad births Evil:

If someone does bad to another, to hide the bad he might commit evil … and that’s what Biblical David did to Uriah.

He first slept with his wife who got pregnant in the process and to hide the truth he recalled the poor man from war and wanted him to sleep with his wife so that his (David’s) child could be tied on the neck of Uriah and filed under him but the latter never did. Continue reading Lessons From Bible Stories.