When Posterity is the Vision.

The senior citizens of today were announced to the world with baby bumps yesterday. (credit: dreamstime)

Today’s baby bumps deserve and desire to be senior citizens tomorrow.

Posterity is the vision and the mission is to provide security, unity, amity, prosperity and serenity and they all partner to preserve the future for humanity – Posterity.
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Humanity as God’s Vessels.

Clerics are God’s vessels amongst His vessels. (credit: wikipedia)

As Christians phenomenal and inspirational stories; and Bible characters: heroes, traitors … didn’t end in the Bible because God is pre-Bible, Bible and post-Bible era, times and many of them are happening in our contemporary world.

Now if you believe the stories and characters documented in the Bible which happened behind you and you disbelieve those happening in your era and presence then your beliefs are questionable. Continue reading Humanity as God’s Vessels.

Church as Humans.

Churches are not necessarily buildings but peoples building fellowship with God. (credit: aldomurillo/Getty Images)

Church isn’t a physical structure but biological and that’s why churches are not necessarily buildings.

Many campus undergraduates fellowship on open fields and it’s church; as a pastor if people gather in your home on Sundays to worship your home becomes a church until you move to a rented facility or your church’s building.    Continue reading Church as Humans.

The Three-Artist Partnership.

Our model is a purple bride.

The first and last artist is God as well as the ultimate artist.

He designed the model who doubles as bride; He also painted the fashion designer and makeup artist that clothed and packaged the model.

We can see the arts of the ultimate artist and the two other artists – makeup artist and fashion designer. Continue reading The Three-Artist Partnership.

Pray for Your Society.

Prayer is divine communication and much more. (credit: social media)

Today is Friday and Muslims the world over will be going to Mosques to commune with God, may God answer our petitions.

Whatever your religion please pray for our leaders and note the contents of those prayers, to partake and be part as a player. In other words practise as an individual especially those of us in Africa. Continue reading Pray for Your Society.

Religions as Humans.

Love like life has two sides – the colourful side and the black and white and both complete and complement each other. (credit: madphotoanddesign.com)

Our interests, dreams and desires go everywhere we go and many times they influence our perceptions, opinions and decisions.

When members of one religion are celebrating their festive occasions public holidays are granted to all and we all rejoice and embrace without complaining. Continue reading Religions as Humans.

God as a Resident on Earth.

Prayers are diverse – we observe some, but smiles pasted on a face(s) are prayers that we’re unaware of. (credit: social media)

Actions speak louder than words they say; if you love your family it will reflect in how you treat your family members and if you love humanity it’ll reflect on how you relate with members of the global community.

Now scales for measuring the former is the latter Continue reading God as a Resident on Earth.