“The Ungrateful Cock!’

‘Adiye abolorun’ hiding from his bullies.

Adiye abolorun (chicken with no feathers on its neck) was bullied and taunted many times by other chickens in their kingdom.

He got fed up and decided to see and speak with God before committing suicide so he climbed the highest mountain to be in proximity with His maker and finally voiced his grievances, Continue reading “The Ungrateful Cock!’

Dignity in Labour.

Give us today our daily bread‘ but hey the predator was neither lying nor snoring in bed, it set out for its bread.

Whether you’re literate or unlettered find something worthwhile to invest your time in; contribute your quota to the economy of your nation.

Get involved but don’t venture into something you won’t be proud of, so make money the legitimate way! Continue reading Dignity in Labour.

Towel Palaver.

Towel is indoors and fashion without fuss. (credit: social media)

Toye detests towel but many wonder why until his roommate, Adamu asked him why?

“Why should I take my bath, clean, clear my body of dirt and then rub in dirt again? Childish right? Now if I can’t wash my towel every other day then it’s unfit to dry my wet, clean body!” Toye finalized! Continue reading Towel Palaver.

Sunday Sermon (From the Sarakis).

The Bukola Sarakis. (credit: social media)

Literally divorce means difference(s) which we term ‘irreconcilable’ but when a marriage and home has religious differences but the major players (couples) remain one and in love from ‘I do,’ to date then religion isn’t a dichotomy but it does in the outside world because we fail to know that God is love and He’s God of all! And love cures hate and conquers all! Continue reading Sunday Sermon (From the Sarakis).

Dreams, Desires and Expectations.

American model, actress and TV personality Kenya Moore (47) with Cynthia Bailey cradling her baby. (Instagram)

Whether you’re Dean, Ego or Diego you’ve got dreams, desires as well as expectations and the bridge that connects our ideal self to real self is fulfilled dreams. Continue reading Dreams, Desires and Expectations.

The Gary Skinners (First Family @ Watoto Church).

Watoto Church founders – the Gary Skinners.

Watoto Church, which used to be known as Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC) is a cell-based church organization, headquartered in Kampla, Uganda.

The Gary Skinners are ministers of God and notable philanthropists advancing the cause of the downtrodden – children, women … with the platform Watoto Child Care Ministries and religiously propagating the gospel via help and support to other churches, ministers and humanitarian projects …. Continue reading The Gary Skinners (First Family @ Watoto Church).