Surrogacy on the Spotlight.

Kim and Kan West baby’s surrogate mum Credit: AMI/Coleman-Raynern.

Surrogacy defines a medical condition whereby a woman carries the biological baby of another and delivers of after successful gestation.

Surrogacy was hitherto a contraption to medical science but interestingly it happened over 2000 years ago when Mary conceived Jesus and delivered of him in the manger.

Holy Mary was the surrogate mum of Jesus just as the woman (pictured above) will be the surrogate mum of the Kanye Wests’ baby.

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Gratitude and Grace.

Gratitude attracts God’s grace. (credit: social media)

Many people see and say ‘grace is unmerited favour,’ now may God shower on you His grace.

His mercy is deep enough to engulf humanity so remind Him … with your gratitude and good deeds and He’ll remember to dip you in his mercy.

Have a safe and sweet Christmas and Happy Sunday to you all!

The Beauty Called Ebony.

Ebony suits biological-white; fits fashion-white. {@ White Veil, Sabali Fashion House}

Ebony is dark complexion and white and black are best of friends and perfect partners. Ebony flirts with and flaunt the natural (biological) white peculiar to humans.

White becomes whiter if the carrier is ebony-skinned. So? Teeth turn snow-white and smiles become appealing, interesting.

Purity and beauty sashay out of eyes, and white outfit comes out sparkling! Continue reading The Beauty Called Ebony.

Pastor Ramsey Nouah.

‘Pastor’ Ramsey Nouah. credit: social media.

Nollywood actor Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah seamlessly and expertly plays the role of clerics in make-believe now if it was sign of divine calling and he becomes a cleric in real life, picture him on the pulpit.

Charming, charismatic, enigmatic … full of anointing, would he be branded ‘love pastor’ maybe ‘prosperity-pastor? … based on his portfolio!

Happy Sunday to you all!

Real Self vs Ideal Self.

Nollywood or true-life, our world is full of events but learning curve blesses with hindsight. (credit: Youtube)

Many people suffer psychological malady because of the gulf between real self and ideal self.

Now your real self is who, what and where you are right now and your ideal self is where you ought to be however many people torture and torment themselves needlessly because the gap between both phenomena isn’t much yet they broaden inappropriately.

A man who had high school education no special skills, for he failed to discover himself, no vocational skills, yet lazy … and sees his friend back in the day in SUV (2017 model) and begins to lament, is deceiving himself. Continue reading Real Self vs Ideal Self.

Beneath the Surface (II).

Hustlers define all but its got grades and levels. (credit: social media)

Ifa is a Yoruba (ethnic group in southwest Nigeria) word which means freebies, discounts, promos … ifa has another meaning and it’s oracle. Now ‘Onifade’ is a typical surname amongst Yorubas and it means the oracle is here while ‘Onifade’ means ‘lover of freebies is here’.

There’s a word in Yoruba called arojinle it means deep thinking in other words thinking outside the box, viewing an event from multiple perspectives … cognition devoid of sentiments, prejudice …. Continue reading Beneath the Surface (II).

Beneath the Surface.

Ali Nuhu, Nollywood-cum-Kannywood actor (credit: social media)

It’s December and the weather was (is) unusually cold around this period in Nigeria so Mallam Tafida says to his driver, “Abubakar ideally southwest is not as hot as north in the daytime but north is colder at night which means the cold here could be worse-off at night. I detest cold and I’ll be leaving Bauchi for Lagos this evening to enjoy a warmer evening and better night’s rest.”

Abubakar heard him but thought he didn’t for it was ridiculous, ludicrous more like hearing a hen saying ‘Merry Christmas’, so he asked his boss what he said for clarification and Tafida voiced again. 

Now Abubakar was sure he heard him well and retorted, “But sir there are many ways to successfully fight cold at night, you’ve got money so you’ve got options and besides hajia is here in Bauchi you’ve got none in Lagos.” Tafida regarded him with cold yet hot eyes and hissed. Continue reading Beneath the Surface.

‘One Fashion Item Two Ideas!’

Head-warmer wards off cold keeping you warm and active. (pic credit:

Many Nigerians are feeling the cold of harmattan at the moment; not new after all it’s December and Christmas is synonymous with harmattan-cold.

Where harmattan goes, lip gloss, head-warmer, sweater, hot water bag, steaming tea … all follow. Many Nigerians love head-warmer and actually wear while many more cherish the fashion item but are wary because of the label associated with people who wear same.

Many in Nigeria perceive a lady or woman in head warmer as queen but a man in same is seen as rogue, how engaging! Continue reading ‘One Fashion Item Two Ideas!’

The Power of the Mind.

2017 Mr. Ugly, Zimbabwe (pic source: social media)

When I first accessed William Masvinu on social media I was like “He’s not bad how come he’s won Mr. Ugly (Zimbabwe) for about three times?”

William of course is a celeb and his fame, fortune … is evolving and believe me those variables would suffocate the label ‘ugly’ hovering over him. In fact ‘Mr. Ugly’ will add to him rather than diminish him. He lost the crown last year and won it back this year. Can’t wait to see him in movies.

He pontificated, “No one can dispute that I am the ugliest person in Zimbabwe,” he was quoted after winning the title. “I now want to take my ugliness outside the country. If there is Mr Ugly World, I am confident I will bring the crown to Zimbabwe.”

What a noble cause, great project to facilitate self-love, confidence …. Continue reading The Power of the Mind.