Man’s Inhumanity to Man (Children version)

True love births peace and bliss (Pic source: social media)

Man’s inhumanity to man could come from a child to either of his parents. Few days ago an 18-year-old man, Agugu Adau in Plateau State, Nigeria was alleged to have murdered his mother over ‘disappearance charm,’ which was bequeathed to him by his late father but which his mother threatened to throw into the river … according to the suspect. How terrible! Continue reading Man’s Inhumanity to Man (Children version)

Man’s Inhumanity to Man (Parents Version)

Poverty and illiteracy are criminals in baby factories but some people gladly, proudly and deliberately inflict pains on others. (Pic source: social media)

The story of a Nigerian man (Abraham Moses Udoh) who allegedly sold his 2-year-old son for #150,000 made news some days back. So sad!

Men are aggressive, rugged and physical but women are spiritual and assertive. The media is awash with stories of men who unlawfully had the carnal knowledge of their daughters. Continue reading Man’s Inhumanity to Man (Parents Version)

Life of Thorns and Roses.

Legendary leader late Nelson Madiba Mandela.

My favourite quote:

Big minds distil big dreams; big dreams attract big problems and big problems birth great men.

27 years in prison is like stealing a man’s youth, resources, power, influence, affluence so what’s left? Hmmm ironically phenomenal success and achievements!

(more pics and info if you click) Continue reading Life of Thorns and Roses.

Your Deeds, Scent or Stench?

The Paul Adefarasins of House on the Rock Church.

‘Your Deeds, Scent or Stench?’ is an article that x-rays the impact of your actions and inactions (deeds) on your eternity.

Now your religion is the colour of your heart and your deeds, the flavour.

God can perceive and is passionate about the flavour of your heart and less concerned about its colour.

Your deeds could be scent or stench but above all God examines your heart (the motivations behind your actions and inactions)

Happy Sunday!

Misguided Ideologies in our Societies.

3-in-1 Baby Shower Event organized by Alfa Showers, Abuja. (Pic source: Instagram)

Events, as well as well-wishers come and go and the celebrants retreat into their shell to lead their normal day-to-day lifestyles.

Oh, events are nice, after all they are by-products of success and achievements but when we focus more on the tip of the ice-berg which is visible and accessible to all but ignore the main thing (iceberg beneath) then bag of ice may secure accommodation in our hearts – don’t forget our hearts need warmth not cold which bites big! Continue reading Misguided Ideologies in our Societies.

Religions as Political Parties.

The contents (not colour) of your heart will make or break your eternity. (Pic source: pinterest)

Your religion is your political party; God is less concerned about your political associations and affiliations but your heart; little wonder He examines the heart!

No race nor religion has monopoly of wealth or poverty, health or ill-health, success or failure, heaven or hell ….

We are

The David-Goliath Phenomena in Life (I)

“Your life is the greatest teacher,” shared Oprah Winfrey during her talk at Stanford GSB. | Toni Gauthier. (Pic source:

Media personality Frank Edoho and anchor Who Wants to be a Millionaire TV Game Show, had gone for the audition of the game show when the Nigerian version was about to debut but lo and behold he had seen many ace and famous media personalities and he got panicky and almost lost hope. Continue reading The David-Goliath Phenomena in Life (I)

Face-to-Face with Stress!

Extreme and sudden emotional state could trigger hospitalization. (Pic source: shutterstock)

If a woman  catches her husband in bed with her mother the peak yet sudden stress is unbearable and could silence her for life, send her to psychiatry home or take her to the border between heaven and earth if she faints and later revived. Betrayal stress.

Many times your system password your soul and secure your mind thereby sending solid or liquid wastes out of your body and this prevent you from fainting, dying or going bananas … (hypothesis … subject to research) Pandemonium stress. Continue reading Face-to-Face with Stress!

The First Time God Disappointed Me.

Joy sprouts from the soil of gratitude taking latitude and altitude. (Pic source: pinterest)

Many years ago (now anytime I say ‘many years ago’ I mean a minimum of 10 years but this story was far l-o-n-g-e-r) a very enterprising woman (our across-the-road neighbour) in my suburban estate back in the day, gave me a live chick (native chick) which I cherished so much but one of my neighbours said the chick was male and I knew there and then that the only thing that could come out of the chicken was for it to honeymoon in our pot if truly it was male and provided it lived to maturity. Continue reading The First Time God Disappointed Me.

When Home is Prison and Prison, Home.

Lawrence John Ripple. The man who made global news.

Life is so ironic that one’s man paradise is  another’s hell. Diverse people have different experiences and expectations in life.

It’s a life where a dad could feel and say (soliloquize) “Let another person get the contract and NOT my daughter,” not because the daughter was bad but because her dad was! Continue reading When Home is Prison and Prison, Home.