The Parrot Called Time.

parrotTime is a parrot it must Google and gossip.

Time will surely tell, after all the parrot in time is a chatterbox it will definitely voice!

Pick your old magazines maybe newspaper you’ll read about issues being denied or debunked but later turned out to be true!

Many celebs, socialites, politicians … who debunked various allegations of them dating someone are now married to the same person they said they never knew let alone date. Maybe it was a looming divorce … Continue reading The Parrot Called Time.

Heart of Gratitude.

maryMary Ayodele.

This is your smile when you know that God is your all-in-all!

That’s your face when awesomeness meets with wholesomeness.

Wonderful things are invisible, sometimes hidden – love, peace, joy, oxygen, gold, beautiful heart ….

Beautiful face attracts but horrible heart repels! Attitude of gratitude is universal medicine, believe me!

Beautiful faces make life beautiful but wonderful hearts make wonderful!

Mary says, Life is beautiful if your heart is!


Overconfidence or What?

OverconfidenceWhat’s the motivation behind this?

If someone tells you this how will you feel? Laugh it off, become annoyed, feel intimidated perhaps sober or thoughtful! However, I don’t stay on the surface to analyze issues I delve deep down!

Perhaps the lady loves you so much and doesn’t want to lose you and at the same time she’s got wonderful personality, nice career and good looks and she knows that you’ve got weakness for those variables! Probably he just wanted to intimidate and blackmail you into marrying him!

Maybe affluence and influence wine and dine with him 24/7; perhaps she’s extremely beautiful, polished and well read! Continue reading Overconfidence or What?

‘Vote for Energy in Africa.’

GrillCharcoal is a form of chemical energy; the food is also chemical energy.

In life we use energy to process energy and one form of energy is converted to another to power our industries, offices and homes.

Charcoal is sourced from trees – incomplete combustion of woods.

Now coal as well as natural gas and crude oil are sourced from long dead plants and animals acted upon by heat and pressure in the earth crust. Life is premised on energy and we need energy to be productive.

Energy are infrastructures, facilities, amenities, messengers, devices, tools …. Continue reading ‘Vote for Energy in Africa.’

Commendation or Condemnation?

KunleMulti-award winning filmmaker Kunle Afolayan on set.

The article beams its search light on how the outcomes of our undertakings form the basis of the version of judgment people will publish for or against us! Paraphrased the publications from people’s Printing-Press (mouths) are anchored on the results of the step we took!

Many may not instantly judge you for your actions or inactions but the outcomes of those steps you took would determine if they will commend or condemn you. Indefatigable filmmaker Kunle Afolayan (the brains behind The Figurine … Phone Swap, October 1, The CEO) left banking for filmmaking and I’m sure many who had thought the step foolish would have been waiting for negative results to tongue lash him. Continue reading Commendation or Condemnation?

Success as Journey.

Patricia-BrightPatricia Bright, renowned vlogger with her hubby and friend, Mike. (Image: Patricia Bright – Instagram)

Gestation is ideally 9-month journey and after 9 months well-wishers say ‘Congrats’ to mum and dad but that’s not the end of the journey! Nurturing, tutoring, mentoring … follow.

The highlighted event is success which is a process. Therefore success  is a journey and the destination is achievement, fulfillment!

Matriculation is success which is a process, numerous tests and exams are hurdles to cross; success to embrace. Convocation is a destination which is success but also a process and not the destination. Continue reading Success as Journey.

God, Man and Life of Energy.

Young couple drinking champagneWine supplies energy; sex burns energy! 

Wine archives chemical energy just as food and beverages. An hungry or starving man or woman will not demand sex because (s)he will burn enough energy in sex and that energy he lacks. (Pic: Getty Images) Sex is a form of exercise!

(more pics and info if you proceed) Continue reading God, Man and Life of Energy.

The Puzzle Called Life.

ironic lifeGod tends his garden – life!

The atrocity of some men in intimate relationships is that they may have another home outside their matrimonial home – secret wives and children. Of course without the knowledge of their legitimate wives but many (if not most) times the secret leaks out.

That of women is they might get pregnant for another man but keep the secret and their husbands may never suspect anything much less know the truth. The most pathetic thing about this atrocity is that the secret may never leak out.

Some men sexually assault their daughters and when the secret leaks out they usually get jailed. Some women economically abuse their children too, but how? Of course spiritually!

They prevent, slow or try to stop their progress altogether. But who will judge and jail them for this atrocity since law doesn’t subscribe to or judge supernatural phenomena?

The ultimate judge, God will take care of that! Life is an equation which God always balance!