‘Go Slow Describes Women.’

Your first lesson as a man who wants to succeed in life and love is patience. (Pic source: hitours.in)

Many men detest the long and biting wait for women to accept, embrace and reciprocate their love at the outset of their intimate relationship.

I guess slow and steady are citizens in the country peopled exclusively by women.

An ideal woman would interpret the script given to her by nature so she’s expected to play hard-to-get even if she was the one that set off the alarm in him by first showing  interest. Continue reading ‘Go Slow Describes Women.’

Memories are Immortal.

Nollywood actress Moji Olaiya of blessed memory.

Time flies, yet life is short though our path in life is full of thorns and roses, heights and lows, we laugh, we cry but no matter our pains and agonies … we don’t want to leave yet we must leave – what an irony!

Kings, celebs, clerics … everyday people are all tourists in life we come, interpret God’s script for our life and finally bow and bid the world farewell but we leave prints called memories behind. Continue reading Memories are Immortal.

Animate-Diffusion in Intimate Relationships.

Love and hate are infectious but choose the former to enjoy life. (Pic source: Pinterest)

Many things in life begins with you, yeah the person that stares back at you in the mirror. It originates in you before impacting, influencing, affecting, infecting or afflicting others.

If your partner has no or low self-esteem believe me it will affect your own self-worth. Continue reading Animate-Diffusion in Intimate Relationships.

‘ The Good Husband.’

If your bliss is your husband’s bile and your bile his bliss then there’s big fire on the mountain. (Pic source: boldsky.com)

Mr. Aromalaran was a businessman who was unusually competitive and combative and bent on making his wife (an architect with Masters Degree) irrelevant in society. He brainwashed her and prevented her from working with the excuse that he wanted her to remain a queen and model in addition to giving their children the best of education and training. Continue reading ‘ The Good Husband.’

‘The Good Wife.’

Some women by choice strip their husbands of their primary responsibility and begin to call the shots. (Pic source: the modernman.com)

Mrs. Bimbola Odunmbaku was a banker, a loving and caring wife for she could go to any length, to do anything for her husband, children and family.

Unfortunately her husband was retrenched at his place of work and in an attempt to secure a new job for him or get him reinstated she began to ‘live’ outside of her home. Continue reading ‘The Good Wife.’

‘Thorns Wine and Dine with Roses in Life.’

Life many times has got two sides: positive and negative. (social media)

Thorns and roses wine and dine together in life – heat and cold, day and night, good and bad, David and Goliath … in fact there’s an adage in Yoruba that says inu ikoko dudu leko funfun tin jade – white corn-meal comes from black pots.

Nigeria and Nigerians can’t forget Boko Haram terrorists, no thanks to their devastating impact, egregious effect on the nation … now  Lassa fever was discovered in Lassa village also in Borno state ….
Continue reading ‘Thorns Wine and Dine with Roses in Life.’

Nature and Nurture with Simi Ogunleye.

Award-winning singer cum songwriter and performing artiste Simi Ogunleye. (mybiohub.com)

Simi unarguably is blessed with one of the most beautiful voices in our contemporary world and that’s nature.

She went ahead to convert her latent talent to skills by honing her song-writing skills … voice training and the like – now that’s nurture.

Many phenomena in life are admixtures of nature and nurture and the two are compatriots in a relay race. They are like Siamese twins, that’s why I belong to the school of thought that believes geniuses are born and at the same time made.

The Other Jumoke Orisagunas on Our Streets.

World-famous Olajumoke Orisaguna (social media)

The story of Jumoke Orisaguna who transformed overnight from an itinerant bread seller to a world-famous model was sensational and one of the lessons to take home is industry.

She was at her duty post busy working. Yeah she was walking along selling bread but oblivious of the fact that fame was lurking in the corner, while fortune was prowling and the two captured and handed her over to success. Continue reading The Other Jumoke Orisagunas on Our Streets.

Play Safe in Love for Life.

The wedding of Ibinabo Fiberesima and Uche Egbuka (social media)

Yeah Uche was an island surrounded by pretty women – ebony, fair and chocolate but he knows it’s a taboo to leave the island, his land (Ibinabo) and swim into the sea – that’s extramarital affair, infidelity, betrayal ….

In reality sex is swimming in the sea and one could drown if one is devoid of tools and/or skills – life jacket and ability to swim. Continue reading Play Safe in Love for Life.