2018 Prayers II

The Soji Alabis.

To those who live in face-to-face apartments God will advance you, so much so that you don’t have to come out of your bedroom to take your bath, brush your teeth, parcel bodily wastes via WC to the soak away.

You’ll come out of your bedroom to access your living room or whatever and not the door, white but brown curtain or the hungry and angry face of your neighbour – no thanks to poverty.

God will also use you to bless that neighbour as well.

To that man or woman who must carry bucket, visit the next building to access water from their well, God will elevate you to the level where you turn the faucet in your kitchen, bathroom … and water will answer you. Continue reading 2018 Prayers II

‘Shades of Gratitude.’

Selfie with a bishop after church programme (Anna King / Northwest News Network)

Gratitude comes in diverse modes – smiles, dance, hugs, laughter, prayers, praise, self-love, humanity. Philanthropy is a form of gratitude, visiting the sick, prison inmates … sharing, caring, giving …

Many good seeds sprout from the heart of gratitude and if you can’t count your blessings you’re an ingrate and a potential tool in the hands of evil, crime, atrocity.

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Continue reading ‘Shades of Gratitude.’

Men’s Iniquity vs Women’s Atrocity (III)

Daughters her tomorrow’s mothers. RMD with his adorable daughters. (motherhoodinstyle)

Law not recognizing spiritual attacks is a form of immunity for people with negative spiritual powers but God the ultimate judge will catch up with them someday! God is the perfect judge. That person (male or female) that is ‘healthy’ to physicians yet seriously ill and they keep admitting and discharging him yet no progress could be the handy work of evil powers, by contrast the patient that presents symptoms, diagnosed and the responsible factor(s) revealed could also be battling negative forces!

Now to those who don’t believe there are evil people and negative forces operating in the spiritual realm, it’s a life of twos you know – good and bad, day and night, heat and cold, health and ill-health, heaven and hell …. Continue reading Men’s Iniquity vs Women’s Atrocity (III)

Men’s Iniquity vs Women’s Atrocity (II)

Wonderful women make life beautiful.

Eve, was the first human (woman) to have contact with the devil (serpent) interestingly Holy Mary another woman conceived and delivered of Jesus and another woman Mary the Magdalene was the first to see Jesus after his crucifixion.

A man can ‘marry’ another woman outside, get her an apartment, have kids with her without the knowledge of his legitimate wife; similarly a woman can go into extramarital affairs have kid(s) for another man and keep mute and so her hubby automatically believes he’s the biological father.

The man’s secret doesn’t last for long but the female version could especially if the biological father of the children didn’t know as well.

Many women are blessings to their family, society and humanity and some are the reverse, same with men. Continue reading Men’s Iniquity vs Women’s Atrocity (II)

Men’s Iniquity vs Women’s Atrocity.

We need many lovely couples, lively homes in our society in 2018. An assignment for you and I in 2018.

It’s December 31, the last day in 2017; though some countries are in 2018 already.

As 2017 rounds off and 2018 beckons it’s advisable you drop some habits grappling with your success maybe attitude stopping the progress, success of others and the need to evolve in love and advance in life in 2018 – the inspiration behind this article.

We highlight atrocious behaviours of both genders and the havoc it does to individuals, families, society and humanity in general and the need to say bye-bye to them as 2017 says bye-bye to us. Continue reading Men’s Iniquity vs Women’s Atrocity.

You Need Higher Knowledge.

Education refines a child and transforms him into a well-rounded adult. (credit: preschoolutahdanceartists)

At first a child sees alphabets as rocket science and his teacher genius … over time he grasps the skills and subdue his first major challenge at school.

At the outset when letters were riddles he doesn’t know letter ‘k’ but when he acquires the skills and meets with ‘knife’ in books, he  pronounces as kaynife because he understands letters but as time goes on he gets higher knowledge (further instructions) and calls it ‘knife’ don’t forget he never knew ‘letter k’ at the beginning. Continue reading You Need Higher Knowledge.

Fertility and Related Issues in Marriage (II).

Nollywood practitioner Ivie Okujaye joyfully shared the pic of her expectant status on Instagram few days back as Christmas gift to her fans.

Other opinions of family and friends to women waiting for the fruit of the womb –

A Friend’s instruction:

“… Doyin, use water to wash your ‘woman’ before sex with your hubby. The water will neutralize the acidity in you. Acids kill sperm you know!” Toyin, Doyin’s friend submitted.

A cousin’s advice:

“… Helen, my pastor says fast for 3 days and use sex to break the fast on each day!” piped Megha, Helen’s cousin. Continue reading Fertility and Related Issues in Marriage (II).