Commendation or Condemnation?

KunleMulti-award winning filmmaker Kunle Afolayan on set.

The article beams its search light on how the outcomes of our undertakings form the basis of the version of judgment people will publish for or against us! Paraphrased the publications from people’s Printing-Press (mouths) are anchored on the results of the step we took!

Many may not instantly judge you for your actions or inactions but the outcomes of those steps you took would determine if they will commend or condemn you. Indefatigable filmmaker Kunle Afolayan (the brains behind The Figurine … Phone Swap, October 1, The CEO) left banking for filmmaking and I’m sure many who had thought the step foolish would have been waiting for negative results to tongue lash him. Continue reading Commendation or Condemnation?

Success as Journey.

Patricia-BrightPatricia Bright, renowned vlogger with her hubby and friend, Mike. (Image: Patricia Bright – Instagram)

Gestation is ideally 9-month journey and after 9 months well-wishers say ‘Congrats’ to mum and dad but that’s not the end of the journey! Nurturing, tutoring, mentoring … follow.

The highlighted event is success which is a process. Therefore success  is a journey and the destination is achievement, fulfillment!

Matriculation is success which is a process, numerous tests and exams are hurdles to cross; success to embrace. Convocation is a destination which is success but also a process and not the destination. Continue reading Success as Journey.

God, Man and Life of Energy.

Young couple drinking champagneWine supplies energy; sex burns energy! 

Wine archives chemical energy just as food and beverages. An hungry or starving man or woman will not demand sex because (s)he will burn enough energy in sex and that energy he lacks. (Pic: Getty Images) Sex is a form of exercise!

(more pics and info if you proceed) Continue reading God, Man and Life of Energy.

The Puzzle Called Life.

ironic lifeGod tends his garden – life!

The atrocity of some men in intimate relationships is that they may have another home outside their matrimonial home – secret wives and children. Of course without the knowledge of their legitimate wives but many (if not most) times the secret leaks out.

That of women is they might get pregnant for another man but keep the secret and their husbands may never suspect anything much less know the truth. The most pathetic thing about this atrocity is that the secret may never leak out.

Some men sexually assault their daughters and when the secret leaks out they usually get jailed. Some women economically abuse their children too, but how? Of course spiritually!

They prevent, slow or try to stop their progress altogether. But who will judge and jail them for this atrocity since law doesn’t subscribe to or judge supernatural phenomena?

The ultimate judge, God will take care of that! Life is an equation which God always balance!

‘Means To An End.’

couple-in-bedSex often hands the baton to sleep.

Exhaustion or tiredness doesn’t correlate with sex but if you’re tired yet sleep keeps playing hard-to-get, you may not count sheep after all!

Employ sex, she will hire sleep just to work for you while she goes on vacation and believe me, sleep will labour for 6 to 8 hours nonstop!

Nonetheless calm and relaxing sex will likely do the magic!

Means to an end is what you need to do (regardless of how tasking or demanding) just to achieve your desired results.

So when you’re tired sleep tops the table of your priorities and sex comes last but life is so ironic that you could use the last (sex) to achieve the first (sleep.)

Who Says You’re Innocent!

Depressed Businessman
Until we unlearn and relearn transformation might be a mirage.

He had a grandfather (Pa. Komolafe) who was a lover of humanity and a pan Africanist to the core. Pa Komolafe instilled positive virtues in his grandson, Olaotan Kosoko who I labelled Lobatan Kosoro.

He’d visited his grandparents regularly especially during the holidays and right from childhood he became a shining light. He adored loyalty, honesty; endorsed  diligence, equity, fair play … and detested oppression, corruption and marginalization.

He disliked fairly-used things as well, for he believed he wasn’t inferior to anybody to be using his used products and often boasts that he never bought or used any okrika item. Continue reading Who Says You’re Innocent!

Self-esteem and Confidence are not for Sale!

lovers(Image: pinterest) Self-esteem is fragile yet you need it intact, healthy and active to be successful and fulfilled in life.

Give a woman beauty and give her self-esteem, self-pride and confidence; give a man money in lieu of beauty and see him turn to Mr. Confidence!

Perhaps he hitherto had low or no self-esteem, believe me his self-pride and esteem will soar sky-high. But self-pride, self-love and confidence are not bought with beauty nor money!

If you believe you’re gorgeous so are you and if you feel otherwise that’s ticket to misery but remember no man or woman can make you feel inferior except you allow their password open your mind to dump refuse therein!

Money or beauty or the lack of it shouldn’t dictate your bliss and peace in life!

Your Better-Half!

Gold key unlocking a gold lock. Isolated on white with clipping path.
Gold key unlocking a gold lock.

The Holy book says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you.”

Did you know that there’s a specific partner for you in life? Seek God concerning him or her and let God guide you on your journey in locating him or her.

Every lock has a particular key that opens it, your heart has a particular person that can open it and that person is your better-half, life-partner, bosom friend, soul-mate, associate, guardian angel.

And if you find such, wonderful things in life will be added unto you. Key understands its lock hook, line and sinker and of course they are highly compatible, perfectly matched because they are made for each other – so it is with that person made to be your life-partner. Continue reading Your Better-Half!

Clerics and Fashion Icons.

Ibidun Ighodalo IIIIbidun Ighodalo of Trinity House.

They are wives of clerics – pastors, bishops …. they are clerics as well. Of course they are blessed with beauty, brains and brawn.

They are the wonderful women supporting their husbands, complementing them, giving strengths to their weaknesses and growing the vineyard and of course they are fashion icons any day.

Nigerian comedians have ‘CV’ replete with gorgeous women (wives); Nigerian clerics are not bench-warmers in that respect as well. They were smart in perceiving beauty laced with brains and their ministries boast of pretty and wonderful women!

(more pics and info if you proceed) Continue reading Clerics and Fashion Icons.

Your Beliefs

challenge-your-beliefsYour beliefs at times could be ticking time bomb.

Your beliefs could make or mar you so what do you believe or disbelieve? Did you know that your beliefs say a lot about your personality!

Danladi Danlami was an interstate commercial bus driver who believes so much in the efficacy of the potion Baba Alakija in Ikeja gave him. Big insurance against HIV and other STIs, right?

But if the charm fails to kill spermatozoa and couldn’t stop you from getting a woman pregnant, don’t you think it may similarly fail to protect you from STIs? Continue reading Your Beliefs