Wake-up Call to Nigeria.

The Barak Obamas (Pic: Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images).

Nigeria has first class and abundant natural resources, arable lands … but her human resources find difficult to mine, refine and release for our common wealth.

In contrast Japan has minimal natural resources but her human resources are excellent – talk about sublime managerial skills, unrivalled leadership and followership, and Japan? Of course advanced and in the league of world’s wealthiest nations! Continue reading Wake-up Call to Nigeria.

Do You Know that Your Cars Eat Plants and Animals Like you?

Nigerian pop music star Dapo Oyebanjo (aka D’banj) (Instagram)

Animals, humans … are products from God’s factories while cars, bags, shoes, masts, cell phones … are products from man’s factories.

Humans use God’s products and resources to make his products which are artificial, after all he must patronize his creator, mentor, tutor, role-model. Bodies of cars are made of metals and the raw materials for metals are God’s products. Continue reading Do You Know that Your Cars Eat Plants and Animals Like you?

Meet Habiba Da Silva, Exotic Fashion and Beauty Blogger.

Habiba Da Silva is a beauty and fashion blogger, Youtube sensation and college undergraduate receiving instructions in English and Creative Writing.

Born in  Birmingham, UK she’s got Lebanese and Brazilian roots and well-travelled.

(more pics and info if you click) Continue reading Meet Habiba Da Silva, Exotic Fashion and Beauty Blogger.

Assignments for Churches.

Praise Fest, Kenya. (praisefest.co.ke) If churches upgrade their members such churches advance.

People who watch football in the stadium are called spectators and many times these people visit the facility to be entertained; now those who worship God in the facility called church are congregants and many of these people go to church basically because of a vacuum in their lives but that’s not to say there are no true worshipers, be that as it may congregants are humans so they have needs and desires though many churches are living up to expectations I believe they can do more and others can begin to tow the path of humanity.

The inspiration for this article came from a message I received on social media some days back which I analyzed and saw the need to propagate same. Continue reading Assignments for Churches.

Who Wants to Conquer the World? (II)

“Why should daddy GO kiss his wife in church, c-h-u-r-c-h?” – Mr. Holier-than-thou.

Mr. Omowale Omiyale a lawyer had to temporarily move his office to his home when his office complex was under renovation. Not long after he began to hear all sorts.

Omiyale had twin-duplex. Let’s hear the minds of his tenants (the Wakamas) in the other building: Continue reading Who Wants to Conquer the World? (II)

Who Wants to Conquer the World?

Genevieve Nnaji jumped out of the group with her jumpsuit. So you don’t know she dressed differently because she’s proud.” – Miss. Bad blood.

Conquer the world in you and you’ve conquered the world outside of you.

Clarion (20) was the second child in her family and her elder brother (22) was in his final year while her younger sister (18) was a sophomore. Her landlady, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Tanmola would stay at her balcony around 9am (at least 4 times a week) to wait for Clarion to mentally boo her as she exits the building to attend tutorials. Continue reading Who Wants to Conquer the World?

Who Discovered Smiles?

Rahama Sadau with her adorable and look-alike sisters.

Who discovered smiles?

Now the person that authored it may not be the one that discovered (found) it, after all smiles can’t be seen by the bearer except he’s got a mirror, and mirror I believe wasn’t invented then!

Nonetheless both of them were stakeholders.

Perhaps Adam authored it when God brought Eve to him then Eve must have seen the beauty smiles uploaded on Adam’s face and might have stolen and subsequently mimics. Continue reading Who Discovered Smiles?

Human’s as Moon of God’s Sun.

Pastor EA Adeboye in his element.

The moon should be sued for piracy because it does photocopy of light from the sun and sell to us here on earth without acknowledging the source, but hey it does otherwise we wouldn’t have known!

I’m sure you must have met someone somewhere so powerful  spiritually but as powerful as you think or feel they are, they are just reflecting a drop of God’s power, don’t forget He’s omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent meaning he’s all-knowing, all-powerful and ubiquitous (he’s everywhere) respectively. Continue reading Human’s as Moon of God’s Sun.

The Job of a Life Coach.

‘Versatility’ defines life coaches. (social media)

A life coach must be versed and versatile, smartly diligent and emotionally intelligent.

Life coaches never compete with people but are obviously leading peoples. They get smarter and better to make their audience evolve and advance. Continue reading The Job of a Life Coach.

The President of France Emmanuel Macron on the Spotlight.

France No1 Citizen Emmanuel Macron, an Investment Banker. (social media)

He’s the youngest president of all time in the history of France.

Born on 21 December 1977.

Though his parents didn’t endorse the budding union as at then, he finally got married to his former teacher (Brigitte Trogneux) in 2007. Continue reading The President of France Emmanuel Macron on the Spotlight.