Your Life as Microcosm of Life.

Cropped view of a married man's hands as he removes his wedding ring
The value of life is premised on how you value your life.

The way you view your life is the way you view life and what’s topmost on your mind is uppermost in life. What are you preoccupied with?

If you’re looking for accommodation you’ll see and contact many estate agents and see many vacant apartments so much so that you will feel houses outnumber people and wonder why there’s insufficient residential houses. Continue reading Your Life as Microcosm of Life.

All that Glitters is not Gold.

disappointed young woman with glassesMany times in life we get what we want but don’t want what we got in the long run. How pathetic!

The drama (disappointment) on that face (image) may show up on yours while on a trip (from Calabar to Port Harcourt) if you selectively chose a bus because of its attractive body and looks. Perhaps her skin was very fresh maybe the seat had got enough ‘curves’ and you felt you’d likely sleep all through the journey hey it’s got only perfect body not engine! Continue reading All that Glitters is not Gold.

The Missing Penis Palaver.

lifeLife is a piece of puzzle encased by riddle.

Our world is full of mysteries and many phenomena are paranormal and as such exist in the supernatural realm.

The media is awash with news of the experiences of men who discovered their penis was captured and parceled to an unknown destination after encountering and interacting with a stranger.

(Pics and opinions of our respondents if you click) Continue reading The Missing Penis Palaver.

Church not C-h-u-r-c-h!

churchChurch-going habit is good, great.

‘Church not C-h-u-r-c-h’ highlights the fact that church membership and attendance are nothing if we refused to imbibe Godly virtues but everything if we practice what the Bible preaches.

Nigeria is a highly religious nation yet her people are specialists in corruption and diverse atrocities. If we access God’s house regularly we’re likely to encounter God, His mercy, blessings and miracles. Continue reading Church not C-h-u-r-c-h!

Bill Gates as an Employee.

bill-gatesWorld’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is an investor, businessman and entrepreneur. An enviable and desirable employer of labour and incidentally an employee with a boss.

He’s worth more than 82.1billion USD.

Bill Gates is a brand and business and he will surely give account of how he ran his ‘company’ (yeah his person) to the boss of bosses, oh God Almighty.

I’m not left out; you’re not – all of us will give account someday!

I’ll give painstaking details of how I ran ‘Olayemi Ogunojo,’ Smart Smith will, so is Tanko Shinkafi and everybody.

So make our world better than you met it!

Religion as Salutation.

prophet-go-fakeyeLate Prophet GO Fakeye. Former GO of C&S Church movement worldwide. A religious leader I respected so much for his religious tolerance.

Religion is ‘salutation’ and salutation isn’t salvation so never a ticket to heaven.

Analogy: I’ve seven children who pay me homage in seven different ways – each in his own unique way. One prostrates, another salutes, the third squat to greet me; the fourth bows, the fifth hugs me, another greets me with warm pecks and my last child kneels to greet me. The salutations they exhibit they learnt from their various guardians. Continue reading Religion as Salutation.

Painful Pleasure.

Peep Toe Navy wedges, Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley, £tk Solution 'Silicone Toe Caps'
Her behaviour shows she’s resourceful. (Pic:

Many times in life we please one aspect of our personality (perhaps mind) while simultaneously displeasing another (maybe body).

Can you recollect that  Christmas shoes as a young girl and how it gave you many injections on the street, in the car and in church but you dare not show any sign of pains.

You want people to know you’re putting on brand new and fitting shoes so you tolerate the pains and smiled intermittently.
Continue reading Painful Pleasure.

‘Inside-Out Describes Life.’

the-adeyemisThe Sam Adeyemis are pastors, authors and renowned motivational and conference speakers.

Reverse may not necessarily mean reverse in fact it could mean forward.

Two seminars: Making Success of Your Marriage with two different facilitators but you’ve got the opportunity to attend just one, which one will you attend? Please wait o.

Cars move forward to get to a destination but they can also get to same by reverse. In fact cars reverse many times to go forward; in the same vein chickens first bend down to jump up or fly. Continue reading ‘Inside-Out Describes Life.’

The Parrot Called Time.

parrotTime is a parrot it must Google and gossip.

Time will surely tell, after all the parrot in time is a chatterbox it will definitely voice!

Pick your old magazines maybe newspaper you’ll read about issues being denied or debunked but later turned out to be true!

Many celebs, socialites, politicians … who debunked various allegations of them dating someone are now married to the same person they said they never knew let alone date. Maybe it was a looming divorce … Continue reading The Parrot Called Time.