What Do We Really Want?

Former First Lady of the US Michelle Obama with late Nelson Madiba Mandela and her daughters (from left) Malia and Sasha.

Business office vs political office?

What do wealthy people want? Wealth is different from power because money rules business but power rules people and many times the wealthy ‘leave their businesses behind’ to seek power – talk of Donald Trump of the United States, Cyril Ramaphosa of South-Africa even our own late MKO Abiola and many more the world over.

Oji Uzor Kalu of Slot Group was the former Governor of Abia State; Rochas Okorocha of the business world is now occupying Imo State Government House …. Continue reading What Do We Really Want?


Two men may combat for the love of a woman and  the reverse is also true.

Dr. Oshin was interested in Bimbo a final year student and one of her past students when she was a sophomore and Bimbo’s classmate, Azeez was also on her case.

Azeez was desperate to have her and went about town claiming that Oshin poisoned his wife in order to marry Bimbo. Now did Oshin lose his wife? Yes! Did she die of poison? Yeah! So what happened?

Her housemaid had poisoned her meal to marry her boss’ husband, Oshin. Now is there an iota of truth in the rumour Azeez was peddling? Yes! Continue reading Tit-for-tat.

The Attitude of Counting Your Blessings.

‘Counting your blessings,’ starts with realizing your blessings. (image: layersofmeaning.com)

You’ve got many reasons to thank God but if you focus more on your challenges they will swallow your testimonies, exhaust your energy, engulf your bliss and future blessings, and turn you to an ingrate.

Interestingly ingrates don’t enjoy love and life. They want more and more but in life you can’t always have your ways – you get some, you lose some. Continue reading The Attitude of Counting Your Blessings.

The Trending Season.

Movie acts, music raps and when both meet in two personalities their union owns the © of sensational.

The weather in some parts of southwestern and North-central Nigeria is a combination of heat, rain-cold with taints of harmattan-cold – not simultaneously though! Rain is gathering momentum, harmattan had gone but still coming back once in a while to pick the remaining luggage she left behind.

It’s the season of hunters and it’s not uncommon to see them with their dogs and dane gun on bikes, cabs, rickety cars … many kill all sorts of game ranging from pheasant, grass-cutter, snakes …. Continue reading The Trending Season.

Church Profiles ‘Awesome and Divine Encounter’.

The queen has tasted God in church and glad to take the blessings home.

‘Awesome Experience’ defines church so update and upgrade your heart and mind to enjoy. Passion for church and religion is ‘religious’ but passion for God is ‘godly!’ Please note the difference.

Motor mechanics have their tools same with architects, makeup artists, dentists, engineers, fashion designers … now you need the tool called faith to tap and enjoy God’s infinite blessings.

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The Blessings Stocked in Church.

God is awesome to Desmond, you and I and all.

Church is different from hospital, school, prison … for it’s a facility exclusively for connecting and communicating with God.

Just like GSM service providers enable you to reach out to family, friends … church provides similar services though the services are ubiquitous and you can connect with God anytime and anywhere and not necessarily in church.

However church is a mine of blessings (health and healing, success, breakthrough, promotion, freedom, fertility, prosperity ….) and having a heart of gratitude as well as repentant and receptive mind expose you to the bountiful harvests. Church transforms lives, so access with expectations and your life will blossom.

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‘Health as Wreath and Wealth.’

Owambe is possible only in health.

Health (after illness) of a family member is wreath in numbers to all members.

And wreath is bliss, peace, fun, gratitude, health … and all these trigger productivity which is wealth!

When a family member is under the weather it’s stress for all which could trigger ill-health overtime.

We thank God for sparing the life and limbs of the first son Yusuf Buhari.
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Partnership and Teamwork in the Spiritual Realm (II)

Love is part of life and many variables in life impact love and only those who sacrifice for love enjoy same. (pic source: pinterest)

Yorubas say, it’s the thief in the home that send invites to outside thieves to come and rob, maim or even kill … and by extension if you’ve got an enemy in your office, workshop, school, family such will not only be your weakness, (s)he will continue to sabotage your effort, plot your downfall, blackmail you but will also expose you to outside enemies to harm, hurt, advance and extend their (as well as her) evil in the life of such.

God put a sign on Cain … for a reason he could put on another (my anointed beware) to ward off enemies and that signals may interestingly attract same to try to stop such but they are tools in the hands of God. The reverse could be done by evil people by putting a sign on someone which will alert other evil forces to continue to launch their spiritual attacks on such. Continue reading Partnership and Teamwork in the Spiritual Realm (II)

Partnership and Teamwork in the Spiritual Realm.

We need God to weather stoically the storms of life.

Just as we have people partnering in business, we’ve got those who’re partners in sports, music … sometimes they split, at times they don’t. Some people become susceptible to unprovoked attacks in life because of their special gifts some are guilty because they are innocent and some actually trigger attacks because of their own undoing.

Medics partner and refer their patients to other wards, hospitals (specialist hospitals) … clerics partner to fast, pray for someone … and in the corporate world sponsorship, endorsement deals are all forms of partnership. Continue reading Partnership and Teamwork in the Spiritual Realm.