Love and Hate as Neighbours.

Go into love with alert mind and forgiving heart and enjoy life to the peak. (social media)

Life has got two sides – day and night, good and bad, love and hate ….

It’s a life where God brings a kind person at proximity with a wicked individual and uses the latter to bring out the very best from the former but He also uses the wonderful person as opportunity to transform the horrible if (s)he’s willing to change and be transformed.

Now miles separate Kaduna from Kano but there’s a particular site where one stride (maybe strides) lands you in Kaduna and the reverse in Kano though it sounds funny but believe me it’s true.
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Life of Pleasures Stocked in Motions.

Food is potentially sweet and we source the pleasure stocked there-in for we chew. (credit: shutterstock)

Pleasure is a mine but we tap the sweetness via locomotion.

I don’t know your favourite meal but whatever it is if you put in your mouth without chewing you might perceive (taste) its sweetness but to a limit and you only enjoy and peak the pleasure by moving your jaws, better still chewing.

You feel the pleasure stocked in sex once you penetrate but it’s minimal pleasure until you embark on to and fro movements. Continue reading Life of Pleasures Stocked in Motions.

‘Domestic Violence Isn’t for Better or Worse.’

Domestic violence is never accidental but a pattern. (social media)

The sermon of for better or worse isn’t applicable in the context of domestic violence. Many people still hold on to the rule for better or worse even in marriages where domestic violence holds sway and had even built its head-office in same.

The Bible that many quote spelt out many instructions which we ignore or disregard outrightly, please let’s access them:

“Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall.”

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Continue reading ‘Domestic Violence Isn’t for Better or Worse.’

Responsible Parents are Responsive.

Apart from giving your children good food, great home, nice clothing you need to guide them and allow God to guard them.

Give them sound formal and informal instructions

You’re their first teacher, mentor, tutor so don’t leave the responsibility of training them to their teachers, clerics, relatives and domestic staff alone.

Contribute your quota to their holistic development. Continue reading Responsible Parents are Responsive.

Another Gift From God.

Gifts come in diverse modes but the gift of life is highly significant (Pic source: shutterstock)

It’s a brand new week and every new week is a precious gift from God. What you do with the gift shows you cherish the present or not.

Love God, cherish humanity and do your very best this week. Let God inspire you; let humanity motivate you in all your undertakings this week and beyond.

Have a successful week!

Tolerance and Understanding.

Daystar Church, Lagos.

Church is just a microcosm of life and in life you’ll always meet people who are different from you.  In terms of gender, race, religion, denomination, political affiliations, habits, hobbies, ideologies, sexuality, ethnicity ….

That’s why the tools of tolerance and understanding are indispensable in love and life they enhance unity, amity, prosperity and posterity.

How tolerant are you?

(more pics ahead)
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God’s Blessings for This Week.

The family that prays together, come together and succeed together. (social media pic)

It’s a brand new week, may God answer our prayers.

May He bless our effort with success; soothe our pressure with pleasures


Convert our pains to gains.

Successful week to you all.

We are

Evil-Laced Actions Don’t Birth Miracles.

Miracles happen in life but be wary of forces that may want to take the glory from God. (Pic credit:

Evil-inclined motivations may continue unabated if it coincided with miracles and if you’re not careful you might feel your action (not God) brought the miracle.

Mr. Darlington beats his wife because his pastor had told him that his wife was sitting on his success and he needs to move her stronghold to access his success. Continue reading Evil-Laced Actions Don’t Birth Miracles.

The Relay Race of Life.

When you know that weekend is gone better still a new week begins in less than 6 hours you say bye-bye. Photo credit: Google.

Life is a relay race and this is highlighted in the fact that weekdays run their race and handover the baton to weekends and the latter mirror same and never forgets to release what they received.

More like what goes around comes around. So are you ready for a successful week?

Yes here, and we say productive week ahead to you all.

Providence isn’t Biased.

Former Vice-President of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar is a Wazobia husband after all he’s got Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo wives.
(Pic credit:

If you’ve got two wives who belong to two different religions and one of them was secretly into extramarital affairs and you caught her red-handed you might respond by divorcing and sending her away regardless of her religion.

You sacrifice a lot for both of them just to satisfy them and see lovely, lively smiles on their faces so in the event of extra-marital affairs you might punish w-i-t-h-o-u-t using religion as basis of punishment even if this particular wife is a member of your religion. Continue reading Providence isn’t Biased.