Hijab Wardrobe.

Beauty peaks in brevity.

Fashion is extension of our personality as well as expression of our identity, feelings and beliefs. You can be conservative yet sophisticated; stylish and smart yet calm and reserved.

Birds of a feather flock together and your fashion is your feather, your style your signature.

If you’re always attracting wrong personalities in love, analyze your fashion because your feathers usually attracts similar birds.

Let’s check out our sisters from Northern Nigeria: Continue reading Hijab Wardrobe.

Bride for Life.

Brides are gorgeous. (Image credit:Pinterest)

Brides are celebs at their weddings and the centre of their homes so be the bride not just for a day but a lifetime!

Be the queen of your home, the evergreen bride of your hubby. Upgrade your life, update your skill set.

Remember you’ve got the divine mandate to nurture the next generation and babies in your hands are adults tomorrow.

Be an adorable mum!

The Awareness We Need.

Kim West knows her tool needs fuel to move her around.

Picture businesses as cars then you’ll know how fuel scarcity massively impact businesses.

Fuel like electricity is a form of energy and life is premised on energy.

My argument:

how can we as a nation advance in a life that’s premised on energy, when we consistently grapple with scarcity of same? Ironically we are abundantly blessed with diverse sources of energy.

Poverty reigns big in societies notorious with energy scarcity! Continue reading The Awareness We Need.

The Wisdom in Caution.

Late Nigerian heroine Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh.

Patients with infectious health challenges sometimes transmit to their healthcare-givers and if the disease has high mortality rate the infected may not survive as it happened in the pathetic case of Dr. Stella Adadevoh, may God rest her soul.

Sometimes both patient and caregiver die and in some cases the patient may survive while the medic dies or vice-versa but in Patrick Sawyer-Stella Adadevoh case neither survived!


What happens in medical facilities could be experienced in spiritual environments as well, to this end clerics need your prayers, advice and moral support. Continue reading The Wisdom in Caution.

Special Gift to Humanity, olayemiogunojo.com

Courage is seeing the plaque, paying the price for the prize.

Courage is the sum total of perseverance, patience, diligence, self-esteem ….

Leadership in governance, business, religion … is about solving problems, surmounting mountains, combating challenges and ultimately winning.

Success is sweet but the process quite bitter; progress through obstacles (left, right and centre) without taking alternatively routes that are obviously soiled with spoils, isn’t child’s play and that’s the fire that refine and perfect achievers. Continue reading Special Gift to Humanity, olayemiogunojo.com

Recognizing the Thin Lines in Life.

The goat obviously didn’t recognize the thin line between courage and foolhardiness. Foolhardiness isn’t smartness; courage isn’t stubbornness.

Fighting and running is smartness and courage is smartness not stubbornness.

One who fights and runs live to fight another day and success is a process (consistent fights) and you progress along its path by learning and winning.

God is your biggest ally in life and calling on Him is your smartest choice ever, having social support for rest and respite is so refreshing – remember no man unilaterally gatecrash to life and none is an island. Continue reading Recognizing the Thin Lines in Life.

Friends as Spice of Life.

True friends are the spice of life.

Friends are honey; you spend money on them, they do on you, you gossip, chat, fight, laugh, have fun together.

They are cake as well as the icing on the cake after all, they are friends as well as family!

You’ll be the most fortunate person in life if your partner is your friend – that’s spice in life and love. So marry your friend or transform your partner to your friend!

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2018 Prayers II

The Soji Alabis.

To those who live in face-to-face apartments God will advance you, so much so that you don’t have to come out of your bedroom to take your bath, brush your teeth, parcel bodily wastes via WC to the soak away.

You’ll come out of your bedroom to access your living room or whatever and not the door, white but brown curtain or the hungry and angry face of your neighbour – no thanks to poverty.

God will also use you to bless that neighbour as well.

To that man or woman who must carry bucket, visit the next building to access water from their well, God will elevate you to the level where you turn the faucet in your kitchen, bathroom … and water will answer you. Continue reading 2018 Prayers II