Ramadan Kareem (Video).

Ramadan Kareem video from Muslims across the globe.

How time flies, the Holy Month of Ramadan is gradually coming to an end and may you continue to enjoy all ways, always – the blessings associated with the Holy Month.

We’d air the opinions of Islamic faithfuls on Ramadan in few days. So keep a date with us. Continue reading Ramadan Kareem (Video).

World Environment Day.

Nature is wholesome and awesome families enjoy.

June 5 every year is set aside by UN to mark World Environment Day and today is June 5.

Why do I like the residential quarters of many higher institutions and virtually all institutions? Because you experience nature first class. Abundant trees, flowers, meadows, birds of diverse species with their refreshing songs! Yeah like parks and gardens. Continue reading World Environment Day.

Engaging Church Testimonies (II)

There are some congregants who show gratitude to God through their habits of coming out every Sunday to testify and I’m sure you know at least one person in your church who falls into this file. (credit: scoan.org)

Antoinette’s Testimony: “I was robbed of all my jewelries at gunpoint and I went to report the case to security agents but lo and behold I met my very good high school classmate that I lost along the road of life and weeks after we started dating and just last night he proposed to me with a ring that is ten times more expensive than all the jewelries I lost to armed robbers and again he opened the state-of-the-art jewelry stores for me.” Continue reading Engaging Church Testimonies (II)

Engaging Church Testimonies.

Congregants giving testimonies in church. (credit: scoan.org)

We are all testifiers for we’ve all got testimonies but many times we take many things for granted because we see them as our birthright and so we’re automatically entitled to them. However I’m not saying only church testifiers show gratitude to God

Let’s access the testimonies of these Christian testifiers. Continue reading Engaging Church Testimonies.

Bedtime Café (That Painful Goodnight)

Nollywood actress Aisha Abimbola Musa. (credit: Instagram/Aisha Abimbola)

We go to bed at night with the hope to rise at dawn but there comes a night our bed will wait patiently to cuddle, cradle us but we’ll disappoint her for our bed had changed.

Womb to tomb is a journey – short or very short for some, average for some, long or very long for some, but not how long but how well and long or short we’ll bid the world farewell someday. Continue reading Bedtime Café (That Painful Goodnight)

The Humanity in Haifa Beseisso.

Haifa Beiseisso vlogger, travel and fashion enthusiast, Youtube sensation and First Lady @ Fly with Hiafa

Born and bred in Dubai (UAE) … Haifa left her 9 to 5 job to pursue her passion – travelling and publishing the world, learning and preaching the messages of love, community and humanity.

She’s an encyclopedia of travels and tours having visited over 24 countries across the globe and of course counting and her travelogue is sure intimidating. Continue reading The Humanity in Haifa Beseisso.