Extended and Nuclear Family as Team Members.

Extended and nuclear family are team members. (credit: istock)

Family is both nuclear and extended but the ‘extended’ version we see and feel less often. Nonetheless we access them on some occasions, especially during the holidays associated with festive occasions.

The significance, impact of extended families on nuclear families and individuals can’t be underplayed nor overemphasized. Continue reading Extended and Nuclear Family as Team Members.

‘As Mobile as Life.’

Wheelchair-accessible facilities x-ray empathy. (credit: newmobility.com)

Animate and inanimate things move in life; after all life is premised on motion and locomotion is obeying the laws of nature.

Wind blows, rain falls; the earth moves round the sun; songs of birds, chit-chat on phone, sounds of saxophone, ocean tides … are all forms of movements: motions. Even the legendary statement from God ‘Let there be light …’ was words in motion. Continue reading ‘As Mobile as Life.’

Prayers, Tools and God.

Congregants with white handkerchiefs. (credit: social media)

Many Christians are passionate about praying on mountains and in fact mountains are resorts to some. No big deal about praying on mountains even Jesus observed same.

The reason for going on mountains to pray is to avoid distractions – noise, sleep, calls … and if your home is like library you don’t have to travel miles to observe prayers but our homes are comfort zones and the temptations of TV, phones and bed are always there. Continue reading Prayers, Tools and God.

Our Advice to the Freshest Couples in Town.

Marriage is a journey but you can transform to trip and adventure if you’re sensitive and selfless. (credit: social media)

To the freshest couples in town marriage isn’t a permanent contract but you can choose to make yours one by being one with your intimate and soul-mate.

As a woman don’t feel because you’re now Mrs and bearing, wearing your hubby’s last name you’ve got nothing to fight for anymore. Continue reading Our Advice to the Freshest Couples in Town.

Talking About Prayers.

Faith goes before prayers load; and observing prayers five times a day demands legendary diligence and discipline. (credit: Getty)

Prayer is expression, experience that revolves around the physical and the spiritual; in other words it involves man and God.

It’s communication between terrestrial and celestial beings and words from the physical realm travel miles to cross to the spiritual …. Continue reading Talking About Prayers.

Humanity vs. Religion.

Williams sisters at 2018 US Open. (credit: Getty Images)

Serena and Venus were first sisters, before sports made them rivals and sure they drop the bats and exchange hugs and certainly they will be sisters after sports.

At the outset and during the era of Adam and Eve et al, humanity was one and religion came and separated us but humanity will be one after religion. Continue reading Humanity vs. Religion.