The Divinity and Creativity in Sound Energy.

Energy goes before babies are made. (credit: pinterest)

Something must move to create some things – life. God used exclusively sound energy (words in motions) to create life and humanity, and humans use energy … to procreate Junior.

Sexual tools in motion + moans = procreation of Junior. Connect it to, “Let there be light,” … from God.  Continue reading The Divinity and Creativity in Sound Energy.

The Message vs the Messenger (Ifedayo Olarinde Mode).

Ifedayo Olarinde aka Daddy Freeze. (credit: social media)

Majority of us have phobia for opposition, and dissident voices give us goose bump and it’s natural, rational, human but many times what burns us bless us.

I may not agree with all what Daddy Freeze postulates or stands for but as bitter as it is we need his voice and input in the system – bitter but true! Continue reading The Message vs the Messenger (Ifedayo Olarinde Mode).

Family Matters: Fulfillment and Self-Actualization.

They care; God cures (credit: iStock/andresr)

One success birth another and successes add up and hand the baton to fulfillment and their combo is self-actualization. This experience is felt most times at old age.

People who married their dream partners relish some awesome feelings and wholesome emotions as they say ‘I do’ and that’s similar but lesser to self-actualization at old age. Continue reading Family Matters: Fulfillment and Self-Actualization.

‘Charity Begins in Church.’

Being our brother’s keeper involves charity, counselling and much more (Photo by David Goldman-Pool/Getty Images)

They say charity begins at home but church is God’s home and He’s charity, the author of charity so let charity begin from church.

In all honesty some churches are (aka charity) because they are excellent in the area of giving and helping the needy, sick … and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the richest churches. Some perform below par, some do fairly and some perform woefully. Continue reading ‘Charity Begins in Church.’

Life, Faith and God.

This team isn’t blood but the bond is beyond blood (credit: pinterest)

When travelers are about living the motor-park or had just embarked on their trip someone might voice, “Let a Muslim pray for us,” … and then “Christian brother or sister please pray for us,” it could be vice-versa as well.

All the travelers want to enjoy hitch-free ride, fun-filled trip and arrive their destination safely so they respond favourably and even those who don’t respond verbally access sobriety for we all love life and pathetically those who commit suicide didn’t hate life but felt death was better, safer after all. How pathetic!
Continue reading Life, Faith and God.

The Invincible yet Diplomatic God.

It takes some elements of faith to see God’s response before asking. (credit: social media)

As big and powerful as God is, He doesn’t make us feel small. We are all answerable to Him yet He neither intimidates nor subjugate us.

Invincible yet invisible – what a diplomatic God! They say empty barrels make the loudest noise now the omnipotent God never shouts at us in private much less public. Continue reading The Invincible yet Diplomatic God.

‘Below the Surface.’

Love gives for it adores and idolizes.  (credit: gpointstudio via Getty Images)

Dig deep, dig deeper and you will see and mine many wonderful things.

Fishermen barely catch big fish on the surface of waters, crude oil and gold and diamond are beneath the ground … and we all know this. But as humans we are quick to react to issues, people … at the surface level because we attach facts to face and see as big deal, the real thing. Continue reading ‘Below the Surface.’