Social Media Drama (SMD) Kokumo Kuforiji III.

Social media is public space but many times we feel we’re whispering to our partner in the bedroom.

He’s Mr. Kokumo Kuforiji, 48-year-old MD/CEO of Heaven at Last, a funeral home.  He knew many people use social media to advertise their businesses and decided to follow the trend.

He therefore thought about his strategies and few hours later he uploaded an exotic casket as his DP on whatsapp and updates his status: Life is Short so Remember We @ Heaven at Last Cares for You! Continue reading Social Media Drama (SMD) Kokumo Kuforiji III.

Church Mode with Joshua and Damilola, the Bamiloye Brothers.

The Bamiloye brothers. (Image: facebook)

Joshua and Damilola are the two sons of renowned filmmaker Evang. Mike Bamiloye. They are into Christian movies as well.

Suits are basically formal wears and interestingly they are smart for church too, just as your owambe attire perhaps ankara can leave owambe facility with alaga ijoko vs alaga iduro and instantly access church with clerics and choristers without loading (…) minds and raising eyebrows. is published by Pearlvision Publications … moving the world with innovations

Prepare Your Heart in Advance for Church.

Mr Slot, Nnamdi Ezeigbo whispering to you to have a successful Sunday. (social media)

Get inspired by Nnamdi Ezeigbo’s grass-to-grace story and have a big, bright Sunday.

You get your money and visit Slot outlets for your phones, computers and accessories and IT needs please get your heart as you access church for your spiritual and other needs.

A receptive and repentant heart God will touch.

The Perfect and All-Powerful God.

‘Beast’ defines elephants. (Pic source:

Elephants are big and strong but ants are stronger; now let me break my argument down.

If in a class of 20 students 9 made first class then ideally the class has more brilliant students than the one with 40 students which boasts of 10 first class students. Alternatively Mr. Olowolabi earns #500,000 per month and donated #50,000 to charity while Mr. Owolabi earns #200,000 and donated #30,000 who performed better? Of course Mr. Owolabi. Continue reading The Perfect and All-Powerful God.

‘Birds of a Feather with Different Feathers.’

Sandra Ankobiah with the Okoro sisters.

‘Birds of a Feather with Different Feathers,’ many times are our friends.

Families look alike because they share similar genes but friends are also part of family because they share something with us, don’t forget birds of a feather do flock together.

Based on similarity in looks who in the image is the odd one out? Emeka, bia Sandra Ankobiah isn’t part of the biological anko can you bring her out? Continue reading ‘Birds of a Feather with Different Feathers.’

Why Do We Ride and Not Drive Bicycles?

We burn more energy riding bikes than driving. (Image: ellis photo)

Bicycles don’t use energy (fuel) therefore the riders must supply the energy for locomotion. And the energy used in biking is chemical energy sourced from what we eat.

If bikes use fuel like cars we won’t have any need to bike but drive. The energy could be chemical as used in cars ….

There are diverse versions of energy in life and can be converted from one form to another so alternative energy could be used to power cars. Continue reading Why Do We Ride and Not Drive Bicycles?

Wake-up Call to Nigeria.

The Barak Obamas (Pic: Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images).

Nigeria has first class and abundant natural resources, arable lands … but her human resources find difficult to mine, refine and release for our common wealth.

In contrast Japan has minimal natural resources but her human resources are excellent – talk about sublime managerial skills, unrivalled leadership and followership, and Japan? Of course advanced and in the league of world’s wealthiest nations! Continue reading Wake-up Call to Nigeria.