The Inanimate Preacher.

UCH IBADANUniversity College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan

Hospital is the facility that preaches humility and vanity of life more than any the world over.

Whoever you are, if your pride is growing and getting out of hand get your ‘visa’ and visit a teaching hospital.

As human with blood strolling through his veins your experience in the facility will teach you bitter, sober lessons and make you sombre even if just for few days or hours.

Visit the morgue, traverse the Accidents and Emergency Section, the Psychiatry Ward, Labour Room …. Even the reception hall has lessons for you. I pray you have access to as many sections of the facility as possible.

In the end you become transformed! You never remain the same.

Football as Mini-Life (III)

head-to-headDiego Costa and Martin Skrtel confront each other.

Football pitch has boundary and when balls go beyond its allotted space, the games stops automatically and is brought back into play through set pieces. Every stage of your life has boundary and you’re not expected to go beyond your border at any point in time and if you do, people, or life events will bring you right back. You’re your circle and you can’t grow beyond your network in life! Continue reading Football as Mini-Life (III)