Let’s Talk About Love and Life.

Couples can say ‘I do’ … one more time. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. (Pic source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

We said bye-bye to the beautiful month of August some days back and while there was August break in many parts of Lagos some cities in Nigeria experienced heavy down pour however the cold was general. Now September is here yeah the month of rains, cold and dust.

The room you liked so much in these past months because it kept you warm, you might probably dislike by November when heat begins to bite hard and the low ventilation status of the room that favoured you is coming to be a disservice. Continue reading Let’s Talk About Love and Life.

Life as Movie Locations.

He missed his calling and followed rams to the slaughter slab. (Pic source: Pinterest)

Rams are celebs and many animals are envying them for they are trending online, offline. Eid-el-Kabir is less than 24 hours away and people are buying and transporting rams uptown, downtown.

Hey as human, you’re a social animal, so understand your calling in life; research and discover your talents and refine to skills. Now align your skills with your calling. Continue reading Life as Movie Locations.

Why Turn Back the Hands of Time?

Wall clocks are 24/7 performing musicians and I’m waiting to see them in Guinness Books. (Pic source: magielinfo)

Daytime noise dwarfs the songs and sounds of clocks but in the dead of the night we often hear her music live and direct, loud and clear.

I can’t remember now who taught me how to understand the readings on clocks but I’ve taught kids same. Wall clocks fascinate me as a child and I couldn’t stop wondering why it keeps moving and revealing time – correctly and consistently. Continue reading Why Turn Back the Hands of Time?

‘Temptations on the Highways.’

Pedestrian bridge Oshodi, Lagos. (Pic source: Pearlvision Publications)

Smart people may appear unsmart but only on the surface. Now temptations are no Sweet Sensation restaurants where you unfasten your belt and enjoy nice meals. Therefore if you’re so much in a hurry in love or life please pause for a second and ponder!

Hey, it’s better to arrive late but stay alive than hurrying and never arriving, and again postponed sex, maybe no sex is better than hurry-sex with lorry-load of stress waiting to explode your mind or life. Continue reading ‘Temptations on the Highways.’

The Kelly Turneys Humanity-Based Story.

The Turneys on their wedding day. (Image: Love Adventured, LLC)

Becky (40) had a son Triston (19) who had died in 2015 and his organs were reportedly donated to 5 different people giving them opportunity of life in life.

Becky was getting married to Kelly (44) and she would have loved her son Triston to witness the lovely event but that was impossible, no thanks to death. I-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e but in all honesty late Triston was at the event. Incredible!

(more pics and info if you process) Continue reading The Kelly Turneys Humanity-Based Story.

‘Life of Home and Away’.

The one who instigated the breakup could be the offended and many times they hurt more than the offender. (Pic source: social media)

Life of home and away is an article that typifies the fact that life is replete with opportunities – though some opportunities once missed may never return but others would surely come.

A typical example is Man United vs Real Madrid in UEFA Super Cup they could meet again and vie for this trophy in the future but never in 2017 again and again their managers may have changed. Continue reading ‘Life of Home and Away’.

Man’s Inhumanity to Man (Children version)

True love births peace and bliss (Pic source: social media)

Man’s inhumanity to man could come from a child to either of his parents. Few days ago an 18-year-old man, Agugu Adau in Plateau State, Nigeria was alleged to have murdered his mother over ‘disappearance charm,’ which was bequeathed to him by his late father but which his mother threatened to throw into the river … according to the suspect. How terrible! Continue reading Man’s Inhumanity to Man (Children version)

Man’s Inhumanity to Man (Parents Version)

Poverty and illiteracy are criminals in baby factories but some people gladly, proudly and deliberately inflict pains on others. (Pic source: social media)

The story of a Nigerian man (Abraham Moses Udoh) who allegedly sold his 2-year-old son for #150,000 made news some days back. So sad!

Men are aggressive, rugged and physical but women are spiritual and assertive. The media is awash with stories of men who unlawfully had the carnal knowledge of their daughters. Continue reading Man’s Inhumanity to Man (Parents Version)

Life of Thorns and Roses.

Legendary leader late Nelson Madiba Mandela.

My favourite quote:

Big minds distil big dreams; big dreams attract big problems and big problems birth great men.

27 years in prison is like stealing a man’s youth, resources, power, influence, affluence so what’s left? Hmmm ironically phenomenal success and achievements!

(more pics and info if you click) Continue reading Life of Thorns and Roses.

Your Deeds, Scent or Stench?

The Paul Adefarasins of House on the Rock Church.

‘Your Deeds, Scent or Stench?’ is an article that x-rays the impact of your actions and inactions (deeds) on your eternity.

Now your religion is the colour of your heart and your deeds, the flavour.

God can perceive and is passionate about the flavour of your heart and less concerned about its colour.

Your deeds could be scent or stench but above all God examines your heart (the motivations behind your actions and inactions)

Happy Sunday!