The First Time God Disappointed Me.

Joy sprouts from the soil of gratitude taking latitude and altitude. (Pic source: pinterest)

Many years ago (now anytime I say ‘many years ago’ I mean a minimum of 10 years but this story was far l-o-n-g-e-r) a very enterprising woman (our across-the-road neighbour) in my suburban estate back in the day, gave me a live chick (native chick) which I cherished so much but one of my neighbours said the chick was male and I knew there and then that the only thing that could come out of the chicken was for it to honeymoon in our pot if truly it was male and provided it lived to maturity. Continue reading The First Time God Disappointed Me.

When Home is Prison and Prison, Home.

Lawrence John Ripple. The man who made global news.

Life is so ironic that one’s man paradise is  another’s hell. Diverse people have different experiences and expectations in life.

It’s a life where a dad could feel and say (soliloquize) “Let another person get the contract and NOT my daughter,” not because the daughter was bad but because her dad was! Continue reading When Home is Prison and Prison, Home.

And Festus Keyamo Bagged his SAN Title.

Human rights lawyer Festus Keyamo (SAN)

Many times in life many find themselves in situations where they are overdue for a title, office, post, position maybe promotion … but a force maybe forces somewhere seems to be stopping or blocking them from reaching their deserved eldorado.

A man who knows he should be a member of the league of billionaires but finds himself (as a career person) pocketing #100,000 as salary; maybe her biggest profit as an entrepreneur was #90,000, may have many reasons to be frustrated … conversely (s)he’s got many reasons to be motivated as well. Continue reading And Festus Keyamo Bagged his SAN Title.

The Thin Lines in Life.

Poultry egg. (

When one egg is released by a female human and fertilized by a sperm, a zygote comes alive but if the fertilized egg split into two, identical twins surface.

‘The thin lines in life,’ highlights the fact that many things in life are similar, thanks to one creator, one God!

In poultry, fertilized egg becomes life and subsequently transforms to  live-chick. Continue reading The Thin Lines in Life.

Life of Contexts.

Love and life are inseparable. (Pic source: shutterstock)

You saw your friend about 200 metres away and shouted, “Hey here comes the award-winner of stupidity in our smart world.”

He might open the cork of his mouth and explode in an uproarious laughter but if you say that to a stranger you might see hell-fire on his face and could transfer same to yours if his hand moves and his thunderous slap pop your face and you Champagne. Continue reading Life of Contexts.

‘Go Slow Describes Women.’

Your first lesson as a man who wants to succeed in life and love is patience. (Pic source:

Many men detest the long and biting wait for women to accept, embrace and reciprocate their love at the outset of their intimate relationship.

I guess slow and steady are citizens in the country peopled exclusively by women.

An ideal woman would interpret the script given to her by nature so she’s expected to play hard-to-get even if she was the one that set off the alarm in him by first showing  interest. Continue reading ‘Go Slow Describes Women.’

Memories are Immortal.

Nollywood actress Moji Olaiya of blessed memory.

Time flies, yet life is short though our path in life is full of thorns and roses, heights and lows, we laugh, we cry but no matter our pains and agonies … we don’t want to leave yet we must leave – what an irony!

Kings, celebs, clerics … everyday people are all tourists in life we come, interpret God’s script for our life and finally bow and bid the world farewell but we leave prints called memories behind. Continue reading Memories are Immortal.

Animate-Diffusion in Intimate Relationships.

Love and hate are infectious but choose the former to enjoy life. (Pic source: Pinterest)

Many things in life begins with you, yeah the person that stares back at you in the mirror. It originates in you before impacting, influencing, affecting, infecting or afflicting others.

If your partner has no or low self-esteem believe me it will affect your own self-worth. Continue reading Animate-Diffusion in Intimate Relationships.

‘ The Good Husband.’

If your bliss is your husband’s bile and your bile his bliss then there’s big fire on the mountain. (Pic source:

Mr. Aromalaran was a businessman who was unusually competitive and combative and bent on making his wife (an architect with Masters Degree) irrelevant in society. He brainwashed her and prevented her from working with the excuse that he wanted her to remain a queen and model in addition to giving their children the best of education and training. Continue reading ‘ The Good Husband.’