Gratitude and Mental Health (II)

Visit your therapist and release your bile and take your bliss (credit: social media)

Ahmed had lost a major contract and as he was leaving the office of the permanent secretary … he opened his mouth and voiced, “Regardless of the outcome of my proposal, nagode Allah!”

But he’d not finished thanking God when his phone rang, he picked and the contract he applied for 3 months earlier came calling and guess what it was 3 times better than the one he just lost! Continue reading Gratitude and Mental Health (II)

Gratitude and Mental Health.

Gratitude makes life interesting and love exciting. (credit:

Jackson, a prolific investor with a famous clothing line and numerous shares in many companies just lost about $5b but he never sent smiles on exile and in lieu of gloom he voiced,

“2 months earlier I was richer by $7b and I just lost about $5b today who says I won’t be $10b richer in 3 months and if it gets worse the ugly times won’t last!” Continue reading Gratitude and Mental Health.

Towel Palaver.

Towel is indoors and fashion without fuss. (credit: social media)

Toye detests towel but many wonder why until his roommate, Adamu asked him why?

“Why should I take my bath, clean, clear my body of dirt and then rub in dirt again? Childish right? Now if I can’t wash my towel every other day then it’s unfit to dry my wet, clean body!” Toye finalized! Continue reading Towel Palaver.

‘Sunday Night Fever.’

A doting dad helping his son with his homework (credit: Tim Pannell/Corbis)

Assignments are usually difficult and at times above our scope as kids and perhaps that’s why they are take-home works.

Our teachers back in the day and teachers of nowadays knew their pupils will seek help from adults and perhaps want to stretch, tempt or test us before finally solving the puzzles. Continue reading ‘Sunday Night Fever.’

Applying the Tools of Science and Spiritual in Seeking Your Future Partner.

Blank love with haste could trigger bland life (credit: Video Blocks)

You’d fasted, prayed to God for a man you could call yours, that’s nice but usually not enough so add and apply science to same.

Partnership between man and God there.
Continue reading Applying the Tools of Science and Spiritual in Seeking Your Future Partner.

Sunday Sermon (From the Sarakis).

The Bukola Sarakis. (credit: social media)

Literally divorce means difference(s) which we term ‘irreconcilable’ but when a marriage and home has religious differences but the major players (couples) remain one and in love from ‘I do,’ to date then religion isn’t a dichotomy but it does in the outside world because we fail to know that God is love and He’s God of all! And love cures hate and conquers all! Continue reading Sunday Sermon (From the Sarakis).

The Wedding Shoes of Wales.

Consciousness many times prevents day of bliss from becoming bile (credit: social media)

Many times grooms change apartment when their marriage is around the corner but most times marriage rush and adrenaline don’t allow them to really settle in and settle down.

Nature abhors vacuum and since the old occupants had moved the only tenant in the house was vacuum which automatically invited insects and the latter invited all sorts of pests to come owambe. Continue reading The Wedding Shoes of Wales.