Using Attention to Source Affection.

Chatting is sweet; sweeter in bed.

Many times women use issues in their life and loved ones as opportunities to open up conversation with their partners.

They know that that may likely capture your attention with such topics but many times men listen to quickly proffer solution in order to end the conversation and switch on to other things but the challenge is no big deal to her she just want to have quality time with you.

‘The Hypocrite We Nicknamed Money.’

Money is an experiment, experience and an admixture of pains and gains
(image credit: Masterfile)

Money is that special commodity that introduces bliss and takes away bile.

It puts you in pleasure; takes away pressure; add pressure, introduces pleasure … and you shuttle between pressure and pleasure.

Money is a stressor.
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Lies Made by Men.

Lies abound in intimacy. (credit: social media)

Luxury bus leaving Lagos for Onitsha.

Ngozi a 24-year-old female job applicant sat beside a 26-year-old man (Matthew) a UNILAG undergraduate who works part-time as estate agent in Ajao Estate, Isolo.

The moment Ngozi sat beside Matthew she stirred the stream in his mind which enlarged and became sea so minutes after the driver sent the wheels rolling Matthew beeped Michael, one of his colleagues in Ajao Estate.  Continue reading Lies Made by Men.

Solve a Problem this Week!

Team Save a Soul, Nigeria winners of 2018 Technovation World Challenge. (@technovation)

This is no longer news but the success, achievement is inspiration to millions of people across the globe as well as generations yet unborn. Success inspires you know!

Team Save a Soul will save many souls with their innovations and so they are solving problems confronting humanity, remember fake drugs is no respecter of colour, faith, space and creed. Continue reading Solve a Problem this Week!

Old Law vs New Love (Mrs. Jumoke Ajayi’s Final Instructions to Bimpe her Daughter) II

Information is incomplete without communication and in communication experiences, skills … are shared. (credit: kali9, Getty Images)

However the one that makes the effort no matter how little may win him back in the end.

Babe, my Bibi, see a man that gives you pleasure and hang your self-esteem atop Femi Johnson building in Dugbe, Ibadan because he gives you 100% attention will inadvertently put you under unbearable pressure if or when he finally stops contacting you and you may revert to Femi jo Femi mode since your self-esteem had fallen from Femi Johnson. Continue reading Old Law vs New Love (Mrs. Jumoke Ajayi’s Final Instructions to Bimpe her Daughter) II

Old Law vs New Love (Mrs. Jumoke Ajayi’s Final Instructions to Bimpe her Daughter)

Mums and grannies were once girls and ladies and experience as they say is the best teacher. (credit: kali9, Getty Images)

Mrs Funke Ajayi concludes her correspondence with her daughter Bimpe.

Bibi, men are adventurous in love and life and an ideal man will have some ladies in the bank – two or more in his neighbourhood, one or two at his church, some in his school, some at his workplace, or facility around his workplace. Continue reading Old Law vs New Love (Mrs. Jumoke Ajayi’s Final Instructions to Bimpe her Daughter)

Humanity as God’s Vessels.

Clerics are God’s vessels amongst His vessels. (credit: wikipedia)

As Christians phenomenal and inspirational stories; and Bible characters: heroes, traitors … didn’t end in the Bible because God is pre-Bible, Bible and post-Bible era, times and many of them are happening in our contemporary world.

Now if you believe the stories and characters documented in the Bible which happened behind you and you disbelieve those happening in your era and presence then your beliefs are questionable. Continue reading Humanity as God’s Vessels.

Love, Romance & Couple Goal Wardrobe.

Lively couple. Lovely fashion. Splendid love. (credit: selectastyle)

Sweet things have their downsides but love is sweet through and through but the upside is it demands sacrifice which is a norm and so soooo normal after all good things – career, business, intimacy, health … demand sacrifice. 

Add fragrance aka romance to your love and life becomes music.

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