If Women Traditionally Propose Love and Marriage to Men.

Kehinde Adetoye

It’s the age of express information and women tend to be making exploits in life as well as love and proudly championing causes, going into politics, proposing love, which x-ray the fact that  contemporary women are beginning to sprint where they hitherto sashay and are now coming out of their cocoon to express their intimate feelings to men.

In fact a lady proposed marriage to her fiance some weeks back and he accepted and life goes on … and I want to believe the man would cherish her for her honesty and effrontery and deliver his very best to make the marriage work.

Many women would see the lady as pace-setter whose gesture should be appreciated and emulated and many more will have their reservations and even criticize her guts. Different strokes for different folks. Continue reading If Women Traditionally Propose Love and Marriage to Men.

Christmas Gifts for Men (Desmond-Elliot Inspired).

Nollywood actor, movie director and legislator (Lagos State House of Assembly member), Desmond Eliot.

The profession your hubby belongs may inspire the type of gifts you source for him but his general lifestyle is too sacrosanct and highly significant to ignore.

From Desmond Eliot’s image above let’s access the gifts you can get for your partner and important men in your life, as a woman:

You can choose from this list: hats, wristwatch, belt, shirts, denim jacket, hair and body cream, hair brush ….

(more pics and info) Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Men (Desmond-Elliot Inspired).

Christmas Gifts for Your Parners (Nadia Buhari-Inspired).

Ghanaian actress Nadia Buhari. (credit: Instagram)

Every woman wants to look and feel good. So what makes an ideal woman stay clean, fresh and smooth?

Peace of mind, attention, affection, attitude of gratitude, love … money to eat quality, use quality cosmetics and wear quality. Therefore monetary gift isn’t bad.

Many times we think we know our significant others and their needs but many times we don’t and that’s where the gift of money comes expressly, appropriately. Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Your Parners (Nadia Buhari-Inspired).

Christmas Gifts for Women (Toke Makinwa-Inspired).

Toke Makinwa is a Nigerian media personality, an A-list fashionista and socialite.

Gifts inspiration sourced from Toke’s attitude and attire:

You can gifts your wife, fiancee or girlfriend et al – exotic shoes, boho, boubou or other versions of gown.

Don’t forget sunglasses, handbag, wristwatch and the like. Sunglasses come in diverse hybrids so find out if she likes mirrored sunglasses.

(more pics and info if you click) Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Women (Toke Makinwa-Inspired).

Gifts and Christmas.

Nigerian footballer Uche Kalu with his sweetheart-wife, Ada. (credit: social media)

Gifts are icing on the cake of success and they usually accompany our events, don’t forget events are celebrations of success. Talk of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, convocations, house-warming, child-naming, religious festivals ….

Christmas is in the air and having life is success and we celebrate the occasion with our loved ones by spending time together, swapping gifts …. Continue reading Gifts and Christmas.

Voices at Weddings (VAW). (CHILE 2014) II

Nigerian Singer-cum songwriter Oritsefemi with his better-half, Nabila


Chinyere Ofurum weds Kelechi Awurum

At the Wedding Reception of CHILE 2014:

Otunba Koleoso (aka Otunba Alert) is the younger brother of the chairman of the occasion at Kelechi and Chinyere’s wedding, and he had gone to the reception with his friend, Mr. Adeyanju (Oyinbo elepo) he was fair-skinned and into oil & gas business).

The two men had attended the event basically to scout for oloshos (promiscuous ladies who date rich, especially married men) and the two men were at the car-park of the reception hall.

Otunba Alert: (looking at the wedding booklet) what a small world! Scorpion, take a close look at the bride. Continue reading Voices at Weddings (VAW). (CHILE 2014) II

Voices at Weddings (VAW).

Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele with his sweetheart Nabila Fash

Chinyere weds Kelechi (CHILE 2014)

Chinyere Ofurum (25) weds Kelechi Awurum (30)

Weddings often births more weddings because many eligible bachelors and bachelorette gravitate to celebrate with their family, friends and loved ones. Now if your friend is getting married while you’re still single you’re motivated to get serious as a man or woman and when your seriousness meets with the passion (to get married) of others dating begins in earnest.

Mature ladies usually lower their guards at weddings and releasing their mobile lines need no long lines, in fact, you don’t even need lyrics to access such!

Chinyere met Kelechi at the wedding of Ada’s colleague (Princess) who married a true-life prince and became a princess once again. By the way Ada was Chinyere’s elder sister. Continue reading Voices at Weddings (VAW).

Versions of Sex.

A home filled with love and lovemaking is a blessed marriage. Bliss and peace peak in such homes. (pic source: shutterstock)

Rape is sex, so is lovemaking and conventional sex.

Rape is pains and pressure for one and pleasure for the other but it often baffles me how someone could source pleasure while simultaneously afflicting and inflicting physical and emotional pains on another, pains with potential to last a lifetime.

Conventional sex is the most common but lovemaking is usually sex in marriage and again sex where both parties receive and release pleasure. It’s sex at its height, give-and-take communication, team and selfless sports. Continue reading Versions of Sex.

The Power of the Mind.

2017 Mr. Ugly, Zimbabwe (pic source: social media)

When I first accessed William Masvinu on social media I was like “He’s not bad how come he’s won Mr. Ugly (Zimbabwe) for about three times?”

William of course is a celeb and his fame, fortune … is evolving and believe me those variables would suffocate the label ‘ugly’ hovering over him. In fact ‘Mr. Ugly’ will add to him rather than diminish him. He lost the crown last year and won it back this year. Can’t wait to see him in movies.

He pontificated, “No one can dispute that I am the ugliest person in Zimbabwe,” he was quoted after winning the title. “I now want to take my ugliness outside the country. If there is Mr Ugly World, I am confident I will bring the crown to Zimbabwe.”

What a noble cause, great project to facilitate self-love, confidence …. Continue reading The Power of the Mind.