VAW (Voices At Weddings: Bisola Weds Rasheed #Bisras 2005) II

‘Razzmatazz’ defines the wedding of children of sitting Governors – The Ajimobis and Gandujes.

Foyin had asked her younger sister, Fiyin her age when she got married because the latter felt (as at then) that Foyin (23) was too young to wed.

Fiyin: (laughing out loud) 21!

Foyin:  Incomplete information, editor. You edited the dull part, bad girl. You ran faster than Usein Bolt to clock 18, struggled for 3 years because your body was on fire and ran into marriage at 21 when your mates were still struggling to secure admission to college! Continue reading VAW (Voices At Weddings: Bisola Weds Rasheed #Bisras 2005) II

VAW (Voices At Weddings: Bisola Weds Rasheed #Bisras 2005).

The Idris Ajimobis: female version: Fateema; Male: Idris.

Rasheed (35) and Rasheedat (24) were classmates and students of NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria). They were friends from 200 to 300 level and began to date from 300 (when 300 level was 300 hours old) to few hours to 400 level when their relationship ended abruptly.

Bisola – Dr. Bisola Adeyemo (35) taught Rasheed (35) and Rasheedat (24) from 200 through 400 level.

Rasheed made distinction in his ND … had 10 years break from school … he lost his dad and trained in the interim … became a fashion designer and later went back to school where he met Rasheedat and Bisola. Continue reading VAW (Voices At Weddings: Bisola Weds Rasheed #Bisras 2005).

(VAW) Voices At Weddings.

Madam Jedidiah Ogunleye with her hubby on their wedding day. Mummy is mum to Afro-pop music act Simisola (Simi) Ogunleye (right).

Simi, her mum’s perfect look-alike was undeniably her mum’s chief bridesmaid.

I know many people ‘went to press’, engaged their mouths and published diverse stories about the celebrants et al. Some true; some false, some midway ….
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Weekend Trappings Now Trending.

Mum is chic; son cute and together they make up a cool team in aso ebi. (credit: social media)

The boy is Nigerian media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu – yes the younger version of him.

But many dapper, dandies, socialites weren’t hot brands as kids you know. Check out many of their past pictures and you’ll voice, “Aso ti e le!” (You were a JJC socially as a kid).

Anyway it’s quite difficult to upload the wardrobe, scope, pose and poise of adults as kid but not anymore for things have dramatically changed. Access the image of the boy in 10 years and he still rocks.

You might say he was dressed up but what of his pose and panache? His style, signature and © you know.

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‘Babes as BAE.’

As a woman if you go out of your way in love; you become the whale filling every available space in your partner’s heart. (pic credit:

“I’m lonely as single and want my hubby to add fun and spice to my life.”

If you’re not careful you’ll bore him because you’ll depend too much on him for your many instinctual life needs.

{BAE is acronym for ‘Before Anyone Else’}

First thing first, so be your own best friend. Have fun, flirt with and flaunt your Siamese twin that you see in the mirror. Perceive her as blockbuster – she is except of course you’d not discovered and mined. Be interesting to her. Continue reading ‘Babes as BAE.’

Marriage as Neither Paradise nor Hell (II)

Your ‘next’ may not be the nest unless you ‘best’ your present with your presence. (image credit: social media)

Relieve your pains before your matriculation into the marriage institution otherwise the gains inherent will elude you. I see many singles who see marriage as escape route from their boredom more like running away from the troubles of life and running into marriage – the paradise.

But the same mind that experienced issues of life had not been formatted for marriage and so there’s ‘carryover effect’ yes luggage, baggage which becomes barricade to marital bliss and fulfillment. Continue reading Marriage as Neither Paradise nor Hell (II)

Marriage as Neither Paradise nor Hell.

Don’t clip your wings as single otherwise you won’t fly in marriage. ( pic credit: social media)

They say you can’t give what you don’t have and what you have is part of you and maybe you in some cases. I usually say the vegetable oil you’ve got in your kitchen is what you use in cooking.

You fry chicken, plantain, egg … with it, you prepare moin-moin with same, fried rice is on the menu and your pride is unruffled because you can bribe the bride with your oil and she cooperates with you and convert to fried version of rice. Continue reading Marriage as Neither Paradise nor Hell.

Couple Smiles (© The Richard Mofe-Damijos)

Jumobi and Richard Mofe-Damijo (Instagram)

Smiles contest: so whose smile sells big? Whose smile wins more awards?

But hey don’t go that way … red card is waiting for you at the end of the road.

Ba’mijo for the Damijos in other words smile with them, after all the smiles God had joined together let no man put asunder! Continue reading Couple Smiles (© The Richard Mofe-Damijos)

Life Sizzles with Seasons.

 Irish American actress Olivia Wilde styled her baby bump in denim dungaree (credit: pinterest)

You won’t be a sweet 16 for life so enjoy your sweet sixteen status while it lasts.

You won’t sport baby bumps all your life so enjoy your baby with his balloon while he’s a tenant in you.

You won’t be student for life so enjoy campus life while you’re one.

You won’t be single for life so enjoy being single while your finger is free! Continue reading Life Sizzles with Seasons.

Picture of the Day (Céline Dion Celebrates Mum Thérèse Tanguay-Dion on Her Birthday).

Music legend Céline Dion celebrates her mum (an ace TV-personality) on her 91st birthday. (credit: facebook)

Music and entertainment sure runs in the family.

We @ say ‘Happy Birthday’ and wish you more blissful, peaceful years ahead.