Bedtime Café (Sajal-Neha Drama)

An ideal man has a relatively higher libido than a typical woman and so couples should express empathy, understanding and tolerance. (credit: social media)

Many times couples simultaneously feel horny and so no ‘tortoise story’ before they exchange signals and pleasure and passion. But many times more, a typical man feels horny when his madam isn’t. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Sajal-Neha Drama)

‘As Mobile as Opportunities.’

Music studio is the kitchen that prepares music. (credit: social media)

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come,” says Abraham Lincoln. And by extension ‘chance or opportunity’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘accounts’ for an advert executive, job for an applicant, nor TV commercial for a model.

In fact the opportunity could mean infertility for Shusma; joblessness for Kola, poverty for Taofik, divorce for Alice  ….
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Old Law vs New Love: (Mrs Jumoke Ajayi Writes her Daughter Bimpe) Part II

Caring mums guide their children in love and life.  (credit: kali9, Getty Images)

Some ladies don’t really play hard-to-get, while some do it fairly and some extremely.

My basic points:

Some men grew up in families where ‘You’re stupid,’ is as offensive as raising the middle finger at them; some don’t go an entire day without manufacturing at least 1 carton of curses and abuse; some hear f**k you at least 5 times and may voice same as well and this class have immunity as it were to insults.
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Old Law vs New Love: (Mrs Jumoke Ajayi Writes her Daughter Bimpe) Part I

Mum-daughter intimacy is same-gender affair and quite different from dad-daughter. (credit: social media)

Mrs. Ajayi didn’t want her daughter Bimpe to pass through the same tortuous journey of love as she did as a single and was all out to share her hindsight so her daughter could convert to foresight.

First and foremost, my daughter don’t get my arguments here twisted for I’m not talking about a woman who doesn’t like a man from Adam, but one who likes and knew she could date and marry him in the long run, paraphrased I’m highlighting and analyzing the class of women playing hard-to-get to identify with women on their ancestral script. Continue reading Old Law vs New Love: (Mrs Jumoke Ajayi Writes her Daughter Bimpe) Part I

Celebs and Their Stories.

Proud parents: The Teju Oyelakins.

Nigerian stand-up comedian Tejumade (aka Teju Baby face) and Tobiloba married in 2012 and waited patiently for some years and when God blessed them they delivered of twins in 2018.

The ideal space between immediate siblings is 2 years and in their context God decided to bless as well as fill the gap for the waiting with lovely twins. Continue reading Celebs and Their Stories.

The Phenomena of Faith, Fashion and Languages.

Broadminded Europeans in African attire. (credit:

When Europeans garb our fashion we smile and celebrate them which is awesome but when we clad theirs they see as norm because they had long ‘imported’ their lifestyles to peoples overseas especially during the colonial era.

In fact many of us perceive their fashion as the norm and convention and that’s true because many were (are) born into same and many more will. Now God as well as mortals with practical minds will not criticize or condemn us for speaking their language and wearing their clothes. Continue reading The Phenomena of Faith, Fashion and Languages.

Proposal and Courtship Aspects of Relationships.

Kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon (credit: social media)

It takes a second to transform from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancé and fiancée but ideally the music, “Will you marry me?” and “Yes I will!” must be released and received.

Now that second is experienced with the Yes though some might say it’s when the ring sits on the finger but personally I see the ring as ceremony. Continue reading Proposal and Courtship Aspects of Relationships.

The Antoine Griezmanns.

Antoine Griezmann with wife and better-half Erika Choperena. (credit: social media)

Antoinne Griezmann is France and Atletico Madrid striker and will be on duty on Sunday to make sure France conquer their Croatian opponents, but sure time will tell.

His partner Erika is a Spaniard and they met in 2011 and dated for long before finally tying the knot in 2017. Continue reading The Antoine Griezmanns.