Bedtime Café (as Crucial as Sleep)

Two is company three a crowd not applicable here, right?

Iya Oyo had been at Odo Ori market, Iwo since morning. She sells pepper and tomato.

Amara a marketer attached to a commercial bank in Lagos had traversed Palm-Avenue, Mushin and Daleko market, Isolo seeking customers and opening accounts.

Adamu the cobbler walks over 12km daily repairing shoes, palm-sandals, bathroom slippers …. as well as polishing, and selling shoe-related items. Adamu sees and says office-workers are lazy and wonders how they complain of fatigue and tiredness. Continue reading Bedtime Café (as Crucial as Sleep)

Bedtime Café (Believers in Pain-relievers)

‘7-star’ describes weekend sleep and sex. (image credit:

We all believe in the potency of pain-relievers otherwise we won’t subscribe and patronise the over-the-counter drugs.

Many people imprison aches and pains with analgesics so as to set free tender night’s rest which is honeymoon in sleep.

I can see a danfo driver (with river in a glass-cup) about to down and drown two tablets of paracetamol …. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Believers in Pain-relievers)

Bedtime Café (Food vs Sex).

If a hungry lion sees this face it’ll definitely cower and even take cover. (The Cable)

It was your birthday and your wife had informed you earlier that she was rich so no gift but she’ll compensate for that with birthday sex – and you knew it will be different sex.

She later called at 5:00pm that she was too tired to prepare dinner and you knew the implications – no food and no sex!

So what actually turned your face to a battle-ground? Continue reading Bedtime Café (Food vs Sex).

When Brands and Companies Catwalk into Phones.

Phones live in the hearts of business people and the heartbeat of businesses.

Some male and female names are so popular that they are like the air we breathe – talk of the universal ones – Blessing, Aisha, Esther, Zainab, Mary, Victoria, Mariam, Mike, Mohammed  ….

And here amongst the Yorubas of southwest Nigeria – the following names come expressly to mind – Adeola, Jumoke, Yetunde, Damola, Funmi, Kenny (from Kehinde) while Yemi and Bimbo are unisex names and so on. Continue reading When Brands and Companies Catwalk into Phones.

Bedtime Café (Attitude of Gratitude)

Having a bed-mate is blessings, it’s spice to sleep and available sex. (credit: social media)

Why do I publish Bedtime Café between 9pm and 10:30 pm Nigerian time? I do because I’m in Nigeria and so following the time at my disposal. I don’t follow Australian time (7:33am Tuesday morning April 17, 2018) nor Indian who are hours ahead of us and I don’t follow America nor Canada: 5:33pm Monday evening who are also behind us. 10:33pm in Nigeria same day (but Monday evening here)

Now if I follow the time of any of these countries then my timing will not match the bedtime in Nigeria and many will wonder why? Australians are on Tuesday morning same with Indians and Americans are in the afternoon right now but we are in Monday night here in Nigeria. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Attitude of Gratitude)

Bedtime Café (What God had Joined Together …).

Your frustrated looks when your partner (the criminal) won’t stop setting alarm but it refuses to arrest the offender but you. Yes no one but you!

Since God had joined you together in Holy Matrimony you became one and as Siamese twins you can achieve many things as individuals for you both and these are some of them:

Taking analgesic to relieve your partner’s pains.

Sipping steaming tea to release her cold so you can receive. Continue reading Bedtime Café (What God had Joined Together …).

‘Guilty or Victim?’

Love thrives in atmosphere of bliss and peace but bad-blood triggers hate. @ image: First Family @ Covenant Christian Centre: The Oyemades – Toyin and Poju (Instagram)

‘Guilty or Victim?’ mirrors the fact that there are two sides to every issue in life. If someone is always accusing others of something such could be a victim of the circumstance or guilty of the accusation.

A lady always accusing men of promiscuity could be a floozy or a victim. If she was a floozie she had probably slept with a company CEO, a soldier, student, politician, single and married … had probably slept with her best friend’s boyfriend, boss’ hubby and so over the years all men are promiscuous – her world spilling over to the world.

After all in her little world she’s had premarital … and later extramarital sex with various men. Continue reading ‘Guilty or Victim?’

Picture of the Day (Mr. & Mrs).

Love should be refreshed to witness many anniversaries. (credit: social media)

Many fresh couples (brides and grooms hours back) are doing (perhaps had done) thanksgiving in church today.

@ image:

Care to know the information streaming through the fresh hubby’s mind … yeah let’s go:

“So I finally deleted her surname from birth and blessed her with mine?” Continue reading Picture of the Day (Mr. & Mrs).

‘God as Delicacy.’

She relished God in church and came out with abundant blessings. Taste God and enjoy awesome love, wholesome life.

Brides and grooms enter church, court … as singles and leave as married.

Women with baby bumps enter medical facilities as one but come out as two – mum and baby!

Church is source, sea of blessings and a blessed you should exit same. Continue reading ‘God as Delicacy.’

VAW (Voices At Weddings) Bisola Weds Rasheed (#Bisras 2005) (VI)

The Anus (pronounced Harnuus). The bride Adaeze is the daughter of Nigerian entertainer and activist Charles Oputa (aka Charly Boy)

The Wedding Party:

Saturday Night at Bisola’s Parents’ Home.

Party was going on downstairs but these two friends: Bisola’s cousin (Aminat) with her childhood friend (Zainab) were too tired to join …. They were lying on Bisola’s bed with suya and malt drinks keeping them company.

Aminat: (perusing the picture of the newest couple) when bride and groom are good-looking, of the same height and age you behold #Bisras2005. Continue reading VAW (Voices At Weddings) Bisola Weds Rasheed (#Bisras 2005) (VI)