‘Serena Williams Belongs to … Ethnic Group of Nigeria.’

Tennis legend Serena Williams in her element. (credit: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

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You don’t know Serena Williams from Adam … now as a Nigerian if you come face-to-face with her in one of the cities in Nigeria and you’re to guess her ethnicity which tribe will you file her and why?

Fortunately Serena was in Nigeria in 2012 … now your perception and prediction of Serena’s ethnic group is about you not her and it says a lot about your experiences, beliefs, feelings, stereotypes …. Continue reading ‘Serena Williams Belongs to … Ethnic Group of Nigeria.’

The Humanity in Haifa Beseisso.

Haifa Beiseisso vlogger, travel and fashion enthusiast, Youtube sensation and First Lady @ Fly with Hiafa

Born and bred in Dubai (UAE) … Haifa left her 9 to 5 job to pursue her passion – travelling and publishing the world, learning and preaching the messages of love, community and humanity.

She’s an encyclopedia of travels and tours having visited over 24 countries across the globe and of course counting and her travelogue is sure intimidating. Continue reading The Humanity in Haifa Beseisso.

Bedtime Café (dreams vs nightmares)

To many couples bedtime is playtime. (pic source: pinterest)

Dreams and nightmares usually come from our day-to-day experiences, in fact they could be termed extension and expressions of our experiences so many times they don’t have spiritual undertones.

In the past few nights I don’t know how many women the world over had dreamt of getting married to Prince of Sussex Harry? Continue reading Bedtime Café (dreams vs nightmares)

The Blessing Called Family.

Music icon and entrepreneur Dapo Oyebanjo (aka D’banj) with his wife Didi Kilgrow and son Daniel (III) on the occasion of his 1st birthday. (credit: Instagram)

Societies are anchored on families and both massively influence each other.

Your impact on your family will reflect in your society so bless your society with your family by being a blessing to your family. Continue reading The Blessing Called Family.

What Do Women Want in Love?

In love ladies have expectations as women but their experiences in life differ. (credit: social media)

What men want in love is what women also ask for but where one desires spoon the other wants fork, where he demands shoes, she calls for socks.

Men want respect; women crave affection, men want to be in control women want to hold the remote-control, where men want authority his female version craves safety, paraphrased she wants to feel secure and security encompasses many types – emotional, financial, social, spiritual …. Continue reading What Do Women Want in Love?

‘Staying fertile While Contesting With Infertility.’

2015. Kenya Moore – Miss America 1993, actress, TV personality and entrepreneur. She seems to be rehearsing her baby bump.

Perceiving Your Issues From Another Perspective:

Did you know that some people marry basically for companionship and practise protected sex just to avoid children?

And that’s the same child(ren) you wanted so badly, so desperately that you put yourself in the mood, mode that won’t make babies want you? Continue reading ‘Staying fertile While Contesting With Infertility.’

One Step That Triggered a Positive Change.

The face @ image was uploaded by the mind that knew amala and beans don’t gel same way tea and salt don’t agree. (credit: idatedaily.com)

Sunday Afternoon in the home of the Ajisegiris.

The Ajisegiris’ home boasts of 4 members – the parents – Segun and Shade Ajisegiri and their children – 10-year-old Ife and 8-year-old-Dapo.

Shade Ajisegiri travelled on Thursday evening to attend the wedding of her best friend’s younger sister, but poor Segun wasn’t good at cooking and so his children were forced to eat meals in cartons, plastics and cans. Continue reading One Step That Triggered a Positive Change.

Thanksgiving Wardrobe for Couples.

Aso-ebi exclusively for couples advance love and highlights romance.

Thanksgiving wardrobe for couples could be wedding or anniversary thanksgiving and it’s inspiration for couples of all ages, so Methuselah couples could garb for their anniversary thanksgiving as well. 

Gallery of Christian Wedding Events: Friday is usually for engagement, Saturday is D-day – the wedding, and Sunday is dedicated for thanksgiving.

More pics ahead Continue reading Thanksgiving Wardrobe for Couples.