Guilt-Feelings Tactics.

LoversAn ideal man has huge sexual appetite, know and note this as a woman.

Women sometimes drive men into extramarital affairs when they refused their man for no reason whatsoever. Sex isn’t food but even if he sees it as such, he won’t demand it too often.

Work, family responsibilities, social activities … will naturally take his time and sap his energy. So ordinarily he won’t be too demanding except on weekends and holidays and fortunately for you, you’re not too occupied as well. Continue reading Guilt-Feelings Tactics.

Moderacy the Spice of Life

moderacySpend quality time together but have social life beyond home.

Salt is sweet, sugar is delicious. Add little salt to stew and see it valueless; add excess salt to soup and it becomes jobless, worthless!

Add moderate salt and see tongue celebrating and rejoicing. As a kid each time I put excess sugar in my tea or garri it ends up in the sink but I often imagine how something so sweet could become ‘bitter’ in excess.

Be needy, ‘Siamese’ him, show him too much attention and suffocate him. Ignore him and send invite to a ‘surrogate.’

Entice her with money, spoil her rotten and end up dating lust. Forget cash and kind and see her taxi the runway … flying away to land in another airport manned and managed by another man. Continue reading Moderacy the Spice of Life

The Tomboy I knew.

TomboyTomboys are unique and interesting girls and women.

I came in contact with one when I was doing my A-levels at Kwara State Polytechnic many years ago. She was a bit tall for a woman, fair-skinned, always spotting low hair cuts. She was a lover of jeans and shirt. Head up, shoulder high, piercing gaze, sultry yet smart gait and I usually see a princess.

She cuts the picture of an ideal man but curves here and there though not much ‘betrayed’ her. Can’t remember if she spots ear rings. She was bold though reserved, cool, calm and collected. ‘Sophisticated’ describes her. We were in the same class but we weren’t friends not even acquaintances though I admired her.

She was individualistic, minds her business, blessed with self-esteem, full of grace, charm, and quite charismatic. Tomboys are repulsive to some men but I believe very few would see her bland and uninteresting. She behaved like an ideal man but covertly. Always neatly and smartly dressed and beautiful.

Back in the day, she gave me many resources to ponder on now I imagine how she looks like, the course she studied in college, who she married, how she’s raising her kids,  her career or business, maybe domestically-employed ….

I’ve met (seen) other tomboys but none was like her. She was unique, interesting and riveting. I don’t know if her tomboy was by nature or nurture or both but tomboys are usually the only female amongst male siblings. Continue reading The Tomboy I knew.

Friendship and Partnership in Marriage

Comedian AY and family360-degree entertainer Ayo Makun with his family.

The couple produced the award-winning movie “30 Days in Atlanta.” His wife, Mabel inspired and motivated Ayo an award-winning comedian, TV host, actor, writer, director and UN Peace Ambassador (2009) 

Mabel, a businesswoman saw a vacuum and the need for her hubby to practice what he’d studied in school. That’s what partnership and friendship do in marriage.

They met in school, Delta State University, Abraka, Delta (south-south) Nigeria and got married in 2008.

Spread Love Not HIV

Spread loveFaithfulness is big insurance against HIV and other STIs .

He contracted HIV from one of his multiple sex partners and believes that spreading the virus by infecting many others was his best option.

Bro, there are different strains of the virus and you could be re-infected with a deadlier strain therefore exposing yourself through unprotected sex is like choosing speed train over tricycle to courier you out of life.

Unprotected sex (even if you have the virus) is inviting and increasing the quantity of virus (viral load) in your system and the quality – more vicious viral strain, which could be fatal.

HIV isn’t death sentence, sister. You can lead a long, productive life if you choose positive lifestyle despite being positive! Continue reading Spread Love Not HIV

Your Bedroom

BedroomInviting bedroom.

Your bed should be inviting enough to make you feel sleepy at sight; appetizing enough to make you long for your partner.

Bedroom is the nest of two of the most pleasurable variables in life. Yeah sleep and sex.

You don’t have to slim down or empty your bank accounts for your bedroom to look nice. Just keep it clean and tidy. Fragrance regularly.

Let it be a resort of relaxation and irresistible lover’s nest and it will make sex wonderful; sleep beautiful!

Meet Your Beauty Queens

Rolene StraussMiss World 2014 Miss Rolene Strauss        

Born April 22 1992. Her dad is a medical doctor; her mum nurse and Rolene a medical student of the University of the Free State, South Africa. Matilda Kerry former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN 2000) is a medical doctor. Rolene was Miss South Africa and represented same to become Miss World. More info and pictures if you continue. Continue reading Meet Your Beauty Queens

Social Media Drama (SMD)

dramaHide-and-seek Drama.

Ladies sometimes stir the hornet’s nest if they upload suggestive pictures showing their half-nude or almost nude bodies on social media. Members of their gender sometimes (maybe most times) kick-start the offensive and guys cruise the sea, armed to the teeth in their warship.

They queue behind the offensive or defensive bloc? The allies mobilize and the enemies reinforce and before you say Jaiye Tomisin maybe Jack Robinson missiles are flying, dropping and exploding!

Hearts bleeding, minds wailing, mouths hissing! Accusations, counter-accusations! Alas. Social Media Drama (SMD) Continue reading Social Media Drama (SMD)