The Lanre Fasasis

The Lanre FasasisFarida and Lanre Fasasi.

Lanre Fasasi (AKA Sound Sultan) is a popular Nigerian musician, comedian and actor.

Farida who used to be Chichi Morah is not only his better-half, moral support and motivation as well. A successful man before marriage is an achiever in marriage and on his way to being self-actualized. wishes this inter-ethnic couple double blessings in multiple folds in love and life.

Sex-Educate Your Kids.

Parents and sex educationYour home is the testing ground of your leadership skills.

Children have all sorts of fantasies, beliefs, notions that are not only wrong, weird as well and they get most of them from peers, older friends, parents and the media.

Parents sometimes communicate with them without actually communicating. They misinform in an attempt to hide some truth they believe will do them big disservice. Continue reading Sex-Educate Your Kids.

Why Cry Over Spilt Milk?

Crying over spilt milk IIHeartbreak is the bitter part of romantic relationship.

It’s human to cry over spilt milk but super-human to clean up and move on.

If he breaks your heart and moves on, then he’s not meant for you. Cry, release your pent-up emotions but heal sooner than later.

He’d broken your heart not home. There’s great hope for a good home in the future. So mend your heart, go on ‘vacations,’ and learn to give someone else a chance. Nonetheless learn from the mistakes of the past.

If she says it’s over, don’t threaten or blackmail her but learn to forge ahead. Motivate yourself and get inspired!

If we’re in love we don’t believe someone else would do better than our partner until we free our hearts and release our minds to research, explore and embrace opportunities.

The Place of Proposal

Akpororo and FianceeJephthah Bowoto (AKA Akpororo) and fiancee, Josephine.

Is there an appropriate and inappropriate place to propose to one’s fiancee?

I won’t be surprised if a guy maybe a comedian stealthily follows his girlfriend to the restroom, pretty ready to dare the stench, drench the scent and says to his girlfriend, “Will you marry me?”  A round of applause from the inanimate audience will follow immediately! Continue reading The Place of Proposal

The Mutual Combination

The AkinlamisThe comedian Elenu’s family.

Children are photocopies but original documents at the same time! The Akinlami-boy (boy in the image) is a product of Chinwe and Tunde, his proud parents. In other words, he’s the combination of his parents biology and psychology.

Know your genotype, marry the medically appropriate partner and gift your kids the very best of life.