Friendship is a Degree Course.

Expectant Couple
 Couple-Friends studying their different courses

Friendship is a course in life. It allows you to know your partner well but not enough.

You study the course on a daily basis and if you’re a dedicated, careful, sensitive and receptive learner you make good grades but you never graduate from that college because new habits, hobbies, ideas, ideals, feelings, thinking come up and crop up regularly. Continue reading Friendship is a Degree Course.

The gods in life

The gods
#Money, one of the gods.

Because we worship religion some men of God had turned themselves to God (no god) of men. The problem with humans is that we’re too fanatical about the wrong things and lackadaisical about the right.

For instance we worship religion not God, fanatical about sex yes lust not love, idolise wealth and trivialise diligence …. A lady who brings a complete gentleman to his parents and introduce him to them as her fiancé should be respected for her modesty but it could be the reverse. In fact, her mum could embarrass her suitor for ‘choosing’ to befriend poverty. Continue reading The gods in life