Women as Good Teachers of Patience.

Men are okay when they are presentable but women want to be preservable and so from hair to toe they want to exude beauty and charm.

One of the most important virtues men learn from women is patience. The traffic gridlock peculiar to love is courtesy of women and interestingly patience is a very crucial virtue in life.

Men wait for love, wait in bed, wait for madam to attend an event together. Continue reading Women as Good Teachers of Patience.

SMD (Social Media Drama: Ummy vs Ahmed)

Social Media is a movie theatre with diverse online actors interpreting roles from their various offline locations. (credit: premium times)

The head-office of verbal and non-verbal communication is sited in the mouths of women, little wonder they are born conversationalists.

I don’t know the number of words the printing press in a typical woman publishes per day but believe me they beat hands down that of an ideal man. Care to know why their voices are slim and tiny. Continue reading SMD (Social Media Drama: Ummy vs Ahmed)

Love and Life as Jungle.

Cherish your gifts, they are your customized blessings.

On the football pitch a team could play brilliantly well attacking 95% of the time, and their opponents are forced to defend deep but in the course of the game they could have a singular opportunity and go on to net and finally win the game.

The players, manager and fans of the team that won might feel they don’t deserve the victory, but they do because they succeeded in stopping their offensive opponents from scoring and at the same time they were strategic, brilliant and intelligent at other end. And so they converted the only opportunity they had. Continue reading Love and Life as Jungle.

Similar Faces but Dissimilar Fate.

Twin sisters ‘Ayomikun and Ayokunmi’ will experience ayo (bliss) at different depths even with same good news.

Same-gender twins let’s call them Ayomikun and Ayokunmi are two different people and though they look alike in many respects nature will not look at them same way from all aspects.

Though they smile similarly, predictably they won’t smile at the same time at all times. Continue reading Similar Faces but Dissimilar Fate.

What’s olayemiogunojo.com to you?

Brides are smashing, interesting  so is olayemiogunojo.com (credit: BellaNaija)

A book of short stories. If you’re a writer, storyteller or lover of stories you’ll perceive this site as such.

City of love and romance – humanity, yes people who love and want to be loved will respond favourably to this so I guess all regardless of race, space or faith.

Business world – to business people: employers of labour, captains of industry, managers, workers …. Continue reading What’s olayemiogunojo.com to you?

The Strengths of Feedback in Intimacy.

Just one lovely SMS from you to your spouse in the middle of work could  be the difference between a great and an average day.

As a man if you receive the text message below from your partner I’m sure you’ll be happy with her for long and you’ll be motivated to do more. Her thoughtfulness will make you more responsive and responsible and that’s how powerful commendation is. Continue reading The Strengths of Feedback in Intimacy.

Pictures and Poses of Nigerian Brides.

Elegant. When brides wine with beads on white the pictures highlight beauty and charm.

Phones are becoming part and parcel of fashion and it’s a misnomer to say they are gatecrashers now they stylishly photo-bump pictures of brides and grooms.

These lovely, lively brides are © of some ethnic groups in Nigeria.

more pics ahead Continue reading Pictures and Poses of Nigerian Brides.

World Virginity Day 2018.

Saying no to sex as teenagers or adults is a choice – very wholesome and healthy choice. (credit: social media)

June 9 (yesterday) was set aside to mark World Virginity Day 2018.

If 1 student in a class of 30 cheats in the exam hall and he’s brought out on the assembly he might feel embarrassed and even cover his face.

If 10 out of 30 students did similarly some of them could cover their faces, some may look down feeling ashamed and some may even smile at their ‘achievements’. Continue reading World Virginity Day 2018.

Bedtime Café (Sleeping on Duty)

When the songs coming from your new wife is ‘Empty barrels make the loudest noise.’  (credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

You were an A-list ladies man but your girlfriend refused to let you access and assess her but gave you a promissory note which reads –

‘Why are you so much in a hurry, can you fly to Canada or Calabar in Nigeria this minute? You need papers so put a ring on my finger and I’ll grant you passport to fly my airport’. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Sleeping on Duty)