VAW (Voices At Weddings) Bisola Weds Rasheed (#Bisras 2005) (V)

Smiles, music, camaraderie … all add to weddings.

Voices at the Reception:

Dr. (Mrs) Chisom Okafor, 58-year-old colleague of Bisola with her neighbour, Cindy Okotie, a cleric’s wife and cleric.

Okafor: Madam tietie believe me Bisola is pregnant.

Okotie: I don’t know maybe you studied pregnancy-detection in college for you’re so good and hardly miss target … but I’m a woman too and not as good as you … you’ve got scanning eyes or are they spiritual-scanning eyes? Continue reading VAW (Voices At Weddings) Bisola Weds Rasheed (#Bisras 2005) (V)

Intro. of Bisola Weds Rasheed (#Bisras 2005).

Wedding is a milestone event in life. (pic credit:

Rasheed (35) and Rasheedat (24) were classmates and students of NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria). They were friends from 200 to 300 level but began dating from 300 (when 300 level was 300 hours old) to few hours to 400 level when their relationship ended abruptly.

Bisola – Dr. Bisola Adeyemo (35) taught Rasheed and Rasheedat from 200 through 400 level. Continue reading Intro. of Bisola Weds Rasheed (#Bisras 2005).

TAM (That Awkward Moment: the runaway artisan)

The face of a thief shortly after apprehension (shutterstock).

Continues from the past 2 published articles …. You finally voiced his name and he looked in the direction of your voice and saw you.

He became awkward and like okro his mind peaked from ebb and dropped from height. He felt hot and cold at the same time while you were relishing the moment and having a cool time.

Immediately his mind borrowed the fist of Anthony Olufemi Joshua (Nigerian-British heavy-weight boxing champion) and punched him with the statement ‘you’re a big fool!’ so he let out a sheepish smile to relieve his embarrassment. Continue reading TAM (That Awkward Moment: the runaway artisan)

Securing Your Marriage.

New movie Divorce Not Allowed by Mike Ezuruonye is motivation and inspiration for couples to weather the storms of marriage stoically. Pay the price for the prize called wonderful marriage.

Nothing good in life comes easy – love, bliss, riches, good grades in college, awesome job, beauty, holistic health, lovely spouse, brilliant kids, wonderful marriage, loyal friends …. 

Many wrote the same exams four or five times or more to access college, many apply for the same job over and over again, many sweat, slave to get visa …. Did you know how many hours you spend at the beauty studio just to look good, at the spa and gym to stay fit and healthy …. Sacrifice!
Continue reading Securing Your Marriage.

‘When Men Became Criminals to Catch Policewomen.’

This is the image you behold when a beauty queen decides to pursues a career in security agency.

This is the type of security agents criminals see and say, “Officer, this is me, please arrest me but T&C applies – I’ll return all my ill-gotten wealth, go to prison and after few weeks enjoy parole and finally marry you!”

Pics ahead
Continue reading ‘When Men Became Criminals to Catch Policewomen.’

Traits of Bad Girls in Intimacy.

Bile is the blood of bad people. (credit: Karma)

Maria was simultaneously dating a rich and struggling man.

The rich guy was Biodun aka Abbey and the shingbai guy Tosin. She always have unprotected sex with Abbey and many times go visiting when she’s most sensitive so she could conceive and use pregnancy to trap, tie and finally marry him or at worst become his baby mama.

Maria’s genotype was AS but she’s indifferent about the genotype of Abbey for all she wanted was a baby. She became an expert at ovulation matters and a specialist at calculating her most fertile periods just to conceive for Abbey. Continue reading Traits of Bad Girls in Intimacy.

The Web Called Life.

The drama your face uploads when your statements in the past comes back to sting you worse than scorpion.

It’s not unusual to be caught in the web of your own words but if you’re always ensnared in the quagmire then your integrity is at stake.

Many of these are not direct so the one accusing, correcting may not be conscious of his or her own patronage of the issue unlike the Chelsea fan or a man who left his job for another because of better salary and ironically he couldn’t stop accusing a player who left his favourite club for another so his bank accounts could be bigger. Continue reading The Web Called Life.

The Competitive Edge Good Girls Have in Love.

The sensible minds and sensitive hearts of good girls make them irresistible to both bad and good guys. (image credit: shutterstock)

They are not materialistic and hence less demanding.

They are trustworthy and trusting and the latter makes men comfortable around them.

An ideal guy perceives them as fast-food.

And sure men feel safe and secure around them.
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Bedtime Café (The FBI in Sex)

Believe me. This is primary foreplay which makes the secondary right, tight and bright. Don’t also forget the fact that wine is an aphrodisiac. (pic credit: iStock)

Sex and sleep exposes our vulnerability as humans.

In sex you let down your guard to guide your sensations wide and wild for pleasure, absolute pleasure to erupt and peak.

In other words for pleasure to stream effectively through you, you’ve got to let go of your inhibitions, anxieties and as you let down your guard you automatically open the door of your mind. Continue reading Bedtime Café (The FBI in Sex)

Dads Who are Social Loafers.

Available dads have ‘present kids’. (pic credit: social media)

This is sequel to my last published article:

Now as freshers, your children and ward shouldn’t be JJCs on campus. They should know enough about college from high school. Exposure.

Dr. Hassan had asked his neighbour’s son, Adamu what department he was. Hear Adamu’s response “Social Sciences sir!”  That’s embarrassing you know! Continue reading Dads Who are Social Loafers.