‘Friends vs Owambe Friends.’

Ore mi ore mi pose at owambe. (Mblov and Anjysworldprd)

Owambe is a Nigerian-themed events and many well-wishers attend same with family and friends.

It’s a life filled with family, friends and acquaintances but an acquaintance today could transform to friend in a month and bosom friend in months and pathetically too bosom friends could become sworn enemies. But that’s not where we’re going today. Continue reading ‘Friends vs Owambe Friends.’

Contents of Pre-wedding Pictures.

Pre-wedding picture featuring love and affection. (the award-winning image was proudly shared on  social media) 

Pre-wedding pictures and videos highlight love, romance, companionship, friendship and partnership.

Now did you know that contents of pre-wedding pictures are ingredients of successful marriages? Continue reading Contents of Pre-wedding Pictures.

‘Red Light District Sisters.’

We can see dreams in those innocent eyes (credit: social media)

I’m pretty sure as a kid you dreamt of becoming a businesswoman, maybe practicing lawyer or pilot or fashion designer et al.

So what happened to those dreams? … life happens, right? Oh!

So what’s your diagnosis? Too much or too little or both! Continue reading ‘Red Light District Sisters.’

2018-2019 EPL Season Starts Tonight.

2018 FA Community Shield winners, Manchester City. (credit: REUTERS/Phil Noble)

The 2018-2019 EPL season kicks off tonight as the Foxes travel to Old Trafford to battle the Red Devils.

Yes Man United vs. Leicester City.

All eyes on the defending champions Man. City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man. United ….  In life, never say never so none is an underdog. Continue reading 2018-2019 EPL Season Starts Tonight.

This Version of Water-Pouring is Love and Romance.

Say yes to love and romance. (credit: wallpaperflare.com)

Similar behaviours (pouring water) but this is quite different from the one published earlier and it’s because the motivations are different and so is the effect.

There are two types of ‘sorry’ the one that attracts bliss, hugs and kisses and the one that invites bile and bite. The motivations of the actors in the two contexts differentiate and file them into two categories. Continue reading This Version of Water-Pouring is Love and Romance.

‘Resolving Issues in Intimacy Without Rupturing Tissues.’

Say no to all forms of domestic violence. (credit: social media)

Physicians attack diseases not patients hosting the disease; psychologists, therapists, counselors … attack issues in lives and families not tissues.

Now if the drama above was brought to your attention for possible intervention don’t ever make the mistake of taking sides even if you know the results of the offender vs the offended upload 10-0. Continue reading ‘Resolving Issues in Intimacy Without Rupturing Tissues.’

Pray for Your Society.

Prayer is divine communication and much more. (credit: social media)

Today is Friday and Muslims the world over will be going to Mosques to commune with God, may God answer our petitions.

Whatever your religion please pray for our leaders and note the contents of those prayers, to partake and be part as a player. In other words practise as an individual especially those of us in Africa. Continue reading Pray for Your Society.