The Sexual Dichotomies (I)

The Sexual Dichotomies
#The Sexual Dichotomies

This article is for married couples who want to save their marriages from collapse as a result of boredom in the bedroom; those who want fireworks in their sheet sessions and those who want to transform their routine bedroom experience to sizzling honeymoon ecstasy.

As a relationship cum life coach and researcher particularly one in medical science I perceive this issue to be too essential to be swept under the carpet, put in the pocket to be forgotten or thrown in the wastebasket to be trashed.

Anatomically men are different from women; physiologically women are distinct from men though they come from the same source. By extension amala and pounded yam come from the same source but they are different in colour, texture and taste. Male and female have different personalities because their cognition, emotions and actions are different in many ways though similar in some ways. Continue reading The Sexual Dichotomies (I)

Music Lab

#Nigerian Music Stars

These 12 songs and many more are my favourite contemporary Nigerian love songs and marriage anthems. The list is not following a particular order or sequence.

  1. Adaobi by Mavin Crew
  2. Aye – Davido
  3. Obi Mu O by Obiwon
  4. Nana: Bracket
  5. Olufunmi by Styl-Plus
  6. African Queen – 2face (now 2baba)
  7. Angel of my Life: Paul Play
  8. Oruka by Sunny Neji
  9. Marry me: Falz
  10. Awww by Di’ja
  11. Olo mi by Tosin Martins
  12. Ego by Djinee

Gossips and Rumour

#Gossips and Rumour

Rumour is news making the rounds in the absence of opportunity, at that point in time to confirm its authenticity!

The average human loves listening to rumours especially the celebrity version but hates it when other people dissect his personal life but why do we always want things to be different when it comes to us? If you were unfair to others why should people be fair to you? “Do unto others as you have them do unto you.” Continue reading Gossips and Rumour