Absconding Yet Pursuing Your Own Shadow.

Running womanAbscond or Pursue? 

I saw a man and woman in my mind’s eye absconding yet pursuing their own shadows. Fiction, right? A buffalo may run away from a lioness at the outset but along the line it may turn round to pursue the lioness.

The lady I’m dissecting in Absconding Yet Pursuing Your Own Shadow steals, snatches sometimes kidnap husbands of various women for weeks, months even years as single but when she finally marries she says she’ll deal with or even kill any lady that enters her territory and tries to snatch her hubby or share him with her. Haba is she not absconding from yet pursuing her own shadow? Continue reading Absconding Yet Pursuing Your Own Shadow.

Social Media Drama (SMD)

dramaSocial Media Drama (SMD) is like hide-and-seek.

Some people are carnivorous humans, they bite, tear celebs to shreds on social media. Some will quickly mobilise to protect the celeb like Voltron the defender of the universe. They tear the jaws of those trying to saw through the reputation of their favourite stars. Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. The big drama on social media. Continue reading Social Media Drama (SMD)