‘Who Told You?’

PensiveOne weekend a lady by name Cheryl visited her fiancé, Dean. Dean who was very romantic wanted to surprise his fiancée with a gift so he told her to wait for him while he goes out for something. Not long after, Dean’s new catch, basically for short-term pleasures, Pamela, sauntered in but not before answering piercing questions from Cheryl. Cheryl stood by the door observing and assessing her for some seconds as she walked in.

Dean, his fiancée and girlfriend were all African-Americans. Cheryl was streamline shaped, fair-skinned, slim-faced with an imposing height of 5’10; Pamela on the other hand was quite beefy, ebony-skinned and 5’1 in height. They were both blessed with good looks. Both of them were watching musicals but deep, very deep in diverse thoughts. These are their secret thoughts: Continue reading ‘Who Told You?’

Is beauty promiscuous?

Agatha                        Agatha

Agatha Evoh, University of Lagos (UNILAG) alumnus, “That’s African mentality but I believe gorgeous ladies shouldn’t be promiscuous for guys would take advantage of you but those who come from humble backgrounds may use it to finance their studies which is bad anyway. Overall it depends on individuals but many drop-dead gorgeous women are sexually reserved!”

Marriage is a major life event!

Adams and LaraComrade Adams Oshiomole, Governor Edo State (South-South Nigeria) and his lovely wife former Miss Lara Forte.

Love and Relationship vary across societies. This type of intimate marital-relationship is common in Africa but in America it’s vice versa, in other words the bride may be far older than the groom.

Wishing the Oshiomoles our belated conjugal bliss!