Gossips and Rumour

#Gossips and Rumour

Rumour is news making the rounds in the absence of opportunity, at that point in time to confirm its authenticity!

The average human loves listening to rumours especially the celebrity version but hates it when other people dissect his personal life but why do we always want things to be different when it comes to us? If you were unfair to others why should people be fair to you? “Do unto others as you have them do unto you.” Continue reading Gossips and Rumour

‘Sex Detector’

      #True love conquers sex detector.

Sex Inspector no Detector, perhaps the contraption of the future!

Now let me raise your eyebrow as high as Burj Khalifa. I once set out to research the opinions of adults on a delicate issue which is if a device was invented that could detect sex acts done minutes, hours or days back, would it be beneficial or detrimental to our various homes and marriages? Continue reading ‘Sex Detector’