The Beginning of the End!

Busy husbandsUnavailable Husband Meets ‘The Available Man.’

Extremely busy yes unavailable husbands many times lose their wives to domestic staff, colleagues, friends, neighbours … same way unavailable mums lose their kids’ affection to maids, neighbours ….

Money is crucial for the survival and success of the home front and we sacrifice our time to get this essential life variable but significant others need that time to connect with us psychologically? What an irony? Continue reading The Beginning of the End!

They Have a Home!

Home They’re best of friends!

Love is dormant, inactive but romance is active, alive and alert!  Vision rests in the mind but mission does the ‘9 to 5 Job.’ Love rests and relaxes in the heart while romance does the ‘9 to 5 job.’ You don’t know who loves you until the person expresses his internal feelings toward you and the mode (s)he chose to do that is romance in a nutshell.

In other words, romance is the voice and language of love. There are numerous languages in this world just as there are countless voices. Yes our voices are unique. What’s romantic to Yemi might not to Femi not to talk of Kemi. Continue reading They Have a Home!

The Trigger

The Trigger PicJessica & Dustin

Dustin was born into a middle-class family in Colton, California. His parents, Doris and Morris Lambert were upwardly mobile executives who owned, managed and ran their advertising agency, Hot-Nut. Dustin had an elder brother, Williams who was very cute and smart. He was a dapper par excellence.

Doris was quite beefy; her ample flesh was juicy just like apple. Her skin was supple and as spotless as soap bubbles. She had an executive beauty which sings an inspiring music. A must watch because the music is irresistible. Morris was tall, squarely built and intimidatingly handsome. Dustin was however the black sheep of the family for he wasn’t good looking but endowed with charm, charisma and an electrifying sense of humour. Continue reading The Trigger

Humans are Walking Billboards.

Business group portrait - Six business people working together. A diverse work group.
Humans are Mobile Adverts.

Humans are mobile adverts; call it walking billboards and believe me Miss. Chioma won’t call it a misnomer. The packaging determines the worth and most times the worth determines the value and billing. So how do you package and present yourself to the world?

The young job applicant with huge tribal marks, conc. accent and fresh from the countryside but spoke in an interview in Victoria Island like he had lived in the choicest part of Lagos all his life, is advertising himself to his potential employers. Continue reading Humans are Walking Billboards.

Are Men Afraid of Hugely Successful Career Women?

Indian Executive           Career Woman

I’ll pick one point and discuss till I finally round-off my analysis of this issue. Like I said few days ago, men don’t fear rich and successful career women but fear the consequences the socioeconomic status could trigger.

A child fears live chicken but tears the one in his plate with his heart resting, nesting never scaling a twelve-foot fence! We’re fearful and hence careful when we need to enter a facility that has the inscription “Beware of Dogs,” hanging conspicuously on its gate. We’re afraid because we don’t want to be mince meat to the Rots maybe bull-mastiffs in the property. But if we eventually become friends with the ‘guards’ our phobia disappears. Continue reading Are Men Afraid of Hugely Successful Career Women?