Mondays Should be Your Bosom Friends.

Mondays Should be Your Bosom Friends
                 #Mondays Should be Your Bosom Friends.

Honestly, Monday is your best friend, never an arch-rival or sworn enemy.

Last night in my mind’s eye I saw and heard a banker (with anxiety painted expressly on his face) saying, “Oh, why is this weekend so fast? Pooh, I detest Mondays. In fact, if I’d my way I’d kidnap them at gun point and imprison forever. I’m sure humanity would commend me for my humanitarian effort!” Continue reading Mondays Should be Your Bosom Friends.

Mothers-in-law Vs Daughters-in-law

M v D                #Mothers-in-laws Vs Daughters-in-law

Women have their unique personality, though quite distinct from men they have their meeting points. Their sexuality is the tip of the ice-berg of their personality. Women are by nature subtle where men are loud, assertive where men are aggressive. They are walking emotions, men – emotions in progress. To nurture, you need some iota of aggression. Wonder why the otherwise calm mother hen dramatically becomes aggressive? It’s for the safety of her chicks. Continue reading Mothers-in-law Vs Daughters-in-law