Talking About Social Media (Interviews).


Perceptions and opinions of our respondents on what they like and dislike about social media:

“Antidote to boredom – many times when I’m bored I go online to seek fun and entertainment. Marketing platforms: you can use the facility to market your goods and services. Lost but found: social media has helped many of us search for, locate and reconnect with friends in the past. It’s also a medium to showcase your talents, skills … so social media stock fame and fortune for the gifted and smart.

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SMD (Social Media Drama: Father’s Day Drama) II

The traffic caused by A-list celebs on social media is longer than any gridlock on any highway. (image credit: Premium times)

Commenter H (f): Who’s the whistle blower here, we need to identify such and deal with him or her?

Commenter I (m): Nollywood actress, Dolly she started the war which has wounded many and red cross officials, security agents et al had taken them to the hospital. Continue reading SMD (Social Media Drama: Father’s Day Drama) II

SMD (Social Media Drama: Father’s Day Drama)

Social media boasts of online citizenry. (credit: premium times)

On Father’s Day (June 17)  a celeb shared the picture of her children with the caption –

Two make babies but fools woo and later boo and leave rabies in ladies. He professed love as daddy, hubby but absconded from babies, wife and bills but thank God for nice job, my bills and baby no sweat!’

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Couples & Anniversaries (The Linus Idahosas Version)

Nollywood actress and model Stephanie Okereke with her hubby Linus Idahosa.

Stephanie reportedly shared this piece – poem and romance on her social media page few months back:

“Happy Wedding Anniversary to #mysoulmate. Thank you for filling my heart and our home with so much joy and laughter. 
On this day you married me like a princess, I still remember how you stood gallantly like the Prince that you are, poised to sweep me off my feet. I’m eternally glad I chose right.
May our Father continually give us the Wisdom and Strength to be instruments of change to our world.
Love you with everything that is in me. #HWA”. – source
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Entertainment Enriches Economies.

Ugandan hip-hop act Prince Eddie Atlas Igumira. (credit: social media)

Gifted Ugandan rapper Atlas Da Africa whispering to youths to discover their talents in arts and pursue.

And sure entertainment is big direct and indirect employer of labour not just youths.

Entertainment is h-u-g-e and needs to be mined just like crude oil. In entertainment there’s tourism in tourism there’s entertainment. Continue reading Entertainment Enriches Economies.

Bedtime Café (‘The Fingerprints of Women in Promiscuity’)

Ugandan twin-sisters who like sharing in life and love.

No typical woman wants to share her intimate partner with any woman but these atypical women – Ugandan twin-sisters don’t mind, in fact they prefer sharing their hubby, after all they had been sharing things together all their lives. Continue reading Bedtime Café (‘The Fingerprints of Women in Promiscuity’)

Contacts as Contracts

Supermodel Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi. (credit: social media)

Money, fame, power and influence love one another and most times they want to wine and dine together and they actually do, after all birds of a feather they say flock together.  

The one with political ambitions is being sponsored by moneybags so that when the politician becomes a leader he would enjoy contracts, business deals … and so the businessman could consolidate on his status to climb higher on the wealth ladder. Continue reading Contacts as Contracts

Skills as Habits

Philippe Coutinho’s super goal against Switzerland. (credit: twitter)

I knew Philippe Coutinho at Liverpool, no thanks to his romantic goals against Man City.

And I began to ‘follow’ his tracks and steps. I knew he was (is) a sensational player … Barcelona later came for him and he left England for Spain that’s talking about his career – clubside.

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‘Fatherhood as Feelings Before Feelings.’

The Mark Zuckerbergs with their first daughter Max (credit: Getty)

For Zuckerberg, Facebook came long before Fatherhood but fatherhood had long been in existence – in fantasy long before facebook and reality.

Children dream and see themselves in fatherhood shoes even as kids. Continue reading ‘Fatherhood as Feelings Before Feelings.’

Fatherhood-Motherhood Partnership.

It takes two to make babies it also requires two to mold. (credit: pinterest)

There can’t be mothers without fathers and vice-versa for it’s a life of sperm and egg.

Now even if a woman visits a medical facility to source semen a man supplied the ‘milk’ in the sperm bank and a woman must take the milk before she could make her own milk to feed her baby. White in; white out!

When women conceive and gain weight daily sometimes someone has to lose weight – men. Continue reading Fatherhood-Motherhood Partnership.