The Impacts of Themes and Titles to Businesses.

Names, logos, colours and slogan impact brands beyond measures. (credit: social media)

Whether you’re a makeup artist, fashion designer, music producer, manufacturer or whatever you’re into note that business has intrinsic and extrinsic components which customers relate with. And many times the effect are subliminal.

Sensitive parents don’t just give their children any name anyhow same way smart business people don’t brand their business with any title.
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Consequences of Lack of Planning.

Expired card could be very frustrating but he forgot to pick … at his banking hall few hours back. (credit: Istock)

Our ‘to-do list’ could be likened to ‘map and compass’ to a traveler or explorer and if you don’t plan you’ll fall for other plans and if it’s yours then they are most likely to be round pegs in square holes and if we fall into the plans of others many times we regret not following ours ….

Successful day correlate with executed plans so relay to your diary or phones and check to relate with your daily activities. Continue reading Consequences of Lack of Planning.

‘What’s Your Phone No?’

As couples, singles begin your week with self-love and gratitude and make a beeline for success. (credit: ankara house)

Don’t say why won’t I know my mobile no.

Beyond GSM now … many, in fact most of us are mobile phone users who don’t know our mobile contacts in that we don’t usually plan our activities – formal or informal in love or life. Continue reading ‘What’s Your Phone No?’

Men with Cry-Baby Partners.

Tears could be from bliss or bile. (credit:

Many of us run our mouths anyhow and many times we do that because we don’t know the effect and impact of our words on minds and hearts. We don’t because tongue lashing doesn’t usually bring tears to eyes but sensitive people know that hearts actually cry and such tears last longer and hurt much more. Continue reading Men with Cry-Baby Partners.

Couples with Spouses with Special Challenges (Epilepsy)

Health challenges are diverse same way specialists are (credit:

According to –

‘Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages.

Epilepsy means the same thing as “seizure disorders.”

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Meals as Form of Entertainment.

Cooking and food are anchored on science, skills and arts. (credit: social media)

Apart from church many people, families don’t have further engagement outdoors and so many are indoors and convo, phones, TV keep them company.

But hey meals play big roles and have huge part in Sunday entertainment. Continue reading Meals as Form of Entertainment.

‘Owambe Wardrobe: (Nigerian Leaders and Politicians’.

Native attire in their full regalia.

As 2019 heats up let’s begin to check the soft side (fashion) of politics, via the wardrobe of 2019 presidential hopefuls and contenders.

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Prayers, Tools and God.

Congregants with white handkerchiefs. (credit: social media)

Many Christians are passionate about praying on mountains and in fact mountains are resorts to some. No big deal about praying on mountains even Jesus observed same.

The reason for going on mountains to pray is to avoid distractions – noise, sleep, calls … and if your home is like library you don’t have to travel miles to observe prayers but our homes are comfort zones and the temptations of TV, phones and bed are always there. Continue reading Prayers, Tools and God.