Waiting for Love.

Be available in life and love will surely find you. (credit: social media)

Getting a honest and serious man in love is difficult yet easy; however if you can wait for love, love will surely stop for you!

Waiting for love entails you to be available in life, accessible in love. Put on a smiling face, dress well, smell nice. It’s one thing to be beautiful, another to be attractive.

If  some women can propose love and even marriage to men in our contemporary world it shows being too tough and rough in love might soon expire and if you still embrace the ideology then be prepared to stay single but please enjoy same while it lasts. Continue reading Waiting for Love.

When Phobia and Expectations Combat in Love.

Men initiates love but fear to advance same until they feel safe and see their better-half in the woman. (credit: shutterstock)

An ideal man has phobia for intimate commitment because he believes that a better woman would appear someday, and making promises verbally and/or behaviourally to his current partner is a huge disservice to his perceived sweetheart and better-half who lives in Fantasy Island and keeps beeping his heart but is yet to appear and may never appear on earth.

In contrast a woman feels a bird at hand is worth two in the bush and she wants to avail herself of the opportunity at hand. All the while she was tormenting you, extending her ‘yes’ and expending your energy she’s already in dating-mode and when she finally says yes she feels you’re worth it.

Challenges as Interconnected Variables.

‘Bridget’ (in black) and ‘Beatrice’ (in white) were college friends. (pic credit: shutterstock)

Wayne was interested in the lady in white (Beatrice) but he came forward showing interest in the one in black (Bridget) and the latter began to interpret the character in the script handed to her by her  ancestors.

Bridget was emotionally aggressive, physically assertive and the more she played hard-to-get the more considerate Beatrice was to Wayne.

Since he was ‘interested’ in Bridget, Beatrice let down her guard and became friendly to Wayne. She was available and they became close friends meanwhile Bridget was waiting for Wayne not knowing that he’d found what (love) he initially set out to get. Continue reading Challenges as Interconnected Variables.

Signature Beards of Nigerian Celebs.

Lawyer, activist, serial entrepreneur Audu Maikori.

When you see a man who’s famous and proudly wearing his beard you see an alpha-male. A man on top of his game. A lady’s man any day, leader with baritone voice perhaps one who sees chic sisi and muscle up showcasing no element of a sissy.

Many times in love and life we ignore those who adore us and adore those who ignore us now his real or perceived insolence many times is for his advantage.

(more pics and info ahead) Continue reading Signature Beards of Nigerian Celebs.

Priceless Life Lessons.

The behaviours of leaders while in office define them when out of same. (credit: social media).

The life we live on earth is part I and part II continues in heaven.

I’m sure virtually all of us had watched one movie or the other which ended unceremoniously and we affirm that there must be part II … many events in life are like that.

Generally life may not have ended but lives of individuals end on a daily basis and what next after death?

Life is full of stress yet we all want to live long here but death is so peaceful yet it triggers loads and lots of anxiety in us – irony of life! Continue reading Priceless Life Lessons.

The Businesswoman in Linda Ikeji!

The queen in her palace.

Now let’s talk about Linda; should we talk about Linda?

None is perfect in life but there’s something many of us have that many can imbibe and embrace.

Linda delights in reporting news and like most media houses – she reports the good, the bad and the ugly though ‘bad’ stays longer in our minds unlike ‘good’ but ironically ‘bad’ is what media audience buy the most!

Linda started professionally with modelling then blogging … and then Linda TV and counting! She’s smart, right? Yeah! Continue reading The Businesswoman in Linda Ikeji!

‘The Santa in Phyno.’

Nigerian hip-hop act Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike (aka Phyno). pic credit: social media

Out of our many celebs, Phyno undoubtedly cuts the picture of a Santa, what with his signature beard and fair complexion. Now you must have heard that Santa is from Rome ….

And hey entertainers whatever genre are skilled in entertainment now do you think Phyno will make a good Santa in real life or Nollywood?

‘Meghan Markle on Royalty Highway.’

Royalty is first-class brand. Meghan Markle soon to become a full-fledged purple. (FameFlynet, Inc)

Actresses live in the heart of the public and Meghan being an American entertainer stays at ‘No 7 Hollywood Street, USA.’

To me ‘7’ is the celeb of numbers just as December is a celeb in the calendar months – what’s yours?

Entertainment and royalty are two different worlds and transiting from an actress to a princess is no child’s play! Ideally royalty will impact your philosophy, personality, attitudes, outlook … and adopting, adjusting and adapting demand detailed orientation. Continue reading ‘Meghan Markle on Royalty Highway.’

Life’s One Step at a Time (Love Mode).

Couple Harry-Meghan. (credit: Getty)

When a man meets a woman he likes he goes on ‘wooing’ mission to get the attention of the lady so they can start dating.

The mission was wooing, the vision, dating!

The mission called dating:

The mission is dating the vision courtship. You embark on dating to embrace courtship and one step at a time makes you make a success out of your dating but if you focus on marriage while dating thereby ignoring the next level (courtship) you may not experience engagement. Continue reading Life’s One Step at a Time (Love Mode).

‘The Wealthy Pauper’.

Man hours are lost in trying to source fuel, a basic commodity now luxury item. (credit: social media)

Energy can be converted from one form to another and when a nation is abundantly blessed with fossil fuel, solar and wind energy yet the citizenry wine and dine with darkness no thanks to epileptic power supply then they are 100 years backward.

As barbaric as corruption.

No energy to power our factories, homes and offices and to add insult to our injuries we grapple with scarcity of Premium Motor Spirit we call petrol. More like air crying for oxygen. Continue reading ‘The Wealthy Pauper’.