Let’s Talk About Love.

Love is an experience shared by two sensitive and understanding hearts.

Love is like air, ubiquitous, infectious, universal, selfless, always in motion, never constant, never idle nor lazy. Yes it’s meant to be shared little wonder caring and giving are components of this wholesome emotion.

Love isn’t cul-de-sac but open-ended street. One receives as the other releases and it’s give-and-take!

(image credit: social media)

It’s St. Valentine’s Day.

You can have a heartwarming Val. date indoors.

It’s not a must you go out today – don’t forget every Tom, Dick and Harry are planning toward that and restaurants, bars, hotels … are likely to be filled up.

Movies are no exemptions after all every Tayo, Tanko and Tagbo are planning to have Val. dates at such facilities  … and it becomes dugbe-dugbe like December 24 and 31. Continue reading It’s St. Valentine’s Day.

Biological vs Physical Val. Gifts

Chrissy Teigen with hubby John Legend.

If you’re an expectant couple and your wifey like Chrissy is loaded, loaded almost to the brim yet asks for Val. gift just gesture to her like John Legend.

And the meaning?

“Come on, don’t be selfish this precious gift inside you’ve not unwrapped yet you’re demanding for another. Val in-there, so Happy Val. dear!”

Memorable Gifts.

Giving is sowing, reaping the harvest.

These gifts are many from many people but I’ll highlight the most memorable.

My Headmistress in Elementary School Sister Helena, a British Catholic Sister announced that her cat had delivered of kittens … and those that wanted should come to the convent in the evening.

I heard. I went. I didn’t get the offer. All the kittens had been taken before I arrived. Continue reading Memorable Gifts.

Actions Speaking Louder Than …

Phones have gone beyond being just bosom friends they are bed-mates now – thanks to Internet and social media. (image source: Paul Bradbury via Getty Images)

Actions speak louder than voice yes actions speak louder than words little wonder ‘words’ overthrew ‘voice.’

Yes it seems texting is gradually overthrowing talking and we text more through GSM and social media; now does that mean our voices are going on Sabbatical? Maybe not but our fingers seem to be busier these days than our voices.

So fastest fingers first!

Love Language © Women.

He’s been duped by love. (image credit: social media)

Image on the left: your countenance when your woman text ‘I love you baby’ for the first time.

Image on the right: the actors on stage (sorry on your face) when the calendar says ‘Excuse me boss it’s April 1.’

Talking Point:

If she sends you another text message with the contents Remember it’s April Fool’s Day, Happy New Month don’t be deceived she already told you her mind. It’s their language in love! Continue reading Love Language © Women.

Loan-Debt Expressway (II)

Financial literacy is a college in life on its own after all the slave-master line is microscopic and money could easily turn his master to servant. (image credit: social media)

2 days later Rev. Ademulegun met with Deacon Abraham his church secretary whom he dubbed ‘accountable accountant’.

 “Deacon Abbey please withdraw the #1,000,000 left in the church’s account we need to sow our widow’s mite to the cause of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) the news I’m hearing about their pathetic condition is alarming and I just pledged the amount few hours back!” Continue reading Loan-Debt Expressway (II)

Loan-Debt Expressway.

Love and humanity involve loads of sacrifices. (credit: social media)

I guess none in his right senses would want to (of his own free will) access this route … though many times in life we can’t help it. This highway leads to loan entanglements, bitterness, bickering, blaming, bad blood ….

Dada told Bala that Bada has agreed we go to Badagry so please fasten your seatbelt and let’s roll!

Ibrahim based in Badagry was caught in an emergency, he was cash-strapped and so he ran to his best friend Femi to obtain loan from him but the latter just came back from Brooklyn having just offset his loan sourced from co-operative society. Continue reading Loan-Debt Expressway.

The Marketing Potentials in Adverts.

Joe-Craigs keeps dentists away …

Sparkling Teeth. Fragrant Breath. Healthy Gum. The results, experience of Joe-Craigs Toothpaste on users.

Adverts are inanimate salesmen, unparalleled marketers, and sure your business needs same to connect with its loyal and potential customers. 

Continue reading The Marketing Potentials in Adverts.

Success as Passwords to Successes.

Unoaku Anyadike. (credit: social media)

Unoaku is Psychology graduate and alumnus of  (UI) University of Ibadan.

She’s the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN 2015) and represented same at Miss World 2015 as well as Miss Universe 2016.

She’s whispering to you to have a week full of bliss, love and life.

Successes of the past are pathway, passwords to future achievements so be smart, tap into the mines and potentials, network and consolidate. By extension once a celeb always one and being one in the past means one in the present, so tap into the opportunities, possibilities and achieve more and more!