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When Logic Meets Logic.

Group Of Friends Enjoying Meal At Outdoor Restaurant
Good meals become great with wonderful friends.

When logic meets with logic we’re likely to choose the more logical of the two.

But what a specialist in the context might choose as more logical could be different from what a tyro might settle for. Similarly what a woman being controlled by the remote called love might embrace could be different from what a woman being propelled by lust might endorse and so on.

Dave Rave came to the cafeteria, bought some food and demanded for his change but your mum (the restaurateur) snapped at him. “Please, take it easy I’m not running away with your change. Go and enjoy your meal first and demand for your change later!” Continue reading When Logic Meets Logic.

That Awkward Moment (TAM)

Couple in officeLove loves honesty.

She’s Uduak Bassey a smart and pretty female marketer of a New Generation Bank in Nigeria. He’s Tunde Ajanaku-Onigbinde a retailer who owns three boutiques downtown.

She came to Tunde’s office to market a newly-introduced product which is exclusively for entrepreneurs, so the stage was set and they met. The product was a potential hot cake but only smart business owners could perceive as such.

The moment he beheld Uduak he concluded in his mind that he’d met his missing rib. “This is God’s most perfect work of Art! My heart, soul, body and even spirit. Mrs. Ajanaku-Onigbinde in the making!” he fantasized and finalized. Continue reading That Awkward Moment (TAM)

Paper Vs Mind Certificates.

Bamidele Joel Bamidele Joel. (Undergraduate student of the University of Ibadan {UI)

Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are one of the richest men in our world and undoubtedly one of the brightest minds but they don’t have intimidating certificates. In fact they left school in order to focus on their dreams and desires.

(more pix and info if you proceed) Continue reading Paper Vs Mind Certificates.

Did You Know?

Asian-womenWe all have our heart desires and fantasies in love and life.

Opinions like Sands of the Desert.

Opinions are diverse and deep like the blue sea and our attitudes in life are controlled by the remote called self-interest. I won’t stop giving you analogies straight from my mind factory:

A rich businessman bought three brand new cars for his employees named John and Johnson and asked John in confidence why he should give him two of the cars and just one to Johnson and that the idea should come from the differences in their names. Hear John, Continue reading Did You Know?

Couples’ Court

Couple reading bills
Communication have various shades and colours; diverse modes but they involve the senses.

Omolola Babalola-Tshabalala is a Nigerian civil servant married to a South-African businessman and based in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

Omolola writes her husband, Thomas Tshabalala, a detailed letter expressing her honest feelings. Let’s access it together:

Darling you used to complain of the following in the past but the issues had long been dead tissues for the health, safety and longevity of our marriage.

 First on the list was not paying our children’s school fees (promptly) even though you used to give me a week to their resumption but I usually pay late. Many times I sent the money on errands to satisfy would-be celebrant friends, family, relatives …. I used to buy shoes, aso ebi (similar fabrics to be worn at special occasions) gifts for celebrants and the like. I knew I’d pay and usually pay before school authority start sending them home.

 That I was a Nollywood actress because I fake and feign headache, aches, pains and sometimes the big O, either to avoid sex all together or abort prematurely, as the case may be. Continue reading Couples’ Court