The Keyhole!

KeyholeThe Keyhole, biggest gossip of all time.

The keyhole gossips more than busybodies; not even Google could rival her.

She reveals top secrets which could be scandalous! Her CV reads: Infidelity, incest, rape, confidential documents ….

You might label her traitor but she’s the bosom friend of the other party.

The wife who caught her best friend in bed with her hubby will see her as loyal friend but the friend sees her as a betrayal.

The hubby who catches his wife with his driver would ‘thank her’ for the revelations.

Above all Justice Keyhole is an unbiased judge, she judges and sentence appropriately.

Week 18 (EPL) Results and Reports

Liverpool v LeicesterLiverpool v Leicester City.

Stoke City 2-0 Man United: the hosts are ‘big boys’ they are entertainers any day. Of course they had a field day yesterday. If your opponent has headache you don’t kick his legs but punch his head!

Man City 4-1 Sunderland: Ruthless Man City. Be clueless with Man City and lay eggs of goals but clueless Man City know how to stop you from putting many balls behind their nets. If Aguero were to be on the pitch yesterday he could have 5 goals to his credit!

Liverpool 1-0 Leicester city: it seems the era of the end of Leicester City’s reign and dominance has come. Nothing is new or strange in life or football but the fact that injury-nursing Liverpool defeated Leicester is big news! Continue reading Week 18 (EPL) Results and Reports

2015 Political Newsmakers

Aisha-Jumai-TarabaHajia Aisha Alhassan (AKA Mama Taraba)

The first democratically-elected female governor in Nigeria. In fact her mandate was restored by the tribunal: The Taraba State Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal.

A lawyer by training and politician by calling. Sen Aisha Alhassan is the first female Attorney General and Commissioner of justice, Taraba State and many other enviable firsts in her kitty as a leader and politician.

A proud ambassador of the female gender and we hope and pray she performs optimally well.

Variety in Voices

Charles SoludoCharles Soludo.

Some men are Goliath in size but blessed with voices that kids hear and come out to play with their ‘friend’ only to behold their dads’ mate.

Conversely some men are diminutive in size but their voice coarse enough to break coconut! Some men have not only petite frame, voice as well. I know a young man who has a complete female voice and I often wonder how he sounds like as a boy.

The late African-American jazz legend Louis Armstrong had strong voice. Yeah he was blessed with grating voice which added a unique spice to his music. Watch or listen to “What a Wonderful World,” and feel me.
Continue reading Variety in Voices

Drama at the ATM Facility (DAF)

ATM pointPeople converge at ATM Facility for one reason: cash!

These people I’ll be highlighting strategically position themselves at various ATM facilities in the heart of our various cities and towns and once you’re done they follow you and run their mouths manufacturing lines of lies.

A lady in this case:

Bros, how you dey? Please I came to see my elder brother here in Lagos from Calabar but his landlady told me he’s travelled. How my brother go travel and he no fit tell me! Please bail me out of this mess. I need to transport myself back to Calabar. Our mother just put to bed in the village. Your wife will bless you with beautiful babies as you bless me with my transport fare and gifts for the JJC twins in the village.” Continue reading Drama at the ATM Facility (DAF)

EPL (Week 18) Fixtures and Analysis

Stoke v Man UArchived match between Stoke City and Man United.

Stoke City V Man United: I don’t see Man United winning this match. Stoke know what’s up at Old Trafford, besides the Potters lost their last EPL match and their pride dropped low which interestingly may lift their motivation sky-high. The Red Devils need patience, in fact they need to buy more patience than Patience is ready to sell.

What happened between Arsenal and City early in the week may repeat itself if Man United are sensitive and calculative enough. Sharp and skilled counter-attacks may earn the visitors the 3 points at stake but are the Red Devils motivated enough to launch mauling and crushing counter-attacks?

The Potters are hungry for 3 points but if the Red Devils are hungrier and willing to save LVG’s jugular they might showcase traits and skills of champions. A draw in this match would not come as a surprise to me. Continue reading EPL (Week 18) Fixtures and Analysis

Merry Christmas

Christmas coupleChristmas is about love, sacrifice and tolerance. As couples please imbibe all these virtues.

Your birthday is a special day. Christmas is the birthday of our Lord, mentor and role model Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate this wonderful day please learn to infect others with love and affection.

The three babies of Christmas are sharing, caring and giving, please gift.

We wish you the very best of love and life this season and always.

Merry Christmas!

Preserving Christmas Memories

The YobosWarm Christmas-home of the Yobos.

The home where Sports and modelling are stakeholders and of course shareholders.

Adaeze (a former model and Beauty Queen, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria: MBGN 2008) and Joseph Yobo (ace footballer and former captain of Nigeria’s National Football Team: The Super Eagles) proactively preserved their love and life at Christmas.

We advise couples to nurture and preserve their love and marriage for the good of the society.