‘Means To An End.’

couple-in-bedSex often hands the baton to sleep.

Exhaustion or tiredness doesn’t correlate with sex but if you’re tired yet sleep keeps playing hard-to-get, you may not count sheep after all!

Employ sex, she will hire sleep just to work for you while she goes on vacation and believe me, sleep will labour for 6 to 8 hours nonstop!

Nonetheless calm and relaxing sex will likely do the magic!

Means to an end is what you need to do (regardless of how tasking or demanding) just to achieve your desired results.

So when you’re tired sleep tops the table of your priorities and sex comes last but life is so ironic that you could use the last (sex) to achieve the first (sleep.)

Intentions Over Actions!

Nigerian Observer(Image: Nigerian Observer) People express themselves in public though social desirability often edit wild behaviours.

God weighs the heart, but many times humanity checks the act. Law too examines intentions that’s why there’s difference between murder and manslaughter.

A commercial bus driver Omo, AKA Tarmac hit a Rolls-Royce Phantom parked by the roadside and damaged the car. The owner was busy shopping for Valentine’s gifts for his mistress. Four passersby – Shola, Seyi, Shade and Shogo were at the movie location and the four of them reacted similarly but their reactions were propelled by different motivations. Continue reading Intentions Over Actions!

Voices at Weddings (VAW)

majid Michael(Image: Majid and Virna (graphiconline). Ghanaian actor Majid Michael with his sweetheart, Virna renewing their marital vow on August 2 2015 (after 10 years of marriage.)

Tola and Ife were childhood friends; classmates back in the day, and still jolly good friends.

Venue of meeting: At the wedding of Toyin – Ife’s cousin. They were busy chatting in church while the wedding was progressing.

Tola: (feeling excited) I like the bride and groom, they complement each other! Continue reading Voices at Weddings (VAW)

Love Suspense.

BECKY Becky Jones, a British researcher.

On olayemiogunojo.com we highlight all aspects of intimate relationships, from dating through courtship to marriage, love and lovemaking ….

Love suspense goes hand-in-hand with playing hard-to-get; because the woman plays hard-to-get the man is left on tenterhooks.

You play hard-to-get if you were already in love or falling in love (with your suitor) yet feign or fake indifference and you must be an actress to be able to cover reality with the clothing of fantasy. Continue reading Love Suspense.

The Homes of Beauty & Comedy.

Ali-Baba-Mary-wifeThe Alibabas.

Alibaba is one of the pioneers of stand-up comedy in Nigeria. He found the path, set the pace and others follow.

These entertainment couples are lovely, splendid and tongues publish diverse tales about them. I x-rayed two personalities of each couple and I hope you grasp the message.

(more pics and info if you process)
Continue reading The Homes of Beauty & Comedy.

Who Says You’re Innocent!

Depressed Businessman
Until we unlearn and relearn transformation might be a mirage.

He had a grandfather (Pa. Komolafe) who was a lover of humanity and a pan Africanist to the core. Pa Komolafe instilled positive virtues in his grandson, Olaotan Kosoko who I labelled Lobatan Kosoro.

He’d visited his grandparents regularly especially during the holidays and right from childhood he became a shining light. He adored loyalty, honesty; endorsed  diligence, equity, fair play … and detested oppression, corruption and marginalization.

He disliked fairly-used things as well, for he believed he wasn’t inferior to anybody to be using his used products and often boasts that he never bought or used any okrika item. Continue reading Who Says You’re Innocent!

Quotes on Gender Differences.

african-couple-using-tablets-Men and women complement one another.

“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships – the ones that last – are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is … suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”
― Gillian Anderson

“Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade since it consists principally of dealings with men.”
― Joseph Conrad, Chance Continue reading Quotes on Gender Differences.