Royalty on the Spotlight

Igwe-Alfred-AchebeObi of Onitsha HRM. Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Achebe.

The 21st Obi of Onitsha Igwe Achebe is an alumnus of Stanford University, California and Columbia University New York, US.

He ascended the throne in 2002 and would be celebrating his 75th birthday on May 14 2016 – a month away.

May 14 is very significant in the life of HRM Igwe Alfred Achebe.

He bagged his first degree in Chemistry and Master’s in Business Administration. Well-read, widely-travelled. Continue reading Royalty on the Spotlight

Couples’ Court

Effective Communication is needful for marital success and fulfillment.

They say women gossip but some men gossip much more than women. Thomas Tshablala was a typical example. His wife Lola wrote him a concise yet detailed letter but he replied with a library. Let’s visit his mind, lodge at his thoughts to wine and dine at his feelings:

Love hates distance but it’s possible for a husband to nest at Malete, Kwara State while his wife cuddles her bed at Molete, Ibadan and still enjoy the love and romance between heart and blood, and couples could be 2 inches apart in reality but could be 20,000 miles apart in affection.

Lola dear, thanks for presenting your case in the most logical manner and channeled through the Internet – email, we’re digital couple you know! We’ve been destined for each other right from the outset, little wonder your first and last name Omolola Babalola rhymes with mine ‘Tshabalala,’ alas the lola and lala are like butterflies and nectar – inseparable. They are best of friends and very appealing to the senses. I’m sure you’d seen butterflies on flowers – oh, picturesque! Continue reading Couples’ Court

Consequences of Extramarital Affairs.

Secret loversExtramarital affairs may feel good but the consequences are bitter to the heart, mind.

Sex when laced with anxieties could be comparable to a learner-driver who enjoys the suspense of driving alone for the first time but the consequences could be grave.

You may perceive extramarital sex as explosive but believe me it’s destructive.

Your marriage could go six feet beneath.

Family and friends may desert you.

You lose your self-esteem, self-worth and confidence and incidentally you need all these to lead a healthy, productive and successful life.

You may likely suffer psychological and mental damage. Continue reading Consequences of Extramarital Affairs.

Animate Vs Inanimate Friends.

Phones and womenPhones and friends are our friends.

There are times phones interrupt conversations and friends may become angry. Phones are friends but don’t let them displace and replace your friends.

Phones don’t have life, friends do and even have phones. Remember the number of times you had no airtime and you needed to make urgent calls your friends sure came to the rescue. Not to mention when your phone battery was flat ….

Place of friends, place of phones. Continue reading Animate Vs Inanimate Friends.

Great Leaders.

LeadersCharm and charisma are the factors and forces in leaders that inspire, motivate their followers.

There are bad, good and great leaders. Good leaders birth wonderful leaders not mediocre followers.

They honestly want their successors to outshine them in office – opportunity for continuity and prosperity.

They love their country more than their party. Commonwealth not stolen wealth.

It’s not office, money or relevance that propels them to deflect to other parties but service to humanity.

Leaders today were followers yesterday; followers today will become leaders tomorrow. If you’re a bad follower forget being a good leader.

Knowledge could be selfish and greedy but wisdom is eternally selfless.

Leaders have faults, followers have flaws and the two combine to make a society corrupt.

Are you a good follower?

Glorious Day to You All.

Madam-KofoLegendary Nigerian Actress Abiola Atanda AKA Madam Kofo and her signature headgear.

May your Wednesday be big and interesting like Madam Kofo’s skyscraper-headgear.

Have a jolly great day.

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It’s 5.38 am in Nigeria, good morning to you all and wonderful time wherever you are across the globe.

Aliko Dangote Turns 59!

Aliko DangoteWorld’s richest black man Aliko Dangote turns 59.

Aliko Dangote was born on April 10 1957, the founder cum president, Dangote Group.

A wealthy man has net worth of $1b and above and a rich man is worth below $1b – my distinction between riches and wealth!

Dangote isn’t rich but wealthy and I need nobody to tell me he’s diligent, creative, smart, resourceful yet simple. A business leader any day. His own fragrance comes not from Cologne but wealth.

There’s a stage in life you reach and people automatically add quality to your quantity! Continue reading Aliko Dangote Turns 59!

Week 33 (EPL) Results

Sunderland v LeicesterThe Foxes with their incomprehensible game plan and pattern.

West Ham 3-3 Arsenal

Crystal Palace 1-0 Norwich

Swansea 1-0 Chelsea: upset to me and many football fans and pundits.

Southampton 3-1 Newcastle

Watford 1-1 Everton

Aston Villa 1-2 Bournemouth

Man City 2-1 West Brom: at last Man City enjoyed back-to-back win since October 2015.

Sunderland 0-2 Leicester City

Liverpool 4-1 Stoke City: surprise results as far as I’m concerned.

Tottenham 3-0 Man United.