The Market Place of Love.

NYSC CampNYSC Orientation Camp.

Our tertiary institutions, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Orientation camps are islands, camps concentrated with youths of various shades and colours, shapes, heights and weights.

Therefore fresh graduates, students, particularly freshers are inundated with numerous choices from diverse options. You meet a lady and your heart screams, “Oh my God,” 5 seconds later you chance on another, your heart sings, “Perfect work of Art!” The next day, your path cross yet another and your minds starts ringing, ‘Limited Edition,’ because of her unique beauty. Continue reading The Market Place of Love.

Soiled yet Accusing Fingers.

Accusing fingers

Bosede Bankola (an IT student in a commercial bank) was accusing her senior colleague, Bosade Bankole of using (hence abusing her body and office) her body to gain employment and using same to secure her job, gain promotion, enjoy the perks of office and the like.

In other words Bosade Bankole was sleeping with her bosses, clients and potential clients alike to make them depositors and customers of her bank.

Bosede Bankola on the other hand had slept with two of her lecturers (whose courses she had failed) and she passed them in the end. Should she fail again in school she won’t mind sleeping with the lecturer teaching the course – if he’s ready to flow with her tide.

A typical case of pot calling kettle black. Continue reading Soiled yet Accusing Fingers.

Planning Your Wedding Ceremonies

Groom and BrideThe celebs of the day.

Bride and groom should glow peace, bliss and serenity on their D-day.

Your wedding day should be memorable and pleasurable to you and likewise your family, friends and relatives.

Pleasures and pressures go together in life therefore family and friends should share the pressures and leave the pleasures for the bride and groom to savour. Continue reading Planning Your Wedding Ceremonies

Campus Arena

Miss AwoMeet Miss Awo Hall UI: Chidebe Winifred. Winnie’s winning streak was a defined strategy.

There are diverse beauty contests on our various university campuses in Nigeria, from residential halls to departments, to the university itself and the like.

Awo Residential Hall is a female Hall of Residence in University of Ibadan – The Premier University southwest Nigeria. ‘Awo’ is the short form of Awolowo from the name Obafemi Awolowo, Nigeria’s legendary leader, lawyer and businessman of blessed memory.

This gorgeous Beauty Queen is lively, lovely and has big passion for modelling but would love to call the shots in the world of business. She hopes to invest in lumbering and float her furniture company in the future. Continue reading Campus Arena

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The Basic Truth about Divorce

DivorceDon’t rush to divorce.

If she’s not sleeping around and he’s not beating you … you may read this and retrace your steps before finally saying bye-bye to your spouse.

The man you think is the very best amongst men might be trying to impress you. Don’t forget familiarity breeds contempt and beauty is brevity. Once you divorce your husband and you’re his you may start seeing his true colours. Polar bears look white but in reality they are not.

When you were dating your hubby he was pampering and seducing you 24/7 until you got married. Do you know that the man telling you to divorce your hubby and marry him is likely doing the same thing and once you divorce your partner and marry him you’re likely to see the iceberg beneath the surface of the deep blue sea. Continue reading The Basic Truth about Divorce

Nov 9 2015 EPL Results.

EPL-LogoSensational EPL

Aston Villa 0-0 Man City: Aston Villa proved me and many wrong. The Man in the City refused to come out at Villa to punish the home boys because the boys proved to be hard nut to crack.

Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur: another game that overthrew by perception. Yeah I misfired for I believed one of the teams would harvest 3 points but in the end they shared points. Tottenham dominated virtually 70 per cent of the game but couldn’t access the net more than once. Continue reading Nov 9 2015 EPL Results.