Stress From Another Angle.

stress-reliefRelaxation Time.

If you’re a habitual nail eater which was an initial coping strategy when stress dials your number but lo and behold your nails are matriculating and graduating without you deliberately trying to stop the habit, alas I see stress playing hide-and-seek with you. Conversely if you don’t nail-bite but suddenly starts, stress might be hiding behind your new found habit. Continue reading Stress From Another Angle.

The Perks of Football.

PerksChelsea: proud winner of 2014-2015 Season of the English Premier League (EPL)

Players pocket enviable wages on weekly basis in addition to other benefits associated with the game. Football gives many players the opportunity to learn diverse languages apart from their native or official language. English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Arab are quick to embrace our consciousness. Continue reading The Perks of Football.

Humility and Understanding

Size 1They’re saying, “Love conquers all.”

Is she not too big for him? Perhaps the other way round would have been perfect. He’s an adult and knows what’s good and perfect for him.

Above all I see a humble man in the picture and an understanding woman. A man well-schooled in the college of Humility and a woman with first class degree in the Department of Understanding. Continue reading Humility and Understanding