Women and Subtle Power-Cravings.

Cajoling hubbyHusband and wife need psychology to achieve chemistry.

Men cherish, overtly desire and actively demand power and influence but women on the other hand passively desire and demand same.

So saying ‘no,’ at times to your demands doesn’t mean decisive but tentative ‘no.’ She only wants to savour the feelings of importance and influence and if you persist she might likely acquiesce.

She likes it when you’re helpless as it were and seeking her love; paraphrased – asking her out.

When you actively or passively beg her for sex she enjoys the feelings inherent and may subtly play hard-to-nest – today it’s “I’m tired!” Maybe “I’ve headache,” tomorrow and the like. Continue reading Women and Subtle Power-Cravings.

New FIFA President: Gianni Infantino

NYON, SWITZERLAND - JULY 03: UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino speaks during the UEFA 2014/15 Futsal Cup Preliminary and Main Round Draw at the UEFA headquarters, The House of European Football, on July 3, 2014 in Nyon, Switzerland. (Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images for UEFA)
Gianni Infantino incumbent FIFA Supremo.

G. Infantino’s Profile:

Age: 45          

Date of Birth: March 23 1970

Place of Birth: Brig, Switzerland

Profession/Career: trained lawyer; Swiss-Italian Football Administrator. He’s been the General Secretary of UEFA since 2009.

We @ olayemiogunojo.com wish you fruitful, blissful term of office and implementation of far-reaching policies for effective transformation of the organization.

Week 27 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

man u v arsenalArchived match between Man United and Arsenal.

We might witness some upsets and unusual results in the EPL this weekend.

West Ham Vs Sunderland: the Hammers mustn’t underrate their visitors (Sunderland) otherwise the Black Cats would ambush and punish them. I see a close match and narrow winning should there be one.

Watford Vs Bournemouth: Should we give the 3 points to Watford or Bournemouth? Highly unpredictable match as far as I’m concerned.

Southampton Vs Chelsea: the Saints have the potential to soil and spoil Chelsea’s unbeaten run in the EPL since Guus Hiddink took over but will the Blues allow them? Continue reading Week 27 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

Human Nature

LoversHe’s busy doing what?

If your husband is doing this for you, you’ll say he’s romantic!

If your mother maybe sister-in-law sees this she might say her brother is under a spell but if her own husband is doing same for her, she’ll say “My hubby is romantic!”

If your husband’s male friends sees this they might label him woman wrapper or accuse you of giving him ‘special vegetable.’ Some could say he’s mimicking Americans and Europeans and as such not a true African.

Now if your sister’s husband appreciates her effort in the home as wife and mother and replicate similar gesture as a token of his appreciation, you might say her hubby spoilt her silly.

Golden Rule they say is a universal law, yeah timeless as well. Let’s use as blueprint, template to guide our behaviours.

Prayers and Efforts

Woman-PrayingPrayers are channels of divine communication.

Pray to maintain and sustain your relationship with God.

Pray basically to praise.

Pray to appreciate and thank your maker.

Pray to ask but don’t forget God knows what you desire, want or need.

He knows what you’ll desire and demand many years from now, which you are not even conscious of at the moment.

Now do your part and let God fulfil His. He gave you digestive system, your part is to eat, He blesses but what is that thing you’re doing that you want Him to bless.

Their Tactics.

Babah Kay and fianceeIf jokes and laughter were all ladies desire then many comedians would have been baby daddies many more would have been engaged and perhaps most would have got married.

Now where and how did you meet your love?

Mr. He and Miss. She met in a commercial cab three times in 6 weeks so when He was about to alight, he said, “Hello, sister this is my third time of meeting you in one month, now if we meet again this week or the next you must set free your imprisoned mobile no. Nothing is a coincidence in life but ours is now coincidence with asterisk and it won’t be a misnomer to say you’re under divine compulsion to release your contact now or when next we meet” he finalized. Continue reading Their Tactics.

Victor Trapped Victoria.

couple-washing-dishesHonestly caring hearts translate to helping hands.

They were married couples and in the kitchen. Victoria knew that when Victor was showcasing tenderness, and becomes overtly caring he wants sex from her and when she’s not in the mood she quickly feigns headache.

So this night she was doing the dishes and handing over to him to dry; he was particularly funny and she was laughing, tears cascading.

When Victor knew his wife, Victoria was becoming cold towards him he touched her neck and forehead and said, “Headache right, oh sorry! You probably need some rest, though I feel it’s quite mild.” Continue reading Victor Trapped Victoria.