The Paul Adefarasins

The Paul AdefarasinsIfeayin and Paul Adefarasin

The couple are the founder/senior pastors of House on the Rock Church, Lagos Nigeria.

The couple are renowned conference speakers, authors, mentors. They are building bridges across lands, giving hope to the hopeless. Their NGO Rock Foundation is transforming lives and inspiring many more.

Their Marriage CV reads: 20 years of marriage and counting.

The couple cut the picture of movie stars but they are actual stars blessing and raising stars!

We @ see their script of love, inspiration and love of humanity and wish them evergreen bestsellers in love and life.

Special Gift to Humanity … enriching lives across miles

@ we celebrate Love, loyalty, fidelity, tolerance, diligence, patriotism, heroism, beauty, success and other wonderful life variables.

People from all walks of life cherish us!

Celebs adore us. Couples, singles perceive and sniff our irresistible fragrance. Students, entrepreneurs, senior citizens … all have soft spot for us!

Beauty Queens access us after all we’re royalty! Are you?

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Your Biological and Social Group

desmond and familyNigerian legislator, actor and filmmaker Desmond Elliot and his lovely, lively family.

Your family is your group!

The success of one is success of all. The achievement of one is accomplishment to all.

Therefore support your family morally, financially, socially and spiritually. Solidarity. Unity. Amity.

All for one; one for all is about family, yeah familial identity!

It Begins With You

The RancicsAdorable Couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic.

Family begins with couple. Kids come and go. Make their journey pleasant and enjoy the ride with them. Whatever they learn in the trip they give their kids … generations afterwards.

Family is a world. Don’t forget the word births the world so bath them (your kids) with words of inspiration, love, tolerance, patience, fidelity, loyalty and see their worlds bloom and blossom.

Above all, practice what you preach because actions speak louder than words so what they see would eventually form a seed which the world sees and bless or … you!

Psychology the A-Z of Life!

Anthony Martial and his young familyFootball sensation Anthony Martial with his young family.

Our world was created as a result of behaviour – covert and overt!

God behaved, yeah he spoke and the world was sowed.

Couples behave in the bedroom to put Junior in the ‘wombroom.’

The 9-month tenant rebels and stage a coup but doctors and midwives rescue from court martial! Womb to tomb is about countless and diverse behaviours!

Our behaviour, our label!

Invest, Harness and Harvest

Miss NigeriaMiss Nigeria 2015: Pamela Peter-Vigboro Leesi flanked by Miss Nigeria 2014: Ezinne Akudo and other contestants in the Miss Nigeria 2015 beauty pageant which was staged early in the month of November.

What are you blessed with? Discover and avail yourself of the opportunity.

Tall men are born basket ball players, if you love the game go ahead and get the skills. Continue reading Invest, Harness and Harvest

Poverty, Our Common Enemy.

Kids in schoolTeachers are honourable members of the society.

The life president of the country called Slum and Squalor is Poverty. Poverty has no exclusive space, respects no race, tribe or religion. It afflicts all races and infect with literal and figurative diseases. If it doesn’t infect you, it will affect you one way or the other except you have no human feelings.

Music and dance wine and dine together, fire and heat stroll together and slum and squalor are Siamese twins. Squalor follows slum everywhere it goes. Yeah, money goes under for hygiene to come over. Highbrow estates scent; slums stench!

If the meal in a restaurant is expensive, I don’t need anybody to tell me that the facility and the vicinity of the restaurant would be extraordinarily clean and tidy. Spic and span are not enough to describe such. Continue reading Poverty, Our Common Enemy.