Overpower Lassa Fever!

 Woman with megaphone 2Spread the message not anxiety.

Lassa Fever is raging.

Beware of rodents, be wary of Lassa Fever. Distance yourself from rodents and their excrement.

Wash your hands with soap and clean water. Cook your meals very well, keep your groceries and foodstuff from rodents. Always cover your food whether on the dinning table, kitchen cabinet or wherever.

Remember hygiene is key in containing Lassa Fever. If you’re feeling ill please visit the nearest medical facility.

Who Loves Money More?

money and womenMen accuse women of being promiscuous with money; women accuse men of being unfaithful with love.

We all know the popular saying, If money grows on trees, women would marry monkeys, but as a realist and one in the discipline that studies human behaviour, I know that members of both genders love money and very passionate about same. Women go into crime to honeymoon with money and men swim in same to date luxury papers.

Women sell their bodies in commercial sex to marry money, men rob banks, kidnap … to have money and frolic with women. Continue reading Who Loves Money More?

Lessons for Couples from Liverpool FC

Couple lying down with bills
Marriage needs constant maintenance.

Couples are team, same with Liverpool.

Liverpool is a football club in England and they have some attributes worth emulating.

I anchor this analogy on the status quo of Liverpool FC:

Liverpool are injury-ravaged team at the moment but they refused to give up or let frustration weigh them down. They are hard-fighters!

Don’t give up on yourselves as couples. When the world had concluded that you guys would divorce surprise all by staying together and making it work.

Marriage is wonderful and every lovely thing needs nurturing and maintenance. Maintenance is no child’s play. Most Women sacrifice a lot – time, money … to maintain their good looks and retain their feminine-glow. Continue reading Lessons for Couples from Liverpool FC

Week 21 (EPL) Facts and Fiction

Archived match between Spurs and the Foxes.

January 12 2016 EPL Results:

Newcastle 3-3 Man United

Aston Villa 1-0 Crystal Palace:

Bournemouth 1-3 West Ham

Man City v Everton: the Toffees welcomed Man City last week (in the FA Cup) giving them two strokes of the cane and receiving one in return: 2-1

City host Everton today in the EPL. I see the Citizens waiting to have their pound of flesh at the Etihad later this evening.

Southampton v Watford: Watford lost to Man City many days ago but are fully ready to redeem their image and consolidate on their league position but their hosts are not underdogs, please note that. Continue reading Week 21 (EPL) Facts and Fiction

Football Pitch Drama

FootballersFootball documents behaviours.

Football is a kind of behaviour (peculiar to a group of people) on the football pitch and like other behaviours motivation, frustration and other variables influence markedly!

A football team that was offensive right from the blast of the whistle but couldn’t find the net for 85 minutes of play but eventually does when the time ticked and tickled 86 minutes may actually score another goal before the end of the match. Matches like that may end in draw or 2-0 win. Continue reading Football Pitch Drama

Her Fantasies

Her fantasyFantasy is like makebelieve it exists only in the imagination but life is reality not movies and music videos.

She’s fantasizes about her Prince Charming all day long, dream of him all night long but please wake up and face reality!

She sees his image and personality and falls in love with him but a man or woman like that hardly exist on earth.

She’s not perfect why expect a perfect partner? She desires him tall, dark, handsome, rich, witty, funny, caring, God-fearing, romantic, ruggedly-built ….

Nice, not bad at all! No crime but you’ve got to meet his desires and fantasies as well. Now have you got all his tastes as well? The qualities she desires in him when put tail-to-tail would be longer than 500miles but hers less than 10. Alas!

Men and women are humans not angels! So be realistic and make hay while the sun shines.

Our Technological World

Supporters of Egypt's former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi hold a poster of him and wave flags in Tahrir square in Cairo May 27, 2014. Sisi is expected to emerge as Egypt's next president, with the military-backed government seeking to boost turnout by declaring a holiday and extending voting into a third day. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany (EGYPT - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTR3R4JRGSM: state of-the-art communication gadgets.

It used to be telephone, mobile phones now smart phones have taken over.

It used to be post-office mails and email overthrew, now we call the traditional mail snail mail, no thanks to email.

Technology is about convenience, speed, luxury … less of stress better still seamless, effortless … little wonder ‘less’ is now in vogue paperless, wireless….

Who knows the contraptions that would be ruling our world 50 years from now?

The FIFA Ballon d’Or Champions

The ContestantsLionel Messi, Cristian Ronaldo (AKA CR7) and Neymar da Silva Santos (Jr).

Lionel Messi is an Argentine, CR7 a Portuguese and Neymar, a Brazilian.

Only success could bring you to this level and spotlight of limelight and extraordinary success will lift you even higher to become the overall best.

And Messi emerged the champion of champions! He won his fifth FIFA Ballon d’Or award for the world’s best player (2015) in Zurich, Switzerland.