Stereotype and Stereotyping


In the game of love, what’s appealing to Meagan may be appalling to Reagan. A dark-skinned lady is likely to prefer a fair-skinned guy and a plus-sized woman would crave a slim man but if he’s loaded with muscles the better.

Many teenage-girls dream of marrying tall, fair or dark but handsome men, who’re blessed with electrifying sense of humour, mesmerizing sense of style, rich and caring but as they age and reality sets in they gradually streamline their tastes so as to get their admission letters to the marriage institution without further delay. Continue reading Stereotype and Stereotyping

Toyosi’s Opinion

My Blog article - Adekunle Toyosi - CopyAdekunle Oluwatoyosi

“It’s a stereotype! Because handsome guys appear on TV, magazines and often play bad-boy roles in movies and these make it real in theory but in practice it’s not. I say this from experience! Ladies mill around handsome guys a lot and often give them the green light, open cheque which makes it easy for beautiful guys to become interested. Some are actually reserved while some possess and dispose gals every season. Yes the ones that are bad, are really bad!” Continue reading Toyosi’s Opinion

Bolaji’s Opinion

My Blog article Abolaji FilaniAbolaji Filani

“It depends on each individual guy but honestly beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Handsome men attract women and their ladies get jealous but rich men attract women much more; anyway good pockets make good looks. Women run after gorgeous men and men respond to their open invitation for they see it as opportunity that comes but once. Men are flesh and blood you know. It’s a pity that women enticed us yet cry foul. Nonetheless the Casanovas have their type of women amongst the pack and would eventually pick their choices.” Continue reading Bolaji’s Opinion


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