The Place of Proposal

Akpororo and FianceeJephthah Bowoto (AKA Akpororo) and fiancee, Josephine.

Is there an appropriate and inappropriate place to propose to one’s fiancee?

I won’t be surprised if a guy maybe a comedian stealthily follows his girlfriend to the restroom, pretty ready to dare the stench, drench the scent and says to his girlfriend, “Will you marry me?”  A round of applause from the inanimate audience will follow immediately! Continue reading The Place of Proposal

The Mutual Combination

The AkinlamisThe comedian Elenu’s family.

Children are photocopies but original documents at the same time! The Akinlami-boy (boy in the image) is a product of Chinwe and Tunde, his proud parents. In other words, he’s the combination of his parents biology and psychology.

Know your genotype, marry the medically appropriate partner and gift your kids the very best of life.