Love and Kisses

Young couple kissing at restaurant, close-up
Express your love and affection to your spouse through kisses.

Love and Kisses are works of arts, music in hearts, yeah, business partners, associates, and advocate of romance. They wine and dine together 24/7.

Love and kisses are like bread and butter. Love your spouse and tell with your kisses.

His Implicit Message of You


We interpret events but many times we misinterpret.

  1. If your husband is a dedicated and religious skirt chaser, people ‘see’ a very patient wife.
  2. If your husband is rich and successful people see a queen in her palace.
  3. If your husband is a restaurant freak and fast food addict, people ‘see’ an irresponsible wife.
  4. If your husband is miserly people ‘see’ a depressed wife, tired of life but afraid to die for her body might become a cadavre for lack of ownership in the morgue.
  5. If your husband is a complete gentleman people ‘see’ a fortunate wife.
  6. If your husband is highly religious and spiritual people ‘see’ a complacent wife.
  7. If your husband is a spendthrift people ‘see’ a rich poor wife.
  8. If your husband is drop-dead gorgeous, people see an insecure wife.
  9. If your husband is Goliath-framed people ‘see’ a girl they envy-pity.
  10. If your husband is competitive and aggressive people ‘see’ an inmate.

(Note: this is public perception and not necessarily an endorsement.)

The Burnt Offering

Women and timeQuality time spent together is sacrifice.

Time is money. But women demand lots of time from men yet they want lots and lots of money. How ironic! She eats up your time and delay your sleep with her, ‘Darling, Mr. Bunbata Ayelabegan, down our street, you know him now? Why won’t you know him after all he’s your colleague’s neighbour … you won’t believe he has won the American Visa Lottery ….’ Continue reading The Burnt Offering

Her Implicit Message of You

Thea Matthews Leads the Crowd Down Market StreetYour wife’s personality says a lot about you.

  1. If your wife is pretty, smart and attractive, people ‘see’ a rich, caring husband.
  2. If your wife is abusive, aggressive and belligerent people ‘see’ a husband willing to die but not ready to commit suicide because his wife would kill him again.
  3. If your wife is polished and refined people ‘see’ a highly civilized husband.
  4. If your wife is very tall people ‘see’ a Goliath husband.
  5. If your wife is successful, people ‘see’ a respectable husband.
  6. If your wife is plus-sized people ‘see’ something of course nothing!
  7. If your wife is an illiterate, people ‘see’ a semi-literate husband.
  8. If your wife is irresponsible, people ‘see’ an idiot.
  9. If your wife is promiscuous, people ‘see’ a sissy.
  10. If your wife is spiritual and highly religious, people ‘see’ a husband in need of help.

(Note: this is public perception and not necessarily an endorsement.)