The Issue of Sex in Marriage


Sex palaver is another sadist referee that couples should be cautious of. Couples should first and foremost understand the opposite gender’s sexuality and finally narrow it down to their partners.’ Nobody is perfect so if we know we’re not why should we expect our partners to meet our taste 100 per cent, moreover taste change with age. A man might go fasting for days just to have a woman with a firm, trim shape like Genevieve Nnaji (Nigerian actress) but years down the line he might begin to crave curvaceous Toolz (Tolu Oniru) a Nigerian OAP or vice versa.

Boss you decided not to marry that lady because she was quite beefy and you imagine her competing with Yokozuna in marriage so you chose her slim friend but to your chagrin she changed slightly, years down the line though she’d been a guest at the labour room three times. But incidentally her slim friend (your wife) had tripled her size. It happens like that in life because logic is not always fact. A plus-sized woman may be more alert and conscious of weight gain in marriage than her slim counterpart and besides she might have added 80 per cent of her total body fat before marriage. Continue reading The Issue of Sex in Marriage


Acitvists Pix


Activists are people who chart humanistic courses; champion noble causes by fighting against societal and environmental ills like corruption, marginalization, discrimination, prostitution/child trafficking, racism, child abuse, drug abuse, environmental abuse, animal rights abuse and the like.

The basic thing they clamour and agitate for is the protection of our habitat and preservation of its inhabitants. We’ve political activists, animal rights activist, education activists, human rights activists, environmental-protection activists and so on.
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