Money Issues

MIFinancial issues like sex, sends marriages to the electric chair faster than most variables which trigger separation or divorce.

Money is a celebrity, a news maker, noisemaker it triggers sensations everywhere it goes. We follow on twitter, friend on facebook, access on Google … assess on Instagram yet we’re never tired of it. It has the potential to split one heart (in marriage two hearts are one) into two and a home into two houses. Money issues are cantankerous referees; they give red cards to marriages at the speed of lightning.

A man or woman who’s not financially literate would likely have problems with his or her spouse. That’s why singles should mature financially before venturing into marriage. If you’re a spendthrift and your partner is financially literate please let him or her manage your finances, better still open a joint account. Impulsive spending could be a sign of an underlying malady, perhaps depression. Continue reading Money Issues

Your Personality

Lovers-love-31878829-524-482No two individuals the world over have the same personalities.

Your cognition, emotions and actions make up your personality. On a narrow basis, it’s who you truly are not who you pretend, think or say you are but on a broader note personality encompasses your history, future, dreams, fears, health, strengths, weaknesses, sexuality, faith, fate, beliefs, physical features, socioeconomic status and its trappings, the list is endless.… It’s our real and ideal self.

A man or woman might (regularly) deck very clean clothes but his underwear is a 7-star hotel to cockroaches and rats so they’re ready to pay handsomely to pass the night. Her dirty bra, his stinking boxers represent his personality and likewise her posh denim trousers and his crisp polo shirt. Continue reading Your Personality