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Men and Authority

Lovely Man
#Men and Authority.

Men don’t mind being authors just to kiss authority.

Power entices, authority seduces yet we’re born leaders; our antennae picks signals coming from ‘power’ stations.

When he was a boy, adolescent (even as an adult at times) he believes so much in his muscles. If he’s big he feels powerful – sign of authority. As adults our thinking changed so we pursue money, fame and power for we now see and mine authority in those variables.

Beauty in our women screams authority in us.

Our reflexes are alive, alert and respond sharply, smartly to ‘power-source.’

Women are safety; men authority beings. Both worked in tandem for the good of humanity.

Women who crave hitch-free relationship with their partners should learn and understand the male psychology.

Respect him. Adore him. But don’t be docile. Be his fan not sycophant. Don’t compete with him to complete him! Ideal men love career-successful women who hold them in high esteem and idolise their homes.



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