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The Perks of Football.

PerksChelsea: proud winner of 2014-2015 Season of the English Premier League (EPL)

Players pocket enviable wages on weekly basis in addition to other benefits associated with the game. Football gives many players the opportunity to learn diverse languages apart from their native or official language. English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Arab are quick to embrace our consciousness.

Opportunities in football like life are many. Footballers are born travellers, enjoying trips across cities, countries and continents giving them contacts, exposure and resources to work on.

When you travel, you change environment which is synonymous to meeting new people who have unique culture, beliefs and traditions. The perks of football are shock absorbers, they absorb pressures and stressors associated with the game.

The perks of football are many. A well-travelled person is not likely to have thick accent because he’s been refined by the fire of diverse cultures.

No culture the world over is all-encompassing, it’s a give-and-take phenomenon for none is complete and independent. Therefore, it’s alarming when one culture seems to be eating and swallowing others. We need diverse cognition resources to explore and expand our intellect which are mined from our differences.

Footballers experience events, experiments with diverse cuisines …. In all these trips, travels and change of locations some were opportune to meet their sweet hearts and better-halfs. Nigerian football players are all over the continent of Europe and beyond playing at various leagues and clubs.

Daniel Amokachi, Sundey Oliseh – who were former players now team managers (in diverse capacities) met and married women with North African link and lineage. In addition Osaze Odemwingie a professional player with Stoke City happily-married a Briton three years ago.


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