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Stress From Another Angle.

stress-reliefRelaxation Time.

If you’re a habitual nail eater which was an initial coping strategy when stress dials your number but lo and behold your nails are matriculating and graduating without you deliberately trying to stop the habit, alas I see stress playing hide-and-seek with you. Conversely if you don’t nail-bite but suddenly starts, stress might be hiding behind your new found habit.

To expatiate stress from another angle let’s look at this picturesque: if stress is eating you up believe me you’ll need to eat back at something to relieve the stress. When you’re depressed, you’re bitter and you want something to counterbalance the bitterness so you opt for food.

Food is sweet but in this case you want very sweet things which add to your initial stress. You may not stop there: you could overeat thereby increasing your initial stress geometrically. So from 2 you took it to 4 then 8, 16….

You may crave sex because sex is pleasurable but a depressed person is a distressed person and may not make informed decisions. You might engage in unprotected sex, have sex with a relative which is incest because stress (attempt to relieve stress) is your motivation you might do so many negative things to wage war on the stress but those things are self-defeatist. They are mercenaries and allies of stress. 

You may oversleep and too much of sleep is also bad for you. Don’t forget moderacy is the ageless role model in life. You could embrace alcoholic lifestyle and before you know it the stress that was smaller than mole-hill would become bigger than mountain.

Stress from another angle tries to open your eyes to stress from a broader perspective. Exercise, healthy diets, informed sex like marital sex will relieve you but be considerate, washing, cleaning, sweeping … personal hygiene, warm bath will help you. Massaging fights stress so tell your spouse to massage your body.

To crown it all, learn to voluntarily change your cognition and perception of the stressor to arrest and imprison the criminal called stress. If someone enraged you today the anger won’t stop there – it will surely come another time when you think of that incident.

Therefore when you’re stressed, think back on things, events, people who made you happy. Many people into extra-marital affairs have rough domestic affairs which bruised their self-esteem, a natural guard against noisome behaviour. Now be careful when your self-esteem is low to avoid further damage to same.


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