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The Scary Conversion

Chinese coupleCompatibility matters in love.

He loved her so much and wanted her to be his life partner but she saw and took him as male friend no more no less. Many say that if you love a lady express your mind early enough and don’t become too close to know so many confidential matters about her that may eventually disqualify you from being her date.

They are right in some instances wrong in others. In fact some ladies would delay and deny your love until you’re bosom friends. What’s meat to Zeba could be milk to Neha and besides no hard and fast rule in life.

In the game of love many players are anxious about this scary conversion.

This is applicable to ladies as well. A lady might meet a guy, fall in love with him over time but he may not have reciprocal feelings and as such she suffers lovelorn. You ponder and ruminate what you did wrong to make him convert you from potential lover to friend.

No exclusive instructions in avoiding The Scary Conversion   because you may not just meet his tastes or her likes and nothing you could do to change that unless you want to sell yourself cheap and at the end of the day you lose your self-worth.

Your ideal man or woman will come at the right time if the one you’re so passionate about didn’t fall in love with you in the end.


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